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Cone Co., Ltd. Implemented BPO service comparison site b-pos “review function”.

[Cone Co., Ltd.] Implemented BPO service comparison site b-pos “review function”.

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Press release: May 9, 2024
Implemented BPO service comparison site b-pos “review function”. Cone Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture,
Representative Director: Sato
Tatsuki (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has implemented a “review function” that allows users to post reviews of BPO services on the BPO service comparison site “b-pos”.

This “review function” allows those considering the introduction of a BPO service to check the evaluation and reputation of the service they are considering before implementing it.

Background to the implementation of the “word of mouth function” Many comparison sites for IT products and cloud services have a wealth of user comments and reviews. However, when introducing BPO
(outsourcing/outsourcing services), it is difficult to actually try out the service, making it difficult to gather information before implementing it.

To address this issue, b-pos has implemented a new review function. Companies and individuals considering BPO services can now check the evaluations and opinions of other users before implementing the service, making it possible to select a BPO service more effectively.

“Review function” details
The following four items will be posted by people with experience implementing BPO services.
– 5-level satisfaction rating
– Challenges and results obtained before implementation
– support
– Others (points you would like to improve, etc.)
Posted reviews can be filtered by industry, number of employees, department, position, etc. of users who have given a 5-point rating, allowing users who are considering to find reviews that are similar to themselves. It looks like this.
Example) Service introduction page of c-slide, a document creation agency service

With the word-of-mouth function, you can check in advance the evaluations of users who are actually using BPO services, allowing you to consider services more efficiently.

Future outlook
b-pos is developing its services under the motto of “finding the optimal agency/outsourcing service.” The “review function” in this release is also implemented to achieve this purpose. We plan to continue improving functions and expanding services in order to achieve our goals.

Cone Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Cone Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tatsuki Sato
Established: April 1, 2019
Business details:
・Operation of document creation agency service “c-slide”
・Operation of article writing agency service “c-blog”
・Operation of BtoB site theme sales “c-web”
・Operation of BPO service comparison site “b-pos”
・Operation of form creation and task execution tool “formwork” *About details about this release*

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