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Focal Point Co., Ltd. Shokz OpenFit Air | Excellent fit, ultimate comfort

[Focal Point Co., Ltd.] Shokz OpenFit Air | Excellent fit, ultimate comfort
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Press release: May 10, 2024
Shokz OpenFit Air | Exceptional fit, ultimate comfort
*One year has passed since the introduction of OpenFit. The casual version of OpenFit is finally here*
Focal Point Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director Hideki Onda)
Focal Point) is a Japanese distributor of Shokz, fully wireless earphones *OpenFit Air*
will start from Friday, May 10, 2024. You can purchase it at major home electronics retailers, lifestyle shops, etc. in Japan.

* Open-ear completely wireless earphones with an excellent fit for ultimate comfort. *
Dreamy open-ear earphones. With an open-ear design, the ear hooks weigh just 8.7g and fit snugly against your ears, making them even more comfortable to wear.
– Open ears for optimal wearing comfort
– Hear surrounding sounds without blocking your ears
– Powerful bass, amazing high quality sound experience
– Up to 28 hours of listening
– Up to 2 devices can be connected with multi-point connection * The comfort that you will fall in love with. Innovative Shokz Air earhooks made of flexible nickel-titanium shape memory alloy* Fits perfectly in your ears without wobbling. The Air ear hooks are made of ultra-fine 0.75mm nickel-titanium alloy with flexible shape memory properties and soft silicone to securely hold the earphones in place.

Teardrop-shaped cross section that doesn’t feel oppressive
The ear hooks are designed with a teardrop-shaped cross section, and the part that goes under the ear is designed to be large to minimize the feeling of pressure even when listening for long periods of time. You can use it even if you leave it on.
* Earhook design that fits snugly *
Ear hooks have been improved by creating a supple and flexible design that fits the curve of your ears. In addition, by increasing the contact area with the ear, stability is further increased.
*Ergonomic dual bevel design*
OpenFit Air’s ergonomic, dual-bevel design is designed by Shokz Created by Lab’s talented developers. Through extensive research and repeated testing, we designed the product to not only provide a comfortable fit, but also a secure, secure and stable fit that looks smart when viewed from the front.
Angle for comfort
* The effect that 25.5° has on the ears * By bringing the center of gravity closer to the ears, we have achieved a feeling of being lighter than air. It not only provides comfort, but also a sense of security.
* 18° curve provides stability *
The perfectly slimmed and beveled driver housing is stylish, yet allows the earbuds to fit snugly and comfortably inside your ear. *DirectPitch(TM) technology for naturally tailored sound and open-ear listening* OpenFit Air accurately reproduces the sound you want.
Shokz’s proprietary DirectPitch(TM) technology not only provides balanced sound, but also suppresses sound leakage and keeps audio accurate. Additionally, specially designed tuning holes keep the sound clear and natural.
*All for great sound*
OpenFit with custom dynamic driver unit
Air achieves sound equivalent to a 16mm driver. Composite diaphragm delivers balanced highs, mids, and bass. Combined with the built-in Dynamic Range Control (DRC), EQ levels adapt in real time to accurately reproduce every sound. You can further personalize your sound with the Shokz app and 4 preset EQ modes.
* 18 x 11mm composite dynamic driver unit * Detailed and accurate reproduction of powerful and rich audio.
* High-strength dome-shaped diaphragm * Transmits all sound vibrations with amazing accuracy.
*Polymer surround*
It provides an immersive audio experience with deep bass.

*Rich bass sound*
*OpenBass(TM) Air*, Shokz’s unique low-frequency enhancement function Equipped with , these earphones eliminate unnecessary noise and bring you deep bass and rich sound. To achieve this perfect bass, the earbuds are positioned to fit inside your ear.

* Beautiful form and color that plays the beat *
Carefully designed OpenFit
Air is full of charm that gives you a sense of vitality. The combination of the matte silicone surface and the metallic silver light ring creates a stunning visual effect that expresses the beauty of technology. The product is available in three color variations: black, white, and pink. Pursue colors that are unique to you or try a little adventure. Choose the one that suits your style.
Black | SKZ-EP-000025
White | SKZ-EP-000026
Pink | SKZ-EP-000027
*Open year where the world expands*
The open-ear design that does not block your ears is one of the characteristics of Shokz products. You can enjoy music while connecting with the world around you in a variety of situations, such as when you’re on the go, relaxing, or checking your to-do list. sports
*Clear audio achieved with smart microphones, two microphones on each earphone (left and right)*
Air is an earphone that also values ​​your voice. The four built-in microphones use adaptive beamforming to accurately pick up your voice. Additionally, cVc8.0 reduces ambient noise by 96.5%. You can hear crystal clear audio.

*Reassuring and powerful battery*
It can be used continuously for up to 6 hours on a single charge, and up to 28 hours in total when using the charging case. In addition, 10 minutes of quick charging gives you 2 hours of listening time. It is safe even when you want to use it immediately.

*The charging case is not waterproof.
Dustproof and waterproof grade IP54, so you don’t have to worry about sudden rain.
OpenFit with IP54 dustproof and waterproof performance
Air can handle any environment. No more worries about splashes on the go or sweaty workouts.

* No longer tied down. Free pairing*
OpenFit completely wireless earphones
Air is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and has a wireless range of 10m. Once you set up pairing, you can pair with your device from the second time just by opening the case. Enjoy smooth performance even when using only one ear.
Shokz App
Customize your listening experience using the Shokz app’s
customization features. Download the Shokz app and use OpenFit By pairing Air, you can not only set multi-point connection, equalizer mode, and button customization functions, but also check battery information and update firmware in real time. You can manage everything you need about your earphones with one app.

*Convenient multipoint connection*
With multipoint connectivity, you can maintain pairing with two devices at the same time, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Seamlessly switch between devices, so you can go from desk work to workout to relaxation with just a tap.

*At your fingertips*
Air supports touch control, so you can operate it with just your fingertips. All operations can be performed by simply touching the side of the earphone. Furthermore, if you use the Shokz app, you can customize the button settings to your own specifications and customize your own operation method. From calls to music playback, you can adjust everything with a double tap or long press.

*2 year long warranty*
All Shokz products are thoroughly checked before shipping, and the manufacturer’s warranty is a long-term guarantee of 2 years from the time of purchase. Customers purchasing within Japan can receive support in Japanese.

*Shokz OpenFit Air product information*
Model number
SKZ-EP-000025 (black)
SKZ-EP-000026 (white)
SKZ-EP-000027 (pink)

*About Shokz*
Shokz revolutionizes open-ear earphones.
Proprietary audio technology provides high sound quality at a reasonable price range that is within the reach of many people. We offer a new audio experience that allows you to enjoy high-quality listening while listening, which is unique to open-ear headphones. We will continue to develop products that will revolutionize the earphone industry, with the promise of safety that does not block your ears and the highest sound quality.

*About focal point*
Focal Point Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 as an import trading company that handles excellent products from around the world. Currently, we import wholesale and general retail of many brands from the United States, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., focusing on various smartphones including iPhones, accessories for tablets, peripherals for Macs and PCs, and lifestyle goods. doing. Guided by the principle of “contributing to society through products from around the world,” we provide consistent support to customers, right up to post-purchase service.
* Company Profile*
Company name: Focal Point Co., Ltd.
Address: 6th floor, NU Kannai Building, 223-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0023
Representative: Hideki Onda
Established: 1989
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