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Clear Electronics Co., Ltd. We interviewed Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. | Eye care clips that prevent myopia/suppress the progression of myopia

Clear Electronics Co., Ltd.
We had an interview with Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. | Eye care clips that prevent myopia/suppress the progression of myopia ……
Clear Denshi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: Shiken Ono) collaborated with orthoptist Mitsuko Taira to create a study titled “How to make parents feel concerned about the progression of myopia in their children.” We published an interview article on the theme of “.
[Image 1:×640.jpg] Profile of Mitsuhiko Kosaka
[Image 2:×656.png ]
Mitsuhiko Kosaka
Joined Mimamorume Co., Ltd. in 1994/Representative Director/President After joining Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd., he worked in the Information Systems Department (at the time) / ITEC Hanshin Co., Ltd. (currently ITEC Hankyu Hanshin Co., Ltd.) for system development, and worked in the Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. President’s Office (at the time) / CM. Responsible for planning and development, business management, and M&A of PiTaPa-related services in the Administration Department. After that, he started Mimamorume in the Corporate Planning Office, started Program Lab in the New Business Promotion Office, and oversaw the “Anshin Business and Education Business.” On October 1, 2017, due to business expansion, we established Mimamorume Co., Ltd., and are responsible for the “Security Business” and “Education Business.”
How Mimamorume was born
[Image 3:×622.png ]
I was assigned to Hanshin Electric Railway’s systems department and was in charge of the ticket gate-related service (Anshin Goo Pass). After reading the letter of appreciation sent to Anshin Goo Pass, we decided to further accelerate our service. After that, I was put in charge of new businesses in the New Business Promotion Office, and “Mimamorume” was born in 2011.
-About Program Lab-
It all started when my boss at the time, Masato Kitaguchi (an office worker who used to read Billboard), asked me to help out as the program lab was not making much progress.
When I spoke to Mr. Fukuda, who is in charge of the robot program department at Otemon Gakuin Junior and Senior High School, to learn about the current state of ICT education, I felt a strong sense of crisis in Japan’s ICT education.
Deciding to focus on ICT at Hanshin Electric Railway, he held a management meeting just one month after the tour and held a press conference two months later. The school opened in just six months and the project was completed with incredible speed.
Currently, we have expanded to 80 stores nationwide and the number of students is 8,000.
The secret to expanding the project with a sense of speed
[Image 4:×1116.png ]
“Collaboration was the secret”
If you work at an infrastructure company, you may become a lord’s business. At the time, one of my members had a customer sit in the lower seat during a meeting with the other party, and I was furious. We provided thorough guidance on our stance toward customers, how we should think, etc. As we understand each other’s business, respect is born, and I want to create something even better by leveraging each other’s strengths, without forgetting the feeling of “togetherness.” [Mimamorume] and [Prograbo] won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 6th Japan Open Innovation Awards sponsored by the Cabinet Office! about what you did
[Image 5:×280.png ]
[Image 6:×287.jpg] “I think the time will come when one of our students will stand on the stage of this Innovation Award,” said Kosaka. They have no fear of new things, and I think they will be the leaders of Japan in the future. I believe that by winning this award, we have once again reminded the entire company that we, Hanshin Electric Railway, are an innovative company that will not be outdone by future innovators.
About eye care clips
[Image 7:×288.jpg] I thought the eye care clip was amazing. It’s like watching over your child in place of your parents.
It would be great if we could get opinions from the children at Program Lab seminars and collaborate in the future to create better products together.
After an interview with Mr. Kosaka
[Image 8:×287.jpg] In Mr. Kosaka’s interview, the names of people such as 〇〇 teacher from 〇〇 school, Mr. 〇〇, a 6th grade elementary school student who uses Mimamorme, and Mr. 〇〇, an employee, often came up. The birth of Mimamorme was a letter sent to Anshin Goupas, and it was wonderful to see her working while always imagining the “someone” who would use her services.
Also, the episode in which programming lab students participated in the WRO JAPAN finals (a national robot programming competition) was enjoyed by the students as if it were their own, and it was very impressive to see their emotions move during the story. I was very impressed by their attitude of standing in the same perspective as not only their business partners but also the children who use their services, listening to their opinions one by one, and making the services even better. Mr. Kosaka, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.
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