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Yoshida, Meisho Transport Co., Ltd. JURASSIC CUP 2024 Meisho Transport Co., Ltd. will be the title sponsor!

Meisho Transport Co., Ltd.
[JURASSIC CUP 2024] Meisho Transport Co., Ltd. will be the title sponsor! ……
The natural bodybuilding festival has begun. Bodybuilding competition “JURASSIC CUP 2024” co-hosted by bodybuilding legend Koji Godo and Daisuke Kizawa, also known as “Jurassic Kizawa” will be held on October 19th Meisho Transport Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tobishima Village, Ama District, Aichi Prefecture, Representative) Director: Shinichi Kato) will serve as the title sponsor of “JURASSIC CUP 2024.” The collaboration campaign between this tournament and Meisho Transport Co., Ltd.’s “Muscle Training Recruitment” is also a must-see.
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This year’s total prize money is 6.2 million yen, more than double the amount from last year! Prize money is available for each category and body part, and the prize for winning the Grand Class is 3 million yen. We will realize the tournament’s concept of creating an environment where people can balance competition and daily life. [Event Overview] Event Name: “JURASSIC CUP 2024” Event Period: Saturday, October 19, 2024 Venue: Hino Civic Center Hino Brick Hall (Address: 1-12-1 Shinmei, Hino City, 191-0016) Official Homepage:
All participating athletes will fill out an anti-doping pledge, and the top finishers will undergo a simple doping test to ensure a serious competition between naturals.
A wide range of players can participate
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Participating players can range from first-time players to top-class players in Japan.
In order to develop the next generation of players full of potential, we have created a category exclusively for players under the age of 20. Athlete First: Practical competition participation fee and photos are free/coloring discounts are available.
We will introduce a support partner system to ensure that you can stand on stage in your best condition.
This year, some athletes will receive transportation and accommodation expenses. [Muscle training adopted]
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A new employment format introduced by Meisho Transport Co., Ltd. for the first time in Japan
“Muscle training recruitment” with welfare benefits that allow you to balance work and muscle training
We will do our best to support those who want to take the sport seriously. Representative message
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-Meisho Transport Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shinichi Kato- We want to support the growth of athletes and contribute to the development of the bodybuilding industry through muscle training recruitment.
I was a muscle training enthusiast even before I started recruiting, and I still attend Jurassic Academy four days a week for personal training.
I have been friends with Jurassic Kizawa, the organizer of the JURASSIC CUP, since I met him at Gold’s Gym more than 10 years ago. We thought we could help address the issue of many people having difficulty balancing work and competition, so we started a system called “Strength Training Recruitment.”
Many of our trainees are able to make efforts towards their goals and take their work seriously. He matches the person we are looking for, and we would like to continue hiring more people for muscle training in the future.
Head office location: 7-60 Taiho, Tobishima-mura, Ama-gun, Aichi Prefecture Representative Director: Shinichi Kato Business content: Delivery, warehousing and storage business Established: June 10, 1969 Website: jp/
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