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Home » Collaboration sunglasses “Zoff|Ryo Takashima” released by glasses brand “Zoff” and fashion influencer “Ryo Takashima”

Collaboration sunglasses “Zoff|Ryo Takashima” released by glasses brand “Zoff” and fashion influencer “Ryo Takashima”

Collaboration sunglasses “Zoff|Ryo Takashima” released by glasses brand “Zoff” and fashion influencer “Ryo Takashima”

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Press release: May 9, 2024
Collaboration sunglasses “Zoff|Ryo Takashima” released by glasses brand “Zoff” and fashion influencer “Ryo Takashima”
*Sales start at some Zoff stores nationwide on Friday, May 10, 2024, pre-sale at Zoff official online store from Thursday, May 9*

Glasses brand “Zoff” has collaborated with fashion influencer “Ryo Takashima” for the first time to create an eyewear collection “Zoff|Ryo”.
Takashima” will be released at some Zoff stores nationwide (excluding outlet stores) on Friday, May 10, 2024. In addition, from May 9, 2024 (Thursday), Zoff official online store and Zoff
Pre-sale will start at ZOZOTOWN store.

Ryo’ changed his career from being an architect to the apparel industry, and as a salesperson, he is active as a top sales person by utilizing his social media presence. After that, she became
independent as a freelancer and is a fashion influencer who has attracted attention both domestically and internationally for her wide range of activities that are not bound by boundaries, such as disseminating her own fashion style through Instagram and YouTube and developing her own brand.

“Zoff|Ryo Takashima” is “Ryo Takashima”
A total of 12 types of carefully selected sunglasses with the image of “I want it now”. An eyewear collection that reflects your current mood and colors your daily life, matching urban and seasonal fashion. Adopts bright colored lenses that are easy to incorporate into any style, and all lineups include “Takashima”
Comes with an original glasses case and glasses wipe designed by Ryo. *|Overview*
– Product name | “Zoff | Ryo Takashima”
– Types/Price | 4 types of sunglasses, 3 colors each, 12 types in total, ¥11,100 (tax included) *You can change to prescription lenses for an additional ¥3,300 (tax included)
*Comes with original case and glasses wipe
– Release date | Friday, May 10, 2024
– Pre-sale | May 9, 2024 (Thursday) 11:00 a.m. Zoff official online store/Zoff ZOZOTOWN store
– Available stores | Some Zoff stores (excluding outlets), Zoff official online store, Zoff ZOZOTOWN store
– Special page | *Please see the special page for details such as handling stores. *|Collaboration limited sticker present*
Those who purchase collaboration glasses with “Ryo Takashima” will receive a limited edition sticker.

*|Product details*
* #RT-2401 (ZA241G13) ¥11,100 (tax included) *
Wellington-shaped sunglasses with a sense of volume and thickness. The cut surface is arched to create a soft impression.
ZA241G13_14E1, Wellington, Lens Color: Gray

* ■Styling comment*
Wearing sunglasses with a voluminous shape and height creates a sense of depth. I’m currently in the mood for a refreshing collared collared shirt with a trendy silhouette that isn’t too loose, and accessories such as a belt and shoes in brown tones, along with sunglasses. It’s an accent even in the summer when items tend to be simple, and it goes well with loose T-shirts and polo shirts.
ZA241G13_11A1, ZA241G13_14E1, ZA241G13_49A1
* #RT-2402 (ZA241G12) ¥11,100 (tax included) *
Crown panto-shaped sunglasses with distinctive thick corners. The design has a small front and a long nose, giving it a vintage feel. ZA241G12_49A1, Crown Panto, Lens Color: Brown
* ■Styling comment*
Creates a French vintage impression based on the crown pant type. It’s a simple monochrome combination, but by adding a playful touch to the loose-fitting collared top and thick bottoms, you can create an American street style look with a gap between it and the sunglasses. We also recommend matching shorts and loafers with bottoms and shoes. ZA241G12_00A1, ZA241G12_14E1, ZA241G12_49A1
* #RT-2403 (ZF242G02) ¥11,100 (tax included) *
Boston-shaped sunglasses that are almost round with a trendy feel. Windsor rims, which are rare for men, create a clean silhouette. ZF242G02_14E1, Boston, Lens Color:Blue
* ■Styling comment*
A trendy design with a metal frame that goes well with shirts and gives a neat impression. The light blue, loose-fitting shirt and shorts give it a boyish, innocent look, but the metal frame creates a tight silhouette. You can pair it with loafers, but a style you should try this summer is to incorporate sports shoes. It is also recommended to wear the same color with summer in mind.
ZF242G02_14E1, ZF242G02_15E1, ZF242G02_56E1
* #RT-2404 (ZN242G04) ¥11,100 (tax included) *
Rounded crown pant-shaped sunglasses. By holding the endpiece long, it is not too small even for men.
ZN242G04_15E1, Crown Panto, Lens Color:Blue
* ■Styling comment*
The simple yet rounded crown pant shape is made of metal material to create an elegant atmosphere. The combination has a military feel with a relaxed earth-toned silhouette, but the loafers and metal sunglasses give it a high-quality image. Pair it with a white T-shirt as an inner layer to create a balanced look even when you take off the jacket. Sunglasses are easy to match with a variety of styles, so we recommend pairing them with bright colors.
ZN242G04_14E1, ZN242G04_15E1, ZN242G04_56E1
POINT 01 The core metal of the temple is engraved with a subtle stitch pattern. ZN242G04_15E1 ZA241G13_14E1
POINT 02 Metal parts with a button design are placed at the temple end. ZA241G13_14E1
POINT 03 The model name is printed on the inside of the left temple. (ZA241G13_14E1)

* |Accessories (original case, glasses wipe) *
Comes with original case and glasses cleaning set (for all sunglasses in this collection)

*|Ryo Takashima*
Fashion Director Fashion Director
Born in 1992 in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. After working as an architect from 2011 to 2014, he changed jobs to a salesperson at a select shop.
Active as a top sales person by utilizing social media. After that, he became independent as a freelancer in 2018. His unique fashion style and direction, mainly on Instagram and YouTube, have received a great response and attracted many fans from Japan and abroad. In 2020, the select shop “+81” focusing on young Japanese brands will be opened. / Plus Eighty One” and serves as director and buyer. In 2022, he will launch his own brand “CLESSTE” that focuses on Japanese manufacturing. / Crest” started. Others, 23-24AW Paris Fashion in January 2023 Her wide-ranging activities, which are not bound by boundaries, such as serving as a show model for the Week, are attracting attention from all over the world. Currently, the total number of followers on SNS exceeds approximately 500,000 people.
*|Contact information*
– General customers | Zoff Customer Support Tel. 0120-013-883 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)
– Inquiries about the online store | Zoff Online Store Tel. 0120-013-505 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)
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