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NoSchool Chukyo High School and Manalink High School partner to improve college admission rates for correspondence high schools

Chukyo High School and Manalink High School partner to improve university entrance rates for correspondence high schools
An era in which 1 in 12 students choose correspondence high school. Initiatives in anticipation of an increase in the number of students aspiring to attend university.
Manalink High School, a correspondence high school support school operated by NoSchool Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Satoshi Takanishi), is a subsidiary of Adachi Gakuen Educational Corporation, Chukyo High School (main school: Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture). We are pleased to announce our partnership with (Principal: Chonori Aikawa). The number of correspondence high school students reached a record high of 264,974 in the 2013 survey, and is expected to continue to increase in the future. Against this background, we decided to form this partnership as a new approach to diverse learning. We will support the learning of each student by leveraging Chukyo High School’s brand power and Manalink High School’s online class and individual instruction know-how.
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■ What is Manalink High School?
Manalink High School is an online correspondence support school that you can attend from anywhere in the country.
Our school has two main philosophies. First, we need to expand the career range of teachers, and enable students to go on to university through correspondence high schools. Approximately 600 instructors are registered on the online tutor Manalink (matching platform) that we operate, and each of them is active as an online class professional while demonstrating their strengths. Such instructors also demonstrate their value at correspondence schools and support the growth of students.
■What is Chukyo High School (correspondence course)?
The Chukyo High School correspondence course is developed by taking advantage of the experience and history of full-time school. We operate our school based on the founding spirit of Adachi Gakuen, which was established when it was founded in 1962: “A hall of fame for the seriousness of academics and sports.”
With correspondence courses, you can choose a course according to your career path and the support you need. In particular, the “Support School Course” is a course that allows students who want to “focus on preparing for university entrance exams” to devote more time to their desired university entrance exam subjects.
■Background of the partnership
Correspondence high schools not only help students who drop out of school or graduate from high school while working, but also focus on supporting students who are not attending school or have difficulty attending school. Against this background, collaboration with correspondence schools is becoming more important in order to accommodate diverse needs, and this movement is expanding.
Chukyo High School has students who study at their own pace and aim to go on to university. We have decided to form this partnership in order to provide individualized support tailored to each student’s desired school and learning speed. Together with our professional online class instructors, we aim to improve the rate of university admissions and advance initiatives to eliminate educational disparities.
■Comments regarding this partnership and “Manalink High School”
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Mr. Naganori Aikawa, Principal of Chukyo High School
The Chukyo High School correspondence course has produced over 35,000 graduates to date. It is a school with tradition and history that has many educational sources, not only for students who do not attend school, but also for today’s students with diverse backgrounds. Because we are a correspondence high school, we are confident that a new era will come in which students will be able to continue their studies without having to worry about schooling and without having to go to the school building.
We believe that online education not only enables us to take a more diverse approach to learning, but also increases our options not only within Japan but also as a country in the world. We will work together with Manalink High School to prepare for the coming era of diversity in order to open our educational horizons to the world.
■Comment from the representative of Manalink High School
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Manalink High School Representative Satoshi Takanishi
The synergy that will emerge from this partnership will be individual optimization for each correspondence high school student. Many correspondence high school students have difficulty going to school. Partly because I have never gone to university, I don’t think going to university is necessarily the right thing to do, and it’s not my goal in life. However, I believe that there must be an environment where students can firmly support their dreams of going to university, even if they have worries and concerns. By leveraging the educational resources of Chukyo High School, which has a long history and tradition, and our technology know-how, we will work together to take on the challenge of transforming the educational field.
■About future admission wishes
Manalink High School is accepting transfer students at any time. [Manalink High School HP]
▼Manalink High School official LINE is now available!
■Company overview
It was established in 2018 with the mission of “a society where people who deserve to be active can thrive.” We aim to create a society where people can receive rewards and value commensurate with the results of their efforts, regardless of external factors. Company name: NoSchool Co., Ltd.
Address: High City Yushima 3F, 3-4-6 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Satoshi Kanishi
Established: May 2018
Business content: Development/operation of internet services Contact:
Phone number: 03-6801-6165
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