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Home » Nippon France Trading Co., Ltd. Speaking of coconut milk, Ayam! An Instagram campaign where you can win gorgeous prizes is being held until May 31st.

Nippon France Trading Co., Ltd. Speaking of coconut milk, Ayam! An Instagram campaign where you can win gorgeous prizes is being held until May 31st.

Japan-France Trading Co., Ltd.
Speaking of coconut milk, Ayam! An Instagram campaign where you can win gorgeous prizes is being held until May 31st.
Follow and like @ayamjapan on Instagram to apply! Application period is until Friday, May 31st
Ayam, an ethnic food brand that is so well known in Malaysia, will be celebrating Coconut Day on Instagram from May 1st (Wednesday) to May 31st (Friday), 2024. We will be holding a campaign.
In addition to a product assortment in which a total of 10 winners can try each of Ayam’s standard coconut milk products, 3 of them will also receive a set of luxury home appliances.
Ayam is a Malaysian ethnic food brand handled by Nippon France Boeki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo/President: Guillaume Careu).
[Image 1:×1080.png ]
May 7th is Coconut Day!
Coconut Day was established as a play on the words “koko (5) na (7) tsu”. Ayam offers a rich lineup of coconut milk, which is an essential part of Southeast Asian cuisine. This time, we are holding a campaign with an application period of May, including Coconut Day, so that you can try Ayam’s various coconut milks and find your favorite. What kind of brand is Ayam?
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Ayam is a brand of ethnic ingredients that is so well known that almost no one in Malaysia knows about it.
We offer a lineup centered on authentic curry paste, rich and delicious coconut milk, and sardine/mackerel stew with tomato, which is known as a staple dish in Malaysia.
Speaking of coconut milk, Ayam!
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Even though it is called coconut milk, the fat content and
concentration of coconut vary.
Ayam carries a wide variety of coconut milk that you can choose according to your preference and purpose.
This post provides details: In this campaign, you can win an assortment of items including the popular “Coconut Milk Premium”, the easy-to-storage brick pack type, and the highly concentrated and creamy “Coconut Cream”!
Three of the winners will also receive a popular home appliance that can be used to make whipped cream with coconut milk or make soup! Check out the Instagram post for the campaign!
This campaign is being held on Instagram. For more details, please visit the official Batch Japan account from the URL below.
Ayam Japan official account: ■Campaign details
[Prizes] Prize A: BRUNO Stand Handy Blender Brown + Assortment of Ayam products for 3 people Prize B: Assortment of Ayam products for 7 people *Coconut milk 400ml x 1, Coconut milk premium 140ml x 2, 400ml x 1, Coconut cream 140ml x 2 , 400ml x 1, coconut milk 330ml x 1, green curry paste x 1, red curry paste x 1, [How to participate] 1. Follow the official @ayamjapan account 2. Like the campaign
post!・[Application conditions] Followers of this account whose Instagram is set to public Those who have implemented the above participation method *Winners are limited to followers of this account ・[Application period] May 1st ( Wednesday) 12:00 to May 31st (Friday) 23:59 ・[Note] Private accounts are not eligible for application. Winners will be contacted via direct message from Ayam’s official Instagram “@ayamjapan”. We will announce the winners here.
[Application Terms and Conditions] – Prizes can only be delivered to locations within Japan. – Winning rights cannot be transferred or resold to a third party. – If you do not enter the required
information by the input deadline, Please note that if we are unable to deliver due to incomplete input information, we may invalidate your winnings.・Violates or infringes on laws, public order and morals, copyrights, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc. Posts that may cause this will be invalidated.
[Disclaimer] – This campaign has no relation to Meta. – If a customer suffers damage as a result of participating in this campaign, our company will not bear any responsibility for such damage. We are not responsible for the prizes. – Prizes may change without notice due to manufacturing conditions, distribution, etc. – This campaign is subject to change or termination without notice due to various circumstances [Please be careful of spoofed accounts] 】An
impersonation account (fake account) may occur that claims to be the official account of this account. This account is the only valid account, so please be careful not to reply to DMs or click on URLs sent from suspicious accounts. Also, during the campaign period, we will not send you a DM to notify you of the winner or ask you to register your credit card information. Please note earnestly. About Ayam stores
Ayam is available at ethnic food stores and online shops such as Amazon. More details about this release: