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Nippon Foundation Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Nippon Foundation 18-year-old awareness survey resul ts 63rd theme “Politics and Money”

Nippon Foundation Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Nippon Foundation 18-Year-Old Attitude Survey Results 63rd Theme “Politics and Money”
-90% of Japanese politics are “not clean” and over 80% are “not accountable”- ……
In response to the violation of the Political Funds Control Act by a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Nippon Foundation (Minato Ward, Tokyo, Chairman Yohei Sasagawa) conducted its 63rd opinion survey of 18-year-olds in April under the theme of “Politics and Money.” We asked them about their perceptions of the house and their thoughts on political funding issues.
First, my impressions of Japanese politics. A total of 75 to 87% of respondents answered that they “disagree” or “somewhat disagree” for the following three points: “It is clean,” “It reflects the will of the people well,” and “Necessary decisions are made in a timely manner.” It’s a very high number. Regarding how political funds are raised and how they are used, over 80% of respondents said they did not believe that members of the Diet were fulfilling their
accountability, and some young people believed that members of the Diet received many privileges and treatment. Over 70%.
Based on that, if there is an opportunity to vote in the future, 64% will “go” and 13% will “not go.” Of those who said they would go, 23% said, “I want to show my disapproval of a candidate or party that has had a political funding issue,” and 28% of those who said they would not go, said “I don’t trust politics as a whole because of political funding issues.” The serious impact of the political funding issue is reflected in the numbers, with respondents saying, “I can’t do it anymore, or I’ve lost interest.”
When asked about the current state of Japanese politics, 54% answered that “young people are becoming increasingly disengaged from politics,” while 46% answered that “young people are becoming increasingly disengaged from politics.” Although a more detailed investigation is required, the numbers are noteworthy as they suggest that while young people are turning their backs on politics, they are also looking coldly at the current state of politics, which does not respond to young people’s voices. Detailed questions and answers are included in the report along with graphs. Please refer.
Summary of the results of the 63rd “Politics and Money”
▼Impressions of Japanese politics:
It reflects the will of the people well: Agree 20.1% / Disagree 79.9% Clean (no fraud or opacity) Agree 12.9% / Disagree 87.1%
I am able to make necessary decisions in a timely manner: 24.7% agree / 75.3% disagree
▼Impressions of Japanese Diet members:
Accountability is fulfilled in the way political funds are raised. Agree 18.6% / Disagree 81.4%
Accountability is fulfilled regarding the use of political funds, including activity expenses. Agree 17.5% / Disagree 82.5%
I receive many privileges and preferential treatment: 71.4% agree / 28.6% disagree
▼Accountability in political funding issues:
Fulfills accountability for how political funds are collected Yes 24.1% / Not 73.9%

●Is Japanese politics clean?
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●Accountability of members of parliament related to political funding issues
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●Reliability of information regarding political funding issues
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■Survey overview
No. 63 “Politics and Money”
Survey target: 1,000 men and women aged 17 to 19 nationwide
Implementation period: April 12, 2024 (Friday) to April 14, 2024 (Sunday) Research method: Internet survey
For detailed survey results, please see the report. ■What is the 18-year-old attitude survey?
Due to the revision of the Civil Code, the age of adulthood will be 18 in April 2022, and it is becoming increasingly important to understand and record the mindset of 18-year-olds who will lead the next generation. In response to the lowering of the voting age, the Nippon Foundation has been conducting continuous surveys since October 2018 on the values, attitudes toward politics and elections, and
understanding of social issues among young people around the age of 18. For details on the 18-year-old awareness survey, including past survey results, please see below.
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