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Home » Voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” expands “word cloud” function

Voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” expands “word cloud” function

Voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” expands “word cloud” function
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Press release: May 9, 2024
Voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” expands “word cloud” function *Visualize conversations based on frequently occurring words and promote the use of call big data*
*RevComm Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takeshi Aida) has launched the MiiTel management screen that consolidates all voice communications.
We have significantly expanded the “Word Cloud” function in “Analytics” that allows you to visualize frequently occurring words during calls. *
“MiiTel”, the management screen for the voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” Analytics” displays a variety of analysis items, and allows you to perform multifaceted analysis by selecting various search conditions. As the use of “MiiTel” expands, there is a growing need for users to intuitively understand conversation trends and use it for

Analytics” has a word frequency report function that allows you to check the characteristic words frequently uttered by users or business partners from various perspectives such as by period, by user, and by phone number. In the word frequency report, you can check the word cloud and visually see which words were spoken the most. For example, if you look at the word cloud for “Business Partners,” you can get a bird’s-eye view of what your customers are interested in.

In addition, by extracting conversations with specific user names based on aggregation conditions and displaying a word cloud for each “user,” you can visualize the speaking style and mannerisms of specific staff members, which can be used for employee training. For example, you can identify the words that high performers often speak, format their talk scripts, and spread them out laterally, or identify and reduce the words that new employees use unconsciously.
Until now, Revcom has provided the word frequency report function as a beta version and collected feedback from companies that use it. In response to complaints from customers that unnecessary words that do not fit their purpose are displayed, resulting in noise, we added a function that allows you to freely delete unnecessary words, making the operation more intuitive. The UI has also been redesigned to make it possible. Additionally, the word frequency report can be displayed as a “list” in addition to an intuitive “word cloud” that can be understood at a glance, and can be understood as a quantitative value.

Based on our mission of “reinventing communication and creating a society where people care about others,” Revcom will continue to strive to improve the value provided by the “MiiTel” brand and contribute to improving corporate productivity.

●The fourth step from “Analytical MiiTel” to “Accompanying MiiTel” Released “Conversation Coaching Function” where AI automatically advises improvement points

● Third step from “Analytical MiiTel” to “Accompanying MiiTel” Automatic labeling function using AI

●Second step from “Analytical MiiTel” to “Accompanying MiiTel” Enhanced automatic problem identification function

●Release of “MiiTel Analytics” funnel progress (beta version), the first step from “Analytical MiiTel” to “Accompanying MiiTel”

*What is MiiTel*
Voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” is a voice analysis AI phone service from Japan that improves the acquisition rate and closing rate of business deals by analyzing the content of conversations and providing highly accurate feedback in telephone sales and contact center operations. is. The automatic transcription function eliminates the black box problem of not knowing “what” and “how” the customer and the person in charge are talking about, and also reduces the need to create analog minutes.

The simple design makes it easy to review the details of business negotiations, so you can reflect on your own and improve the quality of business negotiations, and accurately convey customer requests down to the nuances to development and other departments. MiiTel frees up time for salespeople to focus on “creative work that only humans can do.”
In addition, the real voice data with customers accumulated by MiiTel can be widely used for in-house education and training, service development, functional improvement, etc., supporting business growth. In addition to the Japanese version, we have started offering Indonesian and English versions.

*RevComm Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Based on the philosophy of “reinventing communication and creating a society where people care about others,” we are a company that uses voice technology and AI to solve communication issues.

The voice analysis AI phone “MiiTel” is used for talk communication in sales and call center operations, mainly in the inside sales market. It is used for visualization, self-coaching, and building a telework system. In addition, the AI-equipped online conference analysis tool “MiiTel”
“Meetings” allows you to analyze and review online meetings with multiple people, dramatically increasing your sales closing rate. “MiiTel” visualizes offline (face-to-face) business negotiations RecPod (beta version)” has also been launched, making it possible to convert conversations into big data wherever communication occurs.

Forbes JAPAN “Japanese Entrepreneur Ranking”
In addition to being selected for Weekly Toyo Keizai’s “Awesome Venture 100,” in April 2023, it was the only Asian company to be included in the U.S. “Forbes AI 50”.
In May 2023, we were awarded first place in the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group’s Technology Fast 50 2022 Japan.

・Company name: RevComm Co., Ltd.
・Location: 7th floor, Hulic Shibuya 1-chome Building, 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
・Representative: Takeshi Aida
・Business details: Development of AI x voice software and database ・Company website:

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