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OMRON Software introduces “yamory” for vulnerability management using SBOM

OMRON Software introduces “yamory” for vulnerability management using SBOM
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Press release: May 9, 2024
OMRON Software introduces “yamory” for vulnerability management using SBOM Vulnerability management cloud “yamory” ( operated by Visional Group
OMRON Software Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Teruyasu Imai, hereinafter referred to as “OMRON
We would like to inform you that it has been introduced in “Software”). omron
Since its founding in 1976 as a software development company of the Omron Group, Software has been involved in businesses with a high social and public interest, such as automatic ticket gates and ticket vending machines at stations, bank ATMs, credit card payment terminals, healthcare equipment, and factory automation. We continue to support it with software technology. We have decided to introduce yamory to improve our security level through vulnerability management using SBOM.

Therefore, we asked Koji Fukuda of the Data Innovation Promotion Department of the IT Solutions Division about the background behind the introduction of yamory.
Thank you for choosing yamory. First, Omron
Please tell us about the current state of software security measures and what challenges you face.
Mr. Fukuda:
In the department I belong to, I am in charge of developing a data utilization platform for manufacturing sites. While advances in IoT, AI, and robotics technologies are expected to lead to advances in manufacturing, factory management is now facing difficult challenges, such as responding to diversification, securing a workforce, and risk management. In order to solve these issues, we are supporting the realization of DX at manufacturing sites where everyone can talk with data.
As this is a service that handles important customer data, we have placed great importance on cybersecurity measures. However, since there is a large amount of software and there are many different layers such as application logic and OS, we felt that it would be difficult to take comprehensive measures. We also felt that the issue was that it was increasing the amount of time required for staff to respond, so we were considering introducing a tool.

Please tell us why you chose yamory and the effects after implementing it. First of all, *the UI is simple and easy to use*.
yamory has a very simple and easy-to-understand dashboard, and the auto-triage function classifies detected vulnerabilities by response priority, so you can immediately check which vulnerabilities need to be addressed. Furthermore, since the response status can be
visualized, we hope that it will become possible to manage
vulnerabilities efficiently and comprehensively, instead of relying on individuals to respond as a team.
Dashboard image
Second, SBOM can be managed including dependencies such as libraries and frameworks, and vulnerabilities can be accurately detected. “Apache
It is not easy to find out how a library like “Log4j” is used in which software, but with yamory you can easily find it and can respond quickly.
Configuration information including dependencies can be managed Third, since it is a domestically produced tool, * the methods for responding to detected vulnerabilities are clearly stated in Japanese, allowing for prompt and appropriate responses *.
yamory has a rich UI and documentation that supports Japanese, and it also clearly explains how to deal with detected vulnerabilities in Japanese. Therefore, even engineers without security expertise can handle it.
We compared it with overseas products, but we decided to use yamory because field engineers said it was easy to use overall, it had all the necessary functions, and it was reasonably priced.
Guide on how to respond to vulnerabilities
I am very grateful that you have such expectations. We will continue to refine our service so that it can be used by everyone as a tool for more efficient and accurate vulnerability countermeasures and risk management of the entire IT system.

* [About vulnerability management cloud “yamory”] *
“Yamory” is a cloud service that automatically detects, manages, and takes measures against vulnerabilities in IT systems. In addition to software vulnerability management, we provide security diagnosis and cloud configuration management (CSPM) to provide all-in-one
vulnerability countermeasures for IT systems. We support the acceleration of DX in society by streamlining comprehensive
vulnerability countermeasures for increasingly complex IT systems, aiming for a world where technology can be used with peace of mind. URL:
X (old Twitter):
Operating company: Assured Co., Ltd.

* [About Visional] *
Our group mission is “Create new possibilities one after another.” We are developing various businesses that promote industrial digital transformation (DX), mainly in the tech field. We aim to build a human capital data platform for companies, focusing on recruitment platforms such as “BizReach” and the “HRMOS” series of human resource
utilization platforms. The company is also launching new businesses one after another in the areas of M&A, logistics technology, and cybersecurity.
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