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Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. Launches PTC “Codebeamer” to support process standardization of in-vehicle softwar e development

Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd.
Launch of PTC “Codebeamer” to support process standardization of in-vehicle software development
Streamline the development life cycle toward SDV and improve project productivity
Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nio Yamamoto/hereinafter referred to as Hitachi Solutions) is an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that comprehensively manages software development projects provided by PTC of the United States. We have concluded a sales agency agreement with PTC Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tomonobu Kamiya/hereinafter referred to as PTC) for “Codebeamer”, and will begin offering it from May 9th.
PTC “Codebeamer” has visualization functions such as project monitoring in addition to requirements management and configuration management in the development life cycle. Additionally, it has standards*1 templates for the automotive industry, making it possible to efficiently apply standard processes to development sites. Then, the traceability function that links deliverables such as test trails automatically extracts the scope of impact caused by change work, and by linking with general-purpose tools in development projects, project assets such as requirement definitions, test items, and source code. We will promote the utilization of Domestic automakers have an urgent need to respond to SDV*2, which allows functionality to be expanded and performance to be improved by updating software.In order to strengthen quality control, they are building development processes based on standards such as Automotive SPICE(R). It is required. By using this tool, you can improve the efficiency of the overall development life cycle and improve project productivity. Hitachi Solutions has qualified consultants*3 with extensive experience in in-vehicle software, and provides support in a wide range of areas, from development to security measures, including providing
SBOM-related solutions. By supporting safe and secure software development, we will contribute to the SX (sustainability
transformation) of companies and society.
[Image:×271.png ]
Image diagram of the role (coverage area) of PTC “Codebeamer” in the development life cycle
*1 ISO26262 (automotive functional safety standard), Automotive SPICE (process standard model for automotive software development), ISO/SAE21434 (international standard for vehicle cybersecurity) *2 Software Defined Vehicle: Automotive functions are updated by software. *3 Consultants with extensive development experience, including principal assessors with the highest level of Automotive SPICE(R) assessor qualifications.
■Background The shift to SDV in automobiles is accelerating due to advances in autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and connected cars, and in-vehicle software is becoming larger and more complex. In addition, not only the automotive field, but also the medical, aerospace, space, and defense fields require safe and secure product development by complying with international standards. Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of developing a wide variety of products with short delivery times and high quality in response to a wide range of market demands, such as environmental considerations and services. It is important to further improve productivity in software
development. However, in current in-vehicle software development, each development team often uses its own unique methods and tools, and the current situation is that there is no unified standard development process. Additionally, the accuracy of requirements differs from supplier to supplier, making it difficult to reuse specifications, designs, and tests. The various specialized tools used for development were siloed and data was fragmented, making it impossible to ensure traceability. Hitachi Solutions has been providing in-vehicle equipment, embedded systems, and communication infrastructure systems for many years. In addition, in order to comply with
automotive-related standards such as Automotive SPICE(R), functional safety standards, and cybersecurity standards, qualified consultants and others have a rich track record of providing efficient standards compliance support in line with the current situation at development sites. there is. Additionally, we have worked closely with PTC to implement Windchill, PTC’s product lifecycle management (PLM) software, across a wide range of manufacturing industries. Therefore, in order to support further productivity and quality improvement in in-vehicle development, we will utilize the consulting know-how we have cultivated to sell PTC “Codebeamer”, which comprehensively manages projects. ■ Features of PTC “Codebeamer” 1. Achieving process standardization such as development methods and compliance with standards through the use of templates Various development methods such as agile development, waterfall development, and V-shaped development, Automotive SPICE(R), and functional safety
A wealth of templates that support automotive-related standards such as (ISO 26262) and cybersecurity (ISO/SAE 21434)
We provide. Based on these, development processes that comply with standard processes can be efficiently applied to the field.
Masu. Centralize internal processes and data management to quickly create a development environment that supports process standardization and compliance.
Build on.
2. Achieve improvements in development efficiency and quality with the traceability function. Link deliverables from the development process such as software development requirements definition, various design documents, and test trails,
 Ensure traceability. This allows you to check the completeness of your requirements, specifications, and tests. Also,
The tool automatically extracts the affected areas when changing elements, reducing the number of man-hours required for impact investigation. Specification change omission
 , inconsistencies, and causes of problems when they occur can be quickly grasped, and confirmations associated with changes, omissions in work, and rework can be prevented.
 Improves efficiency and quality.
3. Achieving asset diversion and intellectual property protection through tool collaboration: simulation software “MATLAB/Simulink”, source code management system “Git”, project management software It works with general-purpose tools such as the software “Jira”. Easily retrieve data managed within other projects
This facilitates the reuse of requirement definitions and test items, and improves development efficiency. Also,
By limiting and controlling the scope of data access using the access privileges of this tool, you can prevent unauthorized access to intellectual property that should be protected.
This allows you to share assets and protect intellectual property at the same time.
■Endorsement We have received endorsement from Mr. Tomonobu Kamiya, President and Executive Officer of PTC Japan Corporation.
“‘Codebeamer’, which Hitachi Solutions has started offering, completely solves software development issues.
It is an application life cycle tool that solves problems. Agile development and support for traceability
Easily and efficiently meet the highly regulated requirements of industries such as the automotive and healthcare industries. In particular, automobile
As the shift to SDV accelerates, we have built up a track record of numerous implementations in the same industry both domestically and internationally. “Codebeamer” is PTC’s
Seamless collaboration with PLM’s “Windchill” is possible, and by strengthening the partnership with Hitachi Solutions,
We would like to work together to promote digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. ”■Notice of seminar implementation Thorough explanation! Why is Codebeamer effective in establishing the ASPICE process? ~ Practical know-how and case studies for establishing processes using ALM tools ~ Location: Online seminar Date and time: Thursday, June 13, 2024, 14:00-15:00 URL:
.jp/semi_240613?SeminarAutoId=701GA000001LZ9NYAW■About PTC
“Codebeamer” URL: ■Inquiries regarding products and services URL:
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