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Home » Trace on Product Co., Ltd. AI power reduction solution “AIrux8” technology registered as a patent in Japan

Trace on Product Co., Ltd. AI power reduction solution “AIrux8” technology registered as a patent in Japan

Truss on Product Co., Ltd.
AI power reduction solution “AIrux8” technology is registered as a patent in Japan
AIrux8 (hereinafter referred to as “AIrux8”) is an AI-based power reduction solution invented by Hidehiko Fujiyoshi, President and Representative Director of Truss on Product Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Hidehiko Fujiyoshi, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). ”) has been registered as a patent in Japan, and we would like to inform you as follows.
1. Contents of patented technology
This patent relates to AIrux8’s power reduction algorithm, which is an AI logic that uses machine learning to obtain the energy repulsion necessary to change the temperature of the space targeted for power reduction by AIrux8. This patented technology is a technology that maps the amount of repulsive energy in a matrix in response to changes in spatial temperature according to each environment, and regardless of AIrux8, it will be an invention that will be very useful in reducing energy consumption, which is an issue for humanity in the future. With the registration of this patent, AIrux8’s technology will become a unique solution in Japan, and this will lead to greater trust from our customers, including the sales activities of our strategic sales partners, which will help us expand sales of AIrux8 in the future. We believe that our achievements and evaluations have great meaning in our efforts to achieve this goal.
2. Overview of patented technology
Patent number: Patent No. 7477595
Title of invention: Energy consumption calculation system
Inventor: Hidehiko Fujiyoshi (Representative Director and President of the Company)
3. AIrux8 features and patented technology
AIrux8 acquires environmental data such as the congestion status and space temperature within the facility through a sensor called “Node” that incorporates a motion sensor installed on the ceiling. The obtained environmental data is mapped as the amount of repulsive energy on a spatial matrix using this patented algorithm, and by predicting in advance the amount of energy consumed due to temperature changes due to air conditioning, it is possible to obtain the optimal solution for temperature changes. We have a system that allows us to do this. Our company accumulates the control logic and environmental data in the cloud, and we believe that the more data we collect, the more we will grow into a service that no other company can match. As a result, by introducing AIrux8, the temperature adjustment logic will be optimized according to the environmental temperature and the characteristics of the building in which it is installed, making it possible to significantly reduce power consumption.
[Image 1:×326.png ]
4. Comparison of power consumption reduction before and after introducing AIrux8 1. When controlling only the peak power consumption when starting the air conditioner without changing the set temperature
[Image 2:×273.png ]
[Image 3:×328.png ]
2. Comparison on days with low outside air temperature (green graph)
[Image 4:×295.png ]
[Image 5:×330.png ]
5. About future developments of AIrux8
Currently, AIrux8 is collaborating with many strategic sales partners to expand its presence in the Japanese market. With this patented technology registered in AIrux8, we hope to confirm the innovation and reliability of this technology and develop it into a global initiative for SDGs. Going forward, we will continue to use AIrux8 as our main solution, and while strengthening our alliances with strategic sales partners, we will further promote its introduction in Japan and further accelerate its sales.
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