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Home » SOTO Co., Ltd. CFO Is this your last chance? Explanation of “three points” for new entry into the “campground/glamping business” that can be applied to the business restructuring subsidy “growth field entry quota”

SOTO Co., Ltd. CFO Is this your last chance? Explanation of “three points” for new entry into the “campground/glamping business” that can be applied to the business restructuring subsidy “growth field entry quota”

[SOTO Co., Ltd. CFO]
Is this your last chance? Explanation of “three points” for new entry into the “campground/glamping business” that can be applied to the business restructuring subsidy “growth field entry quota”
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Press release: May 9, 2024
Is this your last chance? Explanation of “three points” for new entry into the “campground/glamping business” that can be applied to the business restructuring subsidy “growth field entry quota” *The maximum subsidy amount for the “camping/glamping business” will be increased due to the application of the “growth field expansion quota”! In preparation for applying for the 12th public call, which may be the final public call, a seminar will be held to share tips on creating a successful business plan*
In this seminar, Fumihito Kato, a “glamping guru” who is an advisor to the Japan Glamping Association, will talk about the latest campground and glamping industry trends.
In addition, Isao Murase, a certified public accountant who
specializes in outdoor business and provides management and financial support, will tell you *
We will explain the difference between a business plan that will be adopted and a business plan that will not be adopted, as well as tips for creating a business plan that will be adopted.

* ▼Please apply from the URL below. *

* ■Possibility of “last chance” to utilize business restructuring subsidies* Regarding business restructuring subsidies, *In the administrative business review conducted in November 2023, it was pointed out that the business should be fundamentally restructured*
We received harsh opinions such as:
As a result, public recruitment for business restructuring subsidies has been suspended for five months.

In February 2024, the results of the 11th Business Restructuring Subsidy were announced, with an acceptance rate of 26.5%.
was. Comparing this to the fact that up to the 10th round, the acceptance rate remained at a level of just under 50%, it can be said that the screening process has become more rigorous. *

Amid such headwinds, a business restructuring subsidy, which had been suspended for five months, was recently solicited from the public. There is a possibility that this 12th public recruitment will be the final public recruitment for the FY2020 budget.
Since the subsidy system may be significantly changed in FY2020, some businesses may
There is a possibility that this 12th public offering will be the “last chance” to utilize subsidies to enter the campsite/glamping business. *

* ■Certified as a “Growth Segment Entry” for the “Campground/Glamping” business* One of the application slots for the business restructuring subsidy is the “growth field expansion slot”. The industry/form of the new business you are undertaking must be in a “growth field”; in this regard, *
The “campsite/glamping” project has been certified* by the subsidy office. * If you are starting a new “campground/glamping” business, you will be able to apply under the “Growth Sector Expansion Allowance,” and the maximum amount of business restructuring subsidies will be
significantly increased*
It will be.

It can be said that this is a great opportunity for businesses considering starting a new “campsite/glamping” business using this subsidy.

* ■Seminar content*
In this seminar,
* For businesses interested in the campsite/glamping business, we will inform you about industry trends, key points for creating a business plan, and strategies for applying for business restructuring subsidies. *
“As a glamping guru with a wealth of production experience, I can tell you * Points for formulating a concrete and grounded business plan for commercialization” *
“As CFO of outdoor business venture companies such as campground management companies, I can tell you that I have many successful cases through business restructuring subsidy applications and support consulting.*
Key points for creating a business plan based on the guidelines required by the business restructuring subsidy system”*
* Part 1: Explanation of campsite/glamping business (40 minutes): Fumihito Kato *
・Campground/glamping industry trends
・How to make a business plan for campground/glamping business ・Important matters for commercialization of campsite/glamping business * Part 2: Explanation of business restructuring subsidies (40 minutes): Isao Murase *
・Summary and latest information on business restructuring subsidies ・Analysis of the selection results from the 1st to 11th rounds ・How to write a business plan
・”Differences between business plans that are adopted and business plans that are not adopted” derived from support cases
* ■Date and time*
・[23rd] May 16, 2024 (Thursday) 14:00-15:30 (Capacity 20 people) ・[24th] May 17, 2024 (Friday) 16:00-17:30 (Capacity 20 people) ・[25th] May 20, 2024 (Monday) 15:00-16:30 (capacity 20 people) * ■Holding method/participation fee*
・Held online
・Zoom: We will send you a viewing URL after applying.
・Free participation fee
・Limited to the first 20 people (each time)
*This event will be held online, so you are free to participate from your computer or mobile device at work or home.
*We may decline applications from companies in the same industry or competitors. Thank you for your understanding.

* ■Instructor introduction*
* Isao Murase *
Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1980 and raised in Hiroshima Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. Certified public accountant and weather forecaster. Management innovation support organization.
An outside CFO specializing in outdoor business who takes on the CFO function from an outside position for small and medium-sized venture companies that do not have an in-house CFO (chief financial officer).

After accumulating a total of 11 years of experience as a certified public accountant at an auditing firm and an accounting consulting company, he joined Japan’s largest ski resort management company as the person in charge of accounting and IPO operations and worked toward an IPO. However, when the area was hit by a very warm winter that was said to occur only once every 50 years, the situation suddenly changed and the city entered a critical situation. After overcoming the difficult situation by raising large funds from sponsors, he supported the company’s rebuilding as CFO. After that, he served as CFO of a major domestic training camp facility management company and its subsidiary, the largest campground management company in Japan, promoting corporate growth.

Became independent as “External CFO” in 2021. He supports corporate management from the financial and corporate aspects and serves as a good advisor and advisor to the president. His style, in which he conveys the essentials of financial management, fundraising, and IPO preparation for growing companies in an easy-to-understand manner and works with the company, has been highly praised as something unique to an experienced CFO.
We believe in the value of “extraordinary experiences in rich nature enriching lives,” and have made it our mission to contribute to the healthy development of the outdoor business.
* Achievements*
・20 years as an accountant, many business revitalization consulting projects including ski resort revitalization projects
・CFO experience in outdoor business venture companies such as campground management companies
・Engaged in business restructuring subsidies as a business operator (prepared business plan almost by myself) → Adopted
・Business restructuring subsidy application support as support consulting → 7 cases selected
*Company URL*

*Fumihito Kato*
Mitsui Fudosan Sales Co., Ltd. (currently
After seven years of experience in financial operations such as listing examination, fund management, and procurement at Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd., he launched the outdoor resort business “PICA” as an in-house venture in 1995.

PICA later became an affiliated company of Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd., and as its executive director and producer, he opened and managed more than 10 resort facilities and stores of various types, mainly in the Fuji Five Lakes area, in eight years. (1995-2009)
Produced outdoor resorts in over 30 locations in Japan and overseas. * Achievements*
・Establishment of PICA, a major campground planning, development and management company
・Advisor of Glamping Association, General Incorporated Association ・Many lectures ・5 related books
・Produced more than 30 glamping and campgrounds in Japan and overseas *Company URL*
* ■Application*
* ▼Please apply from the URL below. *

* ■Contact information regarding this matter*
SOTO Co., Ltd. CFO
Representative Director Isao Murase
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