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Home » We investigated approximately 26,000 reviews of Chateraise, which is attracting attention for its overseas strategy, and analyzed trends!

We investigated approximately 26,000 reviews of Chateraise, which is attracting attention for its overseas strategy, and analyzed trends!

mov Co., Ltd.
We investigated approximately 26,000 reviews of Chateraise, which is attracting attention for its overseas strategy, and analyzed trends! A thorough investigation of the reviews of all “Châteraise” stores in Japan and overseas!
mov Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Makoto Watanabe, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as mov), which operates the store support SaaS “” that turns review sites into “more” sales, uses the analysis function of “”. The report has been published.
This time, we analyzed approximately 26,000 reviews submitted to all Chateraise stores in Japan and overseas (Chateraise Holdings Co., Ltd.).
In this study
・Domestic stores with the most reviews in 2023
・Overseas stores with the most reviews in 2023
・Regions with the highest average ratings and the highest number of reviews per store
・Language with the highest number of reviews of overseas stores and language with the highest average rating
・Changes in reviews before and after the coronavirus pandemic I will tell you.
At, we propose “new discoveries” that come to light by analyzing reviews across the board. The report can be downloaded for free from the page below.
[Image 1:×1020.png ]
View the report in detail (free) →■ Target of this report
This survey was conducted for Chateraise (Chateraise Holdings Co., Ltd.).
[Image 2:×1020.png ]
■ The store with the most reviews is “Sunflower Store” (Kagawa Prefecture)
[Image 3:×1020.png ]
The “average rating (number of ★)” and “number of word of mouth” for stores nationwide in 2023 are calculated and expressed in a scatter diagram.
The most concentrated distribution was the average rating: ★3.0 to ★4.0 and the number of reviews: 0 to 50.
■ “Shikoku region” has a high average rating and a large number of reviews per store
[Image 4:×1020.png ]
We calculated the “average rating (number of ★)” and “number of reviews per store” for each region in 2023.
The region with the highest average rating and the highest number of reviews per store were both in the Shikoku region. The average rating for “Shikoku region” was 3.9 stars, and the number of reviews per store was 43.5.
■ Reviews of overseas stores tend to have more positive keywords
[Image 5:×1020.png ]
We ranked the keywords used in reviews of domestic and overseas stores in 2023 in order of the number of times they were used, and calculated the percentage of keywords used in a positive context (positive rate). Compared to domestic stores, word-of-mouth reviews from overseas stores had more keywords with a high positive rate at the top of the rankings, indicating a high level of user satisfaction.
View the report in detail (free) → ■ Keyword positive rate has decreased after the coronavirus pandemic
[Image 6:×1020.png ]
Using the analysis period of one year before the coronavirus pandemic and the most recent year, we ranked the keywords used in reviews of domestic stores in order of the number of times they were used, calculated the positive rate, and calculated how reviews changed before and after the coronavirus pandemic. We investigated whether there are any.
– Changes in positivity rate before and after coronavirus –
The positivity rate for all of the top 15 keywords used in reviews over the past year has decreased compared to 2019. The keyword with the biggest drop in ratings was “customer service,” which dropped by 37%. Even in the ranking of negative keywords for domestic stores, keywords related to customer service are at the top, indicating user dissatisfaction.
– Keywords that are always used frequently –
It can be said that the keywords that are ranked in the top 15 in terms of frequency of use in both 2019 and the past year are points that users pay attention to regardless of the time of year. In terms of products, we can expect to improve customer satisfaction through detailed analysis of keywords such as “cake,” “ice cream,” “Japanese sweets,” and “type,” and in terms of facilities and equipment, such as “parking.”
By analyzing in more detail “what” and “how” users are dissatisfied with each keyword, you can get hints on how to improve customer satisfaction. If you would like a detailed analysis, please contact us.
View the report in detail (free) →
[Image 7:×1906.png ] is a “collective management tool” for review sites that converts domestic and international review sites into “more” sales. Store information on map apps such as Google Maps, gourmet sites, and review sites can be organized and updated all at once, reducing the number of man-hours required to update and correct store information. In addition, we can use AI to analyze customer reviews and provide support for replying to reviews, helping to improve stores using review information and increasing the number of customers attracted from Google Maps and review sites.
In addition, we collaborate with sites that are effective for inbound demand, making it possible to take MEO measures for inbound tourists, such as preparing store information in multiple languages ​​and analyzing customer reviews by language.
It is widely used regardless of industry, including restaurants, commercial facilities, and retail stores, as well as collaboration with local governments.
[Three points of introducing review com]
-Part 1- Cooperation with 19 sites! Centrally manage store
information, menus, products, and posts
Updating your store’s information on map apps such as Google Maps and various review sites is a very difficult task. has the highest number of compatible domestic sites (*mov research) with 19 It is linked with sites, and by updating store business hours, menu information, etc. as master data, store information on each site can be updated simultaneously and automatically.
In addition, you can distribute customer attraction measures such as distributing coupons and announcing sales on review sites, map apps, and SNS all at once, so you can create measures that will make customers want to visit your store, such as announcing sales, events, campaigns, and distributing flyer data from flyer apps. can be delivered all at once.
-Part 2- Centrally manage reviews! AI supports analysis and reply You can centrally manage restaurant reviews that are scattered across various review sites. You can also aggregate and manage survey results collected by using the survey function of or by conducting your own surveys.
We perform store improvements based on customer feedback by performing AI analysis on aggregated reviews, analyzing recent trends such as the number of reviews and ★s, and digging deeper into each prefecture and franchisee. can.
 Also, AI supports replying to reviews that are often difficult to understand, allowing for smooth communication with customers when responding to reviews.
-Part 3- We also support inbound tourists! MEO measures utilizing the latest information and know-how is the only tool in Japan that allows you to centrally manage and operate Google Maps and popular reviews, which are important for inbound tourism measures. By preparing information in multiple languages, collecting reviews in foreign languages, and analyzing the voices of foreign visitors to Japan, it is possible to implement MEO measures for inbound tourists.
In addition, mov, which provides, operates Japan’s largest comprehensive inbound media, “Japan Lab,” and supports MEO measures by leveraging its wealth of knowledge and know-how. See more details on → [Company Profile] Company Name: mov Co., Ltd. Address: Shin Building 4F, 3-17-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Makoto Watanabe Established: September 2015 URL: pressrelease&utm_medium=prtimes&utm_campaign=202404_Chateraise Business details:
Operation of review site integrated management tool “”
URL: Operation of business news media “Word of Mouth Lab” focusing on MEO and word of mouth marketing
URL: Operation of “Word of Mouth Academy”, a membership site where you can learn about the management and know-how of word of mouth sites
URL: Operation of Japan Visit Lab, the largest media in the inbound tourism industry
URL: Operation of “Visit”, a information request site
specializing in inbound tourism measures

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