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Home » Jozankei Deka-no-Yu Aiming to become a “modern hot spring inn” that inherits the famous hot springs, the l ogo design has been completely redesigned

Jozankei Deka-no-Yu Aiming to become a “modern hot spring inn” that inherits the famous hot springs, the l ogo design has been completely redesigned

Shika no Yu
[Jozankei Deka-no-Yu] Aiming to become a “modern hot spring inn” that inherits the famous hot springs, the logo design has been completely redesigned
Hotel Shikanoyu Co., Ltd. (Jozankei Onsen, Minami-ku, Sapporo, CEO: Hiroyuki Kanagawa) is pleased to announce that its logo design has been renewed.
Jozankei has a famous hot spring where wild deer can bathe in it to heal their wounds.
“Shika no Yu” was named by Michitoshi Iwamura, the first commissioner of the Hokkaido Agency, who visited this area, and opened in 1897. From Meiji to Reiwa, transcending time.
Since 2022, which marks the 125th anniversary of our opening, we have adopted the concept of “beautiful change.” What should change with the times, and what should we continue to protect without changing? We have reexamined things one by one and have made various renewals. Now, we have created an inn that will continue to protect Shika-no-Yu, the only famous hot spring with its own unique name in Jozankei, the origin of our company, and will be passed down to the next generation. In order to express these two thoughts, we have completely redesigned our logo design.
We will inherit the hot spring culture of this area and aim to be a “modern hot spring spa” that continues to beautifully change with the times, and an inn that continues to warm your mind and body. About logo design
[Image 1:×1867.jpg] Production/Dezain Co., Ltd.
Art direction/design/Wabisabi
Something that our loyal customers feel close to and that is recognized by a variety of people.
As a long-established inn in Jozankei, it preserves tradition, takes pride in its current appearance, and becomes a symbol of taking on the challenges of the future.
For our new logo design, we commissioned Design Co., Ltd., which has been involved in creating our company’s logo since 2022.
■Design Purpose (Mr. “Wabi” Kudo, Design Company Co., Ltd.) Looking around the inside of the facility again, we can see that during its long history of over 120 years, there was no concept of a “logo”, but we have continued to pursue the image of “Shika no Yu” as a symbol in various forms, including signboards. was seen.
Although these things must have changed with the passage of time, I was impressed by how they all coexisted together in this museum. I believe this is because we have maintained our same aspirations since our founding.
When designing the logo that Shika-no-Yu will carry in the future, I am convinced that there is no need for drastic changes. I felt that an important renewal for the current Shika-no-Yu is to beautifully organize the accumulation of things that have been accumulated up to now.
We aimed for a design that would have stood as a symbol of the museum without any discomfort, even if this sign had been displayed when the museum was founded 120 years ago. The symbol mark is designed with various oracle bone characters and hieroglyphics known as the origin of the kanji for “deer” that can be seen on calligraphy and hanging scrolls displayed in the museum as motifs.
The logotype was commissioned from calligrapher Kuzan and was rewritten based on the unique type design that we have become accustomed to.
Beautiful transformation of Shika-no-yu
Starting with PREMIER FLOOR “urara”, which opened in Hanamomiji in April 2022, and all rooms have hot springs, our company has carried out various renovations based on the concept of “beautiful changes.” Even though it’s new, it feels nostalgic somehow. Here you will find a “one-of-a-kind inn” where past and present are beautifully fused.
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] ■Renewal information
・April 2022: [Hanamomiji] PREMIER FLOOR “urara”, all rooms with hot springs, open
・December 2022: [Shikanoyu] Autorolly sauna & free-flowing stream bath “Sauna Shikanomuki” opens
・December 2022: [Shikanoyu] Table tennis lounge “Shikano SALON” opens ・September 2023: [Hana Momiji] Two dining venues PREMIER DINING “utage”/”Momijido” open
・February 2024: [Shikanoyu] Sauna rooms “Deluxe Japanese
Twin”/”Japanese Twin” open
・March 2024: [Shika no Yu] Buffet restaurant “Shika no Ma” opens About Jozankei Shikanoyu
Approximately 50 minutes by car from central Sapporo. Jozankei Onsen is located in the center of Yunocho and offers a view of the mountains of the national park and the Toyohira River. Shika-no-Yu has 170 rooms with Jozankei’s most famous hot springs and a full-fledged sauna. Hanamomiji has 78 rooms with gorgeous Japanese decor and northern sensibilities. In addition, in the center of the facility there are various facilities that will brighten up your stay, such as a table tennis lounge and an outdoor pool.
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] ・Address: 3-32 Jozankei Onsen Nishi, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 061-2303 ・Facility size: 170 rooms for Shika-no-yu, 78 rooms for Hanamomiji ・Access: 2-minute walk from the Yunomachi bus stop on the Jotetsu bus from JR Sapporo Station (about 70 minutes) – By car: From central Sapporo, take National Route 230 towards Jozankei (about 50 minutes) – URL: – Phone number: 011-598-2311 (main)・Managing company: Hotel Shikanoyu Co., Ltd.
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