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Home » A drive-in theater inside SAGA Arena? “Drive Indoor Theater” held!

A drive-in theater inside SAGA Arena? “Drive Indoor Theater” held!

A drive-in theater inside SAGA Arena? “Drive Indoor Theater” held!
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Press release: May 9, 2024
A drive-in theater inside SAGA Arena? “Drive Indoor Theater” held! *Providing a new way to enjoy the arena with powerful images and sound* drive indoor theater
SAGA Sunshine Forest Co., Ltd. (Saga City, Saga Prefecture,
Representative: Yasuhiro Mizokami), which operates SAGA Arena, will open an indoor drive-in theater as a new attempt at SAGA Arena from Friday, April 19th to April 21st, 2024. It was held for three days (Sunday).

Drive-in theater scene

◆What is a drive-in indoor theater?
Drive your own car into SAGA Arena and walk 16 meters wide and vertically. This is an indoor drive-in theater project where you can watch movies with images projected on a large 9 meter screen and powerful sound. This event was planned to offer a new way to enjoy the SAGA Arena, which goes beyond the traditional sports and live music shows, allowing viewers to enjoy the show not only in their own cars but also in the general seats inside the arena while having conversations, eating and drinking. Ta.

◆About the screening works
“Fast & Furious/Fire Boost” and “Minions”
A total of five films were screened, ranging from the latest works such as “Fever” to nostalgic classics such as “Back to the Future”.

◆Visitor survey results
According to a survey conducted among event attendees, 91.3% were satisfied with watching movies at SAGA Arena (63.5% satisfied, 27.8% somewhat satisfied), and 93.7% would like to come again (if they have the chance, 65.1% said they would like to come again, and 28.6% said they would like to come again depending on the movie. The top three movie genres people want to watch at SAGA Arena are “musicals (44.4%),” “action (43.7%),” and “animation (41.3%).”

◆About the future
At SAGA Arena, we offer many new ways to enjoy the arena, not only as an indoor drive-in theater, but also as public viewing for sports events and live viewing for music concerts, by taking advantage of the arena’s vast space and facilities. We would like to provide this service.

Vehicles parked inside the arena
Inside the car
Visitors viewing cars
Some people watched the movie with stuffed animals of movie characters. kitchen car
popcorn store
◆About SAGA Arena
SAGA Arena is a multipurpose arena that opened in May 2023 and is one of the largest in Kyushu (maximum capacity 8,400 people). Located in SAGA Sunrise Park in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, it is used as the home base for sports teams based within the prefecture, and is also used for various events such as concerts, ice shows, academic conferences, and ceremonies. “SAGA2024” (National Sports
Festival/National Sports Festival for Persons with Disabilities) is scheduled to be held in October 2024.
[Event implementation summary]
Event title: Drive indoor theater
Date and time: April 19th (Friday) to April 21st (Sunday), 2024 Venue: SAGA Arena
Sponsor: SAGA Sunshine Forest
Sponsored by: Saga Prefecture
Cooperation: NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC

[Screening movies]
Friday, April 19th
1.19:00 Fast and Furious/Fireboost Dubbed Version
(C) 2023 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, April 20th
2.12:00 Jurassic World/The New Ruler Dubbed version
TM & (C) 2022 Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

3.18:00 SING/Sing: Next Stage Dubbed version
(C) 2020 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, April 21st
4.12:00 Minions fever dubbed version
(C) 2022 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

5.17:00 Back to the Future Dubbed version
(C) 1985 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

[Questionnaire survey overview]
Purpose: Understand the satisfaction level of drive indoor theater visitors Research method: Questionnaire survey for visitors
Survey period: April 19, 2024 (Friday) to April 21, 2024 (Sunday) Target audience: Visitors who saw the screening at the venue. Number of samples: 126
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