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Home » Visionary Design Co., Ltd. ANIMAGIC DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) announces the new “ANIMAGIC AI Generator”

Visionary Design Co., Ltd. ANIMAGIC DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) announces the new “ANIMAGIC AI Generator”

Visionary Design Co., Ltd.
ANIMAGIC DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) announces new “ANIMAGIC AI Generator”
~Creative consulting firm centered on generative AI~
Visionary Design Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, corporate
representative: Hiroshi Inagawa) announced “ANIMAGIC AI Generator” as a new service of the “ANIMAGIC Organizational Management Committee”. “ANIMAGIC AI Generator” makes it possible to create unprecedented AI entertainment by integrating all LLMs (Large-Scale Language Models). It is a platform that makes character development using AI generation as simple as possible, allowing anyone to easily and efficiently develop characters at high speed.
What is ANIMAGIC AI Generator?
ANIMAGIC is a platform that can efficiently generate virtual humans and Vtubers extremely easily using conversational AI generation. ANIMAGIC is a feature that allows you to generate “AI characters” that can have natural conversations just by answering 10 questions. The generated AI character can be enjoyed not only on the chat screen on ANIMAGIC but also in any digital space.
Features of ANIMAGIC AI Generator
ANIMAGIC is an easy and powerful conversational AI construction platform with the following features: 1. ANIMAGIC, which can generate AI characters at high speed without programming, does not require any special technology or expertise. We are developing it every day with the aim of making it easy for anyone to generate AI characters efficiently. 2. Connecting all LLMs (LLM first) ANIMAGIC is compatible with not only ChatGPT but also LLMs from all over the world, and we would like to realize specifications that will allow you to manipulate them at will. 3. Able to link with various services (Multi API Connection concept) Characters generated by AI with ANIMAGIC can be linked with various services and systems by linking with API. Indeed, access to virtual spaces with Web 3.0 in mind will become more seamless. 4. AI-generated characters can go anywhere! AI characters can be used not only in the chat function within ANIMAGIC, but also in various products such as conversations via LINE, GoogleChat, Slack, and API. 5. Minimize development and operation costs. Development resources can be reduced, and the LLM-first development process makes it possible to develop various services that incorporate AI characters and reduce operation costs. 6. You can build an AI character that can have personalized conversations.You can personalize the content of the AI ​​character’s conversation based on the user’s attributes and behavior history. A conversational AI character that is closer to the customer can be created during dialogue with the customer. 7. Overwhelming versatility brought about by the accumulation of work that began before the generative AI boom As a conversational AI construction platform based on generative AI, this product has been under development since long before the generative AI boom. It is equipped with a group of general-purpose functions necessary for conversational AI development.
Basic functions of ANIMAGIC
– Compatible with VRM/Live2D models Easily operate “VRM (VRM0.x)” models optimized for VR software and VTuber distribution in real time. Furthermore, we also have a package compatible with the “Live2D” model. – Live2D’s PerfectSync compatible By implementing PerfectSync parameters in the Live2D model, it is now possible to express rich emotions.・Camera angle operation function When shooting a 3D model, it is possible to change and save the camera angle. In addition to using any image as the background, you can also use chroma key. – Enhanced motion functions We provide poses, motions, and effects that can be used immediately after installation. If you use the shortcut function, you can call it up with a single button. – Equipped with a new lip sync feature that uses facial recognition to detect when your mouth opens and closes. Also supports audio lip sync. – Implemented bone drawing function for 3D models for AI image generation It is now possible to reproduce poses that are difficult to explain in words on ANIMAGIC and display the bones. Images displaying bones can be used to generate AI images, etc.・Easy tracking You can perform eye tracking with just a web camera. Blinks, facial orientation, and mouth movements are reflected in the 3D model using a web camera. By using the motion app, you can become a VTuber with rich facial expressions and movements.・Tracking with LeapMotion By linking with the motion app, tracking is possible with “LeapMotion”. You can operate your arms, hands, and fingers, which is difficult to do with just a web camera.・By linking with mocopi’s tracking motion app, 3D full-body tracking is now possible with Sony’s motion capture device “mocopi.” Steps to generate an AI character
Just by answering the 10 questions below, you can generate an AI character that can talk. 1. What is the character’s name? Set the name of the AI ​​character. 2. What kind of icon is it? Set the AI ​​character icon. 3. Please introduce yourself. Become an AI character and enter a self-introduction. 4. What about first and second person expressions? Set first-person and second-person expressions. 5. Questions about your profile Answer 5 questions about your hobbies, etc. Click here for information on compatible devices, LeapMotion (compatible with motion apps), mocopi (compatible with motion apps), various VR devices (compatible with motion apps), iPhone camera, web camera, other compatible devices, and operating environment. Fee structure
All functions are available for free. There is no need to request materials or make any special application; you can start using it immediately by signing up with your Google account. Other paid version/optional settings ANIMAGIC AI Generator Starter/Individual package; 2,800 yen (tax included)/Corporate license; 48,000 yen/year (tax included)ANIMAGIC AI Generator +LIVE2D/Individual package; 3,800 yen (tax included)/Corporate License for: 69,800 yen/year (tax included) + Live2D introduction cost Please check here for Live2D introduction cost ANIMAGIC AI Generator Pro/Package for individuals: 28,000 yen (tax included) ・License for corporations: 198,800 yen/year ~ (tax included) Various Options/Individual package: mocopi; 980 yen (tax included) Leap Motion; 980 yen (tax included) ・Corporate package mocopi; 9,800 yen (tax included) Leap Motion; 9,800 yen (tax included) Company Profile
Company name: Visionary Design Co., Ltd. Head office: 2F Nittochi Building, 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013 SENQ Kasumigaseki Representative Director: Hiroshi Inagawa Date of establishment: February 3, 2017 https://

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