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Souensha Co., Ltd. “Japanese Gluttony Festival 2024” has arrived at Deep Kita Green Space!

Soensha Co., Ltd.
“Japan’s Gluttony Festival 2024” has arrived at Deep North Green Space! 32 kitchen cars gathered on the lawn square!
The Japan Food Festival Executive Committee (Executive Committee Chairman: Yoshihiko Hirayama) will hold a festival for two days, Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th, 2024, at the Shikoku Ryokuchi Lawn Plaza (Daito City). “Japan’s Gourmet Festival 2024 Eastern Osaka” will be held.
[Image 1:×1290.png ]
The “Japanese Food Festival” has been held more than 30 times since October 2023, mainly in Osaka Prefecture, as an event to build momentum for the Osaka-Kansai Expo.
This event, which attracts many people every time, has been powered up to become the “Japanese Gluttony Festival”!
32 kitchen cars gathered at Deep Kita Green Space. Furthermore, this time, we will have a large number of Osaka-made (mon) areas, including food booths selling Osaka-made (mon) and Osaka-made (mon) direct sales shops. Because our hometown is Osaka, we can enjoy delicious Osaka-produced food and local production for local consumption! Let’s liven up our hometown Osaka!
In addition, there is a fair corner with super balls, target shooting, and raffle games that are very popular with children, as well as a large kids park with fluffy play equipment. Also, police cars, motorcycles, and Self-Defense Force vehicles will be arriving! There are plenty of stage events such as live music and dance performances, making it an event that everyone from children to adults can enjoy!
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] 〇 Police car display (10:00-12:00 on the 18th)
〇White motorcycle display (18th 13:30-15:30)
〇Self-Defense Force vehicles (10:00-16:00 on both days)
〇Disaster prevention kitchen car test drive experience (both days 10:00-16:00) 〇Noto Peninsula Earthquake Recovery Support Booth
■There are 32 kitchen car shops that offer delicious food and sweets, no matter which shop you choose!
[Image 3:×1475.jpg] From standard menus such as fried chicken, fried potatoes, and shaved ice that everyone loves, to authentic kebabs and local gourmet dishes that can only be tasted here! We have a wide range!
[Image 4:×141.jpg] 〇Kebab sandwich (EEDEN)
[Image 5:×2602.jpg] 〇Sake-steamed Shodoshima Tenryo oysters (Ikedaya Kitchen Car) ■We will open 13 stores selling Osaka-produced foods that can only be eaten here!
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] Don’t miss this opportunity to try out “delicious foods” made with Osaka-produced ingredients, such as Osaka-produced strawberry candy, Naniwa pork yakisoba, and Nose ohan egg sandwiches!
At the Osaka direct sales store, we sell fresh tomatoes from Hashimoto Family Farm, the only full-time farmer in Daito City!
[Image 7:×1479.jpg] Be sure to try the Osaka-produced sake and traditional bottled ramune.
[Image 8:×1549.jpg] We are always accepting applications for the “Vegful Flower Making Experience” where you can eat the flowers after decorating them!
[Image 9:×1431.jpg] ■We are recruiting participants for the “bus tour that doesn’t go far”! ! The first joint project between the Osaka Food Microtourism Promotion Council and Next Travel!
[Image 10:×1522.jpg] ~Experience content~
After tasting the “Special Naniwa Black Beef Lunch Box from Osaka” at Shinkoku Ryokuchi, the venue for the Japan Gourmet Festival, we visited Hashimoto Family Farm, the only full-time farm in Daito City that grows sweet tomatoes. We are currently recruiting participants for the “Osaka Gastronomy Bus Tour” to visit tourist spots.
At the Goryoseseragi Waterway, you can also enjoy the experience of a boat called “Sanmaita,” which used to run crisscrossing the village carrying people and agricultural products.
The gastronomy bus tour allows you to experience the unique history and culture unique to Daito City, Osaka. We look forward to your participation in the tour!
Sign up here
*If you are having trouble understanding how to apply from the URL above, ▷ We will accept your request if you send an email to ・Name (full name)
・Age, gender
Please provide the following information.
Payment methods are bank transfer, convenience store payment, and credit card payment.
■Low vision futsal experience that can only be done here!
[Image 11:×720.jpg] What is low vision futsal?
[Soccer played by complementing each other]
Soccer is played by making use of the different visual acuity and visual field of each player with low vision, and complementing each other. Unlike Burasaka, players with low vision play without eye masks and with a ball that makes no sound.
[Image 12:×720.jpg] ☆ Anyone can participate in the low vision futsal experience, so please come and join us!
■Special stage full of singing, dancing, and fun☆
Other cute mascot characters such as the official Osaka/Kansai Expo character “Myak Myak” and Daito City’s mascot character “Daiton” will also be on hand!
In addition, following “Who Are You?” who performed on stage last time, “Lumi7’s” and “NeoAster” will appear for the first time! In addition, there will be live music performances by artists and dance performances by dance teams!
[Image 13:×777.jpg] ▶ “Who Are You?”
[Image 14:×940.png ]
[Image 15:×938.png ]
[Image 16:×1045.jpg ]
▶ “Karen Obimori”
[Image 17:×1044.jpg] ▶ “Nagaemi Haruka”
[Image 18:×940.png ]
▶ “Granola”
There are also lots of other fun stages!
*Please check our website and Instagram for stage event timetable details☆ HP:
Instagram: ◇Event overview◇
Event name: Japanese Gourmet Festival 2024 Eastern Osaka
Event period: May 18th (Sat), 19th (Sun), 2024
     10:00-16:00 *Rain or shine, canceled due to stormy weather Venue: Daito City Deep Kita Green Lawn Square (4-284 Fukano Kita, Daito City, Osaka Prefecture)
Admission fee: Free
■Organizers: Japan Food Festival Executive Committee, Regional Revitalization Project Engin GIN
■Sponsor: Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation: Daito City, OSAKA Akaru Club, WELLEX, a general incorporated association
             Osaka Food Microtourism General Incorporated Association, Synchro Food Co., Ltd.
■Sponsored by: Osaka Prefecture, Japan International Exposition 2025 Association, Osaka Tourism Bureau
■Planning: Soensha Co., Ltd., COMMON Co., Ltd.
Japanese food festival website:
Instagram: 〇About Japanese food festivals
In preparation for the Osaka/Kansai Expo, everyone will experience and spread the word about Japan’s world-class food.
An event that connects people with the community through food. Food is a culture that Japan is proud of to the world. Japan’s food culture has evolved in a privileged environment, and through methods that utilize ingredients such as high-quality hygiene management and a culture of soup stock, it has boasted safe, secure, and delicious food to the world. As a result, it has evolved into a delicious and healthy food.
However, in modern times, there are some areas where people’s awareness of “food” is waning. Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate is below 40%, and some say that the preservation of local cuisine, traditional cuisine, and regional and family flavors is at risk. We reaffirmed Japan’s traditional food culture, which has cultivated “food” not just as a dish but as a culture over its long history, and we wanted to create new value for the Osaka Expo, so we decided to hold a Japanese food festival. We have decided to hold the event.
[Image 19:×1126.png ]
〇About Soensha Co., Ltd.
[Operation site]
Our company operates a variety of businesses centered on event planning related to town development, based on the vision of “becoming a local hub and contributing to a sustainable community with a balance of mind, economy, and body.” I am. We will contribute to sustainable urban development by making full use of our knowledge of urban development.
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