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Home » Audio Association of Japan “OTOTEN2024” pre-registration has started! Key visual drawn by popman3580 relea sed!

Audio Association of Japan “OTOTEN2024” pre-registration has started! Key visual drawn by popman3580 relea sed!

Japan Audio Association
“OTOTEN2024” pre-registration has started! Key visual drawn by popman3580 released!
The Japan Audio Association (General Incorporated Association: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Riko Ogawa) will hold an audio and home theater event at the Tokyo International Forum for two days, June 22nd (Saturday) and June 23rd (Sunday), 2024. An illustration drawn by illustrator popman3580 will be used as the key visual for the festival “OTOTEN2024″.
We would also like to inform you that pre-registration for visitors will begin today, May 9th (Thursday) at 3:00 p.m.
[Image:×2700.jpg] Key visual drawn by popman3580
OTOTEN2024 key visual concept
In recent years, an increasing number of people, especially the younger generation, are distributing their own music. In particular, songs by VTubers and Vocaloid P are highly supported, along with anime songs. At OTOTEN, we would like to actively incorporate new forms of audio like this.
Therefore, this year, we asked popular illustrator popman3580, who is also the character designer for the currently airing TV anime “Jellyfish Can’t Swim at Night,” to create the key visual. This key visual reflects our hope that those who respect and enjoy the pop culture created by the next generation of creators will also be able to experience the great sounds of OTOTEN.
popman3580’s profile
Freelance illustrator. He has a wide range of activities including book illustrations, character designs, and fashion brand
collaborations. He held a solo exhibition “S” in 2021, and published his first art book “CITRUS popman3580 Artworks & Sketch” in December of the same year. Since May 2020, comedian Soshina has provided illustrations for original song videos published on his YouTube channel. In 2022, he collaborated with musician and music producer Tetsuya Komuro at “Sound ART Project FLUcTUS”.
*Please refrain from using the JPEG data of the key visual attached to this press release for any purpose other than announcing OTOTEN2024. Regarding OTOTEN2024 visitor pre-registration
Pre-registration for OTOTEN2024 will begin from 3pm today on the OTOTEN official website.
Pre-registration start date and time: Thursday, May 9, 2024 from 3:00 p.m. Pre-registration site: (Please proceed to the visitor pre-registration page from the above website) Admission fee: Free
OTOTEN2024 Overview
[Table 2:] OTOTEN2024 exhibiting companies/organizations
Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.
Interface Co., Ltd.
Edifier Japan Co., Ltd.
Emirai Co., Ltd.
Audio Technica Co., Ltd.
Aurora Sound Co., Ltd.
Koyanagi Ide Electric Co., Ltd.
Onkyo Tokki Co., Ltd.
Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd.
Kajima Construction Co., Ltd.
Kanai Seisakusho
Kanji Electric Co., Ltd.
Kubotec Co., Ltd.
Crypton Co., Ltd.
Kojo Seiko Co., Ltd.
Korg Co., Ltd.
Saek Commerce Co., Ltd.
CS Port Co., Ltd.
Genelec Japan Co., Ltd.
Syntax Japan Co., Ltd.
Stereo Sound Co., Ltd.
StreamUnlimited Engineering GmbH
Sennheiser Japan Co., Ltd.
Sony Corporation
TEAC Co., Ltd.
dts Japan Co., Ltd.
Disk Union Co., Ltd.
Digital Stream Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Pioneer Co., Ltd.
Nagaoka Co., Ltd.
Japan Music Studio Association
Noah Co., Ltd.
Harman International Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
Hibino Co., Ltd.
Brightone Co., Ltd.
Fraunhofer IIS
Maezono Sound Lab Co., Ltd.
MUSIN Co., Ltd.
Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.
Yuki Precision Co., Ltd.
WAPAN Co., Ltd.
One More Co., Ltd.
(Total of 47 companies/organizations, in alphabetical order, as of May 9, 2024) Main contents of OTOTEN2024
● Product displays, previews, and demonstrations by exhibitors ● Events and seminars sponsored by the association
●Software/book sales
*Details will be updated regularly on the official website and association SNS. that’s all
OTOTEN2024 official website: Japan Audio Association official website: Japan Audio Association Official X (formerly Twitter):
Japan Audio Association Official Facebook: More details about this release: