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Home » Exhibition “NADAYA,inc EXHIBITION 2024 AW” will be held to announce new licensed brand and private brand products such as “moz”

Exhibition “NADAYA,inc EXHIBITION 2024 AW” will be held to announce new licensed brand and private brand products such as “moz”

[Exhibition] “NADAYA,inc EXHIBITION 2024 AW” will be held to announce new licensed brand and private brand products such as “moz”
Nadaya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Eiichiro Nada) will be holding an exhibition of leather accessories in Tokyo (May 14th to 16th) and Osaka (May 21st and 22nd). .
[Image 1:×660.jpg] “NADAYA,inc EXHIBITION 2024 AW”, an exhibition of new leather accessories for fall and winter, will be held at two locations in Tokyo and Osaka.
We have a wide selection of new products for both men and women, centered on the Nadaya private brand.
Many new products from licensed brands such as “PEANUTS”, “moz”, and “EVANGELION” will also be on display.
Among these, the lineup that is attracting attention this time is new works from licensed brands such as “moz ELK” and “moz irregular”. “mū CRAZY” and “mū HAKU” will be unveiled from Nadaya Private Brand. We look forward to your visit.
If you would like to visit the exhibition, please contact us below. Inquiries regarding exhibitions and handling
Exhibitor brand introduction
“ELK” multi case
[Image 2:×2016.png ]
“moz” is an animal concept brand born from the Swedish company Farg&Form, founded in 1996 by Anders Billin.
“Elk” motif embossed on the surface
A new form is now available in “ELK” from the very popular Nadaya series. This series has a simple and adorable chubby form.
Main material: cowhide
Natural dyed leather.
It is characterized by its thickness, softness, and three-dimensional texture. A multi-purpose case with a stylish vertical pouch.
SIZE: (H)170×(W)105×(D)15mm

“ELK” multi case shoulder
[Image 3:×698.png ]
A multi-case design with a shoulder strap.
It is longer in height than the multi-case.
There are two card pockets, and a smartphone can also fit inside. SIZE: (H)200×(W)115×(D)15mm

“ELK” round bundle holder
[Image 4:×339.png ]
The coin case has an L-shaped zipper, making it easy to open and use. This is a popular standard bundle holder from Nadaya.
SIZE: (H)90×(W)195×(D)30mm

[Image 5:×1016.png ]
A new wallet has been added to the “irregular” series. This is a series with an “elk” motif placed irregularly (irregularly) on the leather that is soft and pleasant to the touch.
Main material: cowhide
Dye finish, bare raised.
The clear color and softness are attractive,
Domestic soft leather with a natural texture.
round bundle holder
SIZE: (H)95×(W)195×(D)30mm
round bifold
SIZE: (H)95×(W)125×(D)30mm
round dollar holder
SIZE: (H)70×(W)105×(D)20mm
“CRAZY” round extra small wallet
[Image 6:×508.png] mū was born from the desire to create things with free ideas when I come across exciting materials without plans or concepts.
This is mū’s latest series.
Main material: cowhide
Fluorescent colored smooth leather.
The “NEON” series has been updated with a playful touch. Four vivid neon colors are arranged to create a more flashy impression. It stands out anyway.
SIZE: (H)70×(W)105×(D)20mm

“CRAZY” round billfold
[Image 7:×584.png ]
Compact and folds in half.
The coin case opens like a box, making it easy to see the coins inside and take them in and out easily.
SIZE: (H)95×(W)115×(D)20mm

“HAKU” round extra small wallet
[Image 8:×669.png ]
This year’s lucky colors for 2024 are gold and silver.
We used beautiful leather with a foil-like texture.
There are 3 types: mū’s standard mini wallet, an accessory case convenient for travel, and a shoulder bag that can hold sunglasses. Main material: goat leather
It has a natural grain feel due to shrinkage caused by washing. This leather is recommended for its shiny shine that shines in multiple directions.
SIZE: (H)70×(W)105×(D)20mm

“HAKU” accessory case
[Image 9:×586.png ]
There are 6 earring holes, a ring holder, and a free pocket. SIZE: (H)90×(W)95×(D)20mm

“HAKU” glasses holder
[Image 10:×759.png ]
There are two pockets, and the front pocket can store glasses and sunglasses. SIZE: (H)90×(W)160×(D)30mm

“NADAYA,inc EXHIBITION 2024 AW” Overview
[Exhibition name]
[Tokyo venue]
[Event period]
May 14th (Tuesday) 13:00-18:00
Wednesday, May 15th 10:00-18:00
May 16th (Thursday) 10:00-16:00
Design Festa Gallery Harajuku
3-20-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
[Osaka venue]
[Event period]
May 21st (Tuesday) 10:00-18:00
May 22nd (Wednesday) 10:00-17:00
Hearton Hall Honmachi
Osaka Midosuji Building B1, 4-1-3 Kutaro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0056 Scarlet 1
(The Osaka venue will be a joint exhibition with AINSOF Co., Ltd.)

If you would like information about exhibitions, please contact us here.
Nadaya Co., Ltd.
Our company was founded in 1960, and for over 60 years we have been manufacturing clothing accessories, mainly leather goods, and wholesale and selling them nationwide.
As the times change at an accelerating pace, and the goods and services that are required change, we have always aimed to provide new value that will impress us in all aspects, including quality, design, functionality, and service. We will continue to engage in corporate activities so that both our employees and the company can grow properly by providing excitement.
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