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Home » Enter the TOP 10 in “Literature/Criticism” with Amazon pre-order! Featured reading essays are finally on sale

Enter the TOP 10 in “Literature/Criticism” with Amazon pre-order! Featured reading essays are finally on sale

Enter the TOP 10 in “Literature/Criticism” with Amazon pre-order! Featured reading essays are finally on sale

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Press release: May 10, 2024
Enter the TOP 10 in “Literature/Criticism” with Amazon pre-order! Featured reading essays are finally on sale
*The first book of a book influencer who is rapidly gaining popularity on SNS has become a hot topic even before its release.*
“Humming is enough for reading” cover + obi
On May 10th (Friday), Tatsumi Publishing will publish “Reading is just as good as humming”.
Pre-orders began on Amazon about a month before the book’s release, and it is a highly anticipated book that has ranked among the top 10 in the “Literature/Criticism” category, including the winning works that were announced immediately after the Bookstore Awards were announced.
* Become friends with books by displaying them, looking at them, and reading them *
Although young people’s lack of reading is seen as a problem these days, in fact, the amount of reading among elementary and junior high school students has increased compared to the past, and people in their 20s and 30s are now viewing reading as part of their lifestyle, such as posting their reading records and impressions on social media. being enjoyed. What is serious is the shift away from bookstores. And there is a huge difference between those who read books and those who do not read at all.
“Reading is just about humming” is a book that summarizes the author’s relationship with books, which is a “book lover” who enjoys reading whatever his heart desires, regardless of genre. It introduces how to read and choose books, recommends books, etc., and is perfect for beginners and people who have been away from reading. It’s a casual reading theory, so to speak, but the author says, “You don’t have to read it.”
You can decorate your room with a sense of interior decoration, you can look at the illustrations, you can become friends with the book, and when you feel like it, you can read only the parts that interest you, or you can take it out somewhere and read it. He wants children to learn the joy of reading through their own unique way of
interacting with books.
If someone who loves books reads this book, there is no doubt that they will love books and bookstores even more than they do now.

Despite being his first book, pre-orders have been strong, indicating high expectations. We have received feedback from people who want to increase their number of book lovers by giving it as a gift to a friend, so this book may help expand the circle of book lovers. “Humming while reading is just fine” Table of contents 1
“Humming while reading is just fine” Table of Contents 2
“Humming is just enough for reading” Table of Contents 3

*Comes with a limited edition bookmark to commemorate the release* “Humming is just enough for reading” limited bookmark
Needless to say, I was drawn to Yataro Matsuura’s recommendation on the obi, but what I couldn’t miss was the words “Comes with a bookmark.”
To commemorate the release, a bookmark with an original design for this book will be included for a limited time only. The photo is on the front, but the back is also sprinkled with illustrations related to the book, giving it a special finish that makes it hard to believe it’s a bonus. Even if you are usually an electronic person, you should definitely check out the first edition at a bookstore.
If you go to a bookstore like that, you might come across a book you didn’t expect.

* Changing values ​​of books *
“Humming is just enough for reading” POP
“I can’t read books full of print.”
Until a few years ago, the author, who has lived most of his life thinking this way, would never go to a bookstore unless he had something to do. However, I decided that I wanted to read books, and I wanted to be able to read books.
Now that she can easily enjoy reading, she not only works as a reading influencer on Instagram, but also hosts a “book lover’s group” in Niigata, where she lives.

In today’s world, where we live in a hectic pace filled with internet information, there are surprisingly many people who want to be able to read books in search of useful knowledge and experiential value. However, many of them may have developed reading hurdles without realizing it. As previous authors have said, “a book is meaningless unless you read it.” This book also talks about the value of books. “Humming while reading is just fine” p142-143
A variety of books appear in this book and are summarized in a list at the end of the book. There are a wide variety of genres, including novels, essays, business books, self-help books, picture books, children’s books, recipe books, photo books, comics, and song collections.
It’s common to read books in bulk or in parallel, and buying jackets is commonplace, so I hope you open this book as if you were listening to a friend chatting with you as they read freely.
I’m sure this book will make you fall in love with books, find the book you want to read, make you want to go to the bookstore, or lead you to the next reading.

“Humming is enough for reading” cover
[Book information]
Book title: Reading is just about humming.
Author: Kozue Oshima
Publisher: Tatsumi Publishing
Release date: May 10, 2024
Regular price: 1540 yen (1400 yen + tax)
Format: 46 format/144 pages
▼Rakuten Books
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