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Home » German watch “ZEPPELIN” releases premium edition of “LZ126 LOS ANGELES AUTOMATIC” mechanical two-counter chronograph with Milanese bracelet.

German watch “ZEPPELIN” releases premium edition of “LZ126 LOS ANGELES AUTOMATIC” mechanical two-counter chronograph with Milanese bracelet.

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
German watch “ZEPPELIN” releases premium edition of “LZ126 LOS ANGELES AUTOMATIC” mechanical two-counter chronograph with Milanese bracelet. ……
Ueni Trading (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Mitsuki Miyakami) will sell the “LZ126 LOS ANGELES AUTOMATIC PREMIUM EDITION” from the German watch “ZEPPELINE” as a premium shop. It will be released on May 17th at the official online shop.
General sale on May 17th/Reservations start on May 9th
[Image 1:×3900.jpg] ZEPPELIN is a German brand that produces classic watches with an airship motif.
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] A premium edition [8614M3] equipped with the first Swiss-made mechanical movement is now available in the “LZ126 Los Angeles” series, which is based on the motif of Germany’s historic airship “Los Angeles.”
[Image 3:×1600.jpg] First in the series to use a Swiss mechanical movement
The equipped movement (drive device) “Sellita SW510 BH a” is a 2-counter chronograph specification that enhances the sporty impression. The smooth movement of the hands on the deep dark blue dial gives it a leisurely look, like the “Los Angeles” flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Combined with the carefully polished unique case and elegant Milanese bracelet, it has a special personality.
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] Swiss craftsmanship lives at its heart.
Sellita, the manufacturer of the SW510 BH a, is one of the world’s leading movement manufacturers based in La Chaux-de-Fonds,
Switzerland, the home of watchmaking, since its founding in 1950. The ebauches (semi-finished movements) manufactured by Sellita are used by famous luxury brands and continue to support the foundation of the watch industry in Switzerland and other parts of the world.
Among them, the “SW510 BH a” is one of the masterpieces of chronograph movements. Equipped with a 30-minute counter and date display, it fulfills the wishes of users who want to know the time with its highly accurate time display and sophisticated timekeeping functions. A see-through back allows you to view the movement inside at any time. You can enjoy the beautiful circular-grained bridges, the sparkle of artificial rubies, and the intricate movement of the gears.
[Image 5:×1600.jpg] What spreads out there is a view of the Atlantic Ocean as seen from an airship. The dial features a dark blue color reminiscent of the Atlantic ocean seen from an airship. Only the chronograph hand and the small hand of the 30-minute counter are colored red, expressing an elegant and dynamic style.
[Image 10: &s3=25284-1408-94b61AFE4C0E10503A2002C5EFFF CB56B4-1600X1600.jpg] In addition, standard Arabic numerals and bar indexes are used instead of the Byzantine numerals used on many models of the “LZ126 Los Angeles” series. Furthermore, by using applied specifications, it exudes a higher quality feel than ever before.
[Image 7: &s3=25284-1408-20de42743D089999C8ffffffffffffffffff
[Image 8: &s3=25284-1408-7183B0CF7A1110333333333333333333333333
The presence of sapphire crystal
Highly hard sapphire crystal is used for the windshield. The large dome-like shape of the case matches the airship motif, giving it a classic feel while ensuring clear visibility with its high
[Image 9:×1600.jpg] Milanese bracelet to complete your stylish style
The bracelet is Milanese style with fine metal woven. By ensuring a certain thickness and thickness, it not only gives the lightness characteristic of this style, but also enhances its luxurious presence. It has the advantage of being able to move smoothly, providing an excellent fit, and being breathable, making it
comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
[Image 10: &s3=25284-1408-94b61AFE4C0E10503A2002C5EFFF CB56B4-1600X1600.jpg] [Release overview]
¥396,000 tax included
[Image 11:×1600.jpg] Case Size: Height 42mm x Width 42mm
Movement: Sellita SW510 BH a (Swiss automatic movement)
Water Resistant: Water resistant to 5 ATM
Lens: Sapphire crystal
Band: Stainless steel Milanese bracelet
Function: 30 minute chronograph, tachymeter scale
Release date: May 17th (reservations start May 9th)
Sales location:
Hankyu Men’s Tokyo FORTUNE TIME 03-6252-5448
TiCTAC Ikebukuro Parco store 03-5391-8376
junks LUCUA Osaka store 06-6151-1351
■Motif|Airship LZ126 LOS ANGELES
Built in 1924 at the Zeppelin factory in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and transferred to the United States by the German government. With both technical skill and stylish grace, she successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in just 81 hours, making global news. A sister ship to LZ127, she is known as the pioneer of passenger airships used for long-distance flights.
[Image 12:×3120.jpg ]
A high quality “MADE IN GERMANY” item that pursues the essence. Since our establishment, we have maintained an attitude of pursuing uniqueness and essence.
Since the mid-1970s, as watches have become mass-produced and consumed as a commodity, Willi Burke, the founder of Pointec, sensed the need for European watches that emphasized individuality and quality, and created Zeppelin. Established.
■ “MADE IN GERMANY” “Quality first”
High-quality parts are used throughout, including the dome-shaped glass windshield seen on typical models and the galvanic dial that curves toward the periphery. At our factory in Germany, we maintain high quality that meets the strict standards required to be “MADE IN GERMANY.”
In addition, for the movement it is equipped with, we have chosen a highly accurate Swiss or Japanese movement that is highly acclaimed around the world. Through the work of experienced German craftsmen, the brand’s “quality first” principle is realized with high cost performance.
A classic design reminiscent of the elegant world of aviation Founder Willy Burke thought that creating a story based on the great history of aviation was an important factor in realizing the idea of ​​“a German watch that pursues the essence.” In particular, he focused on the world view brought about by the rigid airship now known as the Zeppelin.
In 1900, the first rigid airship developed by Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin and others, commonly known as the Zeppelin, was completed. Since then, rigid airships have continued to evolve, becoming faster and larger, and they have also achieved feats such as crossing the Atlantic Ocean and circumnavigating the world.
At the same time, in the early 20th century, when humanity’s desire for flight began to blossom, cruising in the air on rigid airships became a symbol of elegant travel, also known as the “art of travel.” We believed that this attitude of constant evolution and a world view that combined luxury and luxury was what was needed for a watch brand that was considered cutting-edge at the time in the 1980s.
As for the watch, one of its features is that it is inspired by the structure of an airship, with a cylinder dial with rounded edges and a bulging dome-shaped windshield, creating a classic design. As a result, it has been recognized by experts around the world and has received numerous awards.
“Zeppelin” develops products with good design that coexist with classicism and elegance.
All products are assembled in our own factory in Leura, a symbol of German watchmaking.
The parent company Pointech is based in Ismaning, a city on the outskirts of Munich. The manufacturing base is our own factory in Leura, a city in Thuringia, also known as the “green heart of Germany.”
Built in Bauhaus style in 1929, the property is listed as a historical monument and has been part of Pointec since 2019. This facility was established in 1863. Before the unification of Germany, 10,000 employees produced numerous watches here.
[Image 13: &s3=25284-1408-4eB4C97DA3500D055F7CD24 F585E4AB-3900×3900.jpg] Pointec has made use of these facilities in modern times and produces all Zeppelin watches at this factory. Zeppelin watches, born from Lula, which was once the symbol of German watchmaking next to Glashütte, can be said to be an important presence in the German watch world.
[Image 14:× g ]
Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
We are a specialized trading company that handles brands such as watches, fashion goods, and fragrances.
We have the largest market share (*) in the import and wholesale of overseas brand products.
Based on the track record and know-how cultivated as an import wholesaler, we are expanding our business as an authorized Japanese distributor and original brand.
Britain’s “Henry London” and “Ted Baker (watches),” America’s “Timex,” Italy’s “Versace (watches),” “Furla (watches),” “Spinniker,” Germany’s “Zeppelin” and “Duffa,” etc. While serving as the general agent in Japan, we also develop numerous brands under a wide range of business models, including the development of “Angel Heart” and “Pelle Morbida” as a manufacturer.
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