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Frame 0 Co., Ltd. Web3 platform Clubs announces “Web3 Report Vol.4”

[Frame 0 Co., Ltd.] Web3 platform Clubs announces “Web3 Report Vol.4”
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Press release: May 9, 2024
Web3 Platform Clubs announces “Web3 Report Vol.4”
*The latest Web3 report for creators, reporting trends in each country regarding Web3 regulations*
The latest Web3 report for creators, reporting trends in each country regarding Web3 regulations
*Frame 0 Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Hara
Mayumi (hereinafter referred to as “Frame Double O”) is a “Web3 Report” provided by the Web3 platform “Clubs”.
vol.4” will be distributed in May. This special report is available exclusively to Clubs users and
You can learn about the current situation of each country in the rapidly changing Web3. *

Report overview
The series of Web3 Report articles was scheduled to be completed in three parts, but due to the positive feedback from our readers, we decided to publish vol.4 as a bonus track.
Previous article “Web3 Report vol.3
‘, we introduced the concept behind the design of Clubs’ governance and how it changes depending on the nature of the creator (B2B or B2C). There may be some tweaks to Clubs’ governance in the future, but the basic idea is to
It will be implemented as introduced in vol.3.

The world continues to change rapidly, and Web3 is moving at an even faster pace. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in how society is adopting Web3 technologies (crypto assets, blockchain,
decentralized protocols, etc.) and how they are regulating them is a great place to work. This is an important theme for creators who want to expand their horizons.

In this Web3 report, we will explain the trends of governments around the world regarding Web3. We also appropriately measure the progress of various use cases and predict how quickly Web3 will spread in the future.

The bonus track “Web3 Report vol.4” consists of the following sections: – Definition and operation of government regulations
– Web3 regulation
– Progress by country
– Active efforts
– Passive efforts
This report is recommended for the following people:
– Creators who want to grow their community using Clubs
– For companies and organizations researching communities and DAOs in the Web3 era
[How to obtain the report]
Web3 reports are distributed free of charge only to Clubs users. If you do not yet have a Clubs account, please create one by following the registration steps below.
How to register as a user
1) Access the official website:
2) Enter your desired domain
3) Register “email address” by linking accounts
User registration will be completed by completing the above three steps. *Please register the address you would like to receive the report in the account link “email address”.
*This also applies to those who have already registered as users.

* ■ Inquiry form *
At Clubs, we provide the governance support you need to grow your Web3-enabled business and DAO. If you would like support, please feel free to contact us below. We will provide appropriate support according to your needs.

■ About the no-code Web3 platform “Clubs”
Clubs is a Web3 platform that anyone can easily use with no code. In addition to the basic functions of Web3 such as tokens and NFTs, there are a wide variety of useful plug-ins. Get started with Web3 with Clubs, stay connected to our global community, and maximize your creativity.
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