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Home » Blockchain Lures Co., Ltd. BCL, which became the official app for H1-GPX from this season, has started recruiting official anglers!

Blockchain Lures Co., Ltd. BCL, which became the official app for H1-GPX from this season, has started recruiting official anglers!

[Blockchain Lures Co., Ltd.] BCL, which became the official app for H1-GPX from this season, has started recruiting official anglers!
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Press release: May 10, 2024
BCL, which became the official app for H1-GPX from this season, has started recruiting official anglers!
Blockchain Lures Co., Ltd., which sells the world’s first bass lure with NFT and also operates the Web3SNS “BCL App” where you can record your fishing results.
Representative Director: Katsushi Furusawa (hereinafter referred to as BCL) will begin recruiting official anglers who will spread the joy of fishing through BCL products from Friday, May 10, 2024.
* ■Official angler benefits*
You will receive a participation slot in H1-GPX held by BCL. Additionally, benefits include the provision of BCL products (lures, apparel, etc.), invitations to in-house events, and PR on BCL’s official media.
In particular, BCL’s original lures and collaboration lures are extremely unique, created by our representative Furusawa, who is a former JB World Pro and FLW Tour Pro and has won championships, based on his own lure development experience. It is a high quality product. * ■What is H-1 GPX? *

View details of H1-GPX
This is a large-scale tournament with a history that has continued for more than 10 years, in which all contestants compete under the same conditions (same lure types and items used) and trail different types of fields each time to determine the true No. 1 hard lure angler.

Tournament schedule
* ■What is BCL? *
We are the world’s first lure manufacturer to sell NFT x bass lures. After the service launches in October 2023, BCL will first have users try out its own app, the BCL app (beta version), and will focus on repeating trial and error to improve the product. I did.
We are preparing for a large-scale update in May 2024, and as the next step, we are recruiting official anglers to convey the appeal of BCL in order to deliver an unprecedented bass fishing experience born from real x digital to more people. decided to start.
View BCL lures

BCL Original & Collaboration lure NFT
View fishing results information for BCL lures I want to make the fishing industry more exciting, I want to convey the joy of fishing, and I want to spread the word! I want to enjoy fishing with BCL!
We are looking for anglers who have this passion and are interested in our services and products!
■Overview of BCL Official Angler
For official anglers who sign a contract with us, in addition to the right to participate, we will provide BCL brand products and PR support.

■Recruitment period
From Friday, May 10, 2024
*Recruitment may be suspended without prior notice depending on the applicant’s situation.
■Application qualifications
・All ages and genders
・People who like fishing
・Those who have general common sense and are able to maintain fishing etiquette and the fishing spot environment.
・Those who can wear a floating vest, wear appropriate clothes, and always anticipate danger and engage in safe fishing.
・Those who have an SNS account
*Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can apply even if you have received support from other fishing gear manufacturers.

■How to apply
Please apply using each entry form below.
*We will manage the personal information we receive using lawful and fair means. * ・Step 1 Form review*
We will ask you basic information and reasons for applying in a questionnaire format.
* ・Step 2 Interview (scheduled to be remote) *
The interview is scheduled to last approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Please let us know your passion for fishing.
Final adjustments to the conditions will also be made here.
■About the selection results
All applicants will be informed of the selection results within 1 to 2 weeks, regardless of whether they are successful or not.
Please note that we do not accept individual inquiries regarding the reasons for winning or failing or the selection criteria.
We look forward to receiving your application.
* \ Sending information about services /*
Please follow and register on SNS! ! You can get useful information quickly! ・Twitter
・Service page
・About token economy ・Official EC
・Service image video

◆Company overview
Trade name: Blockchain Lures Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Katsutoshi Furusawa
Location: 731-12 Nichiren, Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Representative Director: Katsutoshi Furusawa
Born in Tokyo in 1967. He has a career as a “former JB World Pro” and “former FLW Tour Pro” and has won championships. He is also involved in the development of lures such as Jackal and Cutts Buddy. Currently, he has moved to his beloved Lake Sagami, where he works as a fishing guide, instructor, and fishing lover who broadcasts live every morning from the top of Lake Sagami. (Currently updating continuous live streaming record of over 1,200 days)

◆Project participating members
Founder: Tadashi Shimizu
Web3 Entrepreneur, Representative Director of BSMO Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo)

◆Contact information
If you have any questions about the content of this press release or our company, please feel free to contact us at the email address below.
Blockchain Lures Co., Ltd. Public Relations
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