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Home » Kurehifuku Co., Ltd. #Tsunagi Joshi’s “CAT avenir” brand of “one-of-a-kind stylish workwear” that women want to wear will be held at an exhibition in Tokyo

Kurehifuku Co., Ltd. #Tsunagi Joshi’s “CAT avenir” brand of “one-of-a-kind stylish workwear” that women want to wear will be held at an exhibition in Tokyo

Kurehifuku Co., Ltd.
#CAT avenir, a brand of stylish workwear that women want to wear, produced by #Tsunagi Joshi, will hold an exhibition in Tokyo CAT avenir’s concept is to be a “motivating work partner,” which aims to respond to women’s needs and desires and at the same time improve their confidence and comfort in their work.
Kurehifuku Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hiroaki Egusa, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture) will hold an exhibition of its new products for the first time in Tokyo, where it has the largest number of sales agents, from July 3 to 5, 2024. Ta. Our company, which has been in business for 96 years and is a manufacturer specializing in coveralls, has been rebranding its casual coverall brand “CAT” since 2023, led by director Imagawa. “CAT avenir” was launched.
Brand director Imagawa, who is a rare woman in the work wear industry and is herself a #coverallgirl, has always said that there is a shortage of work clothes for the various jobs that women engage in, and that many women are wearing work clothes of inappropriate sizes and designs. Wearing this product may cause inconvenience or discomfort while working. In interviews with women who wear work clothes, one thing that always comes up is, “I don’t want to go out in my work clothes, I don’t want to meet acquaintances.”
[Image 1:×951.png] Our women’s workwear brand “CAT avenir” combines elegant and stylish design with comfort while working. The soft materials and well-fitting design provide an environment where women can work with confidence. We emphasize the inherent functionality of work clothes, which we have cultivated over many years as a manufacturer, and also pursue practicality, such as functions and pocket placement suitable for each work. In addition, we are particular about products made in Japan, using fabrics and accessories made in Japan, and sewing at our own factories in Japan, allowing us to maintain a system that allows us to produce high-quality workwear.
We have prepared a lineup of new products for this spring/summer that will help you stay comfortable during the hot summer months that can be uncomfortable while working. One of our new products is a three-item series of overalls, jackets, and pants made with highly breathable Coolmax Soccer fabric that won’t stick to your skin even when you sweat. The other is an overalls that has the texture of denim, but is made with a thin denim fabric that is a blend of cotton and polyester to reduce fading and wrinkles, and is available in a wide variety of seven colors.
[Image 2:×951.png ]
“CAT avenir” supports women to gain confidence in their work and maximize their abilities. This initiative not only demonstrates CAT avenir’s sensitivity to the needs of female workers, but also demonstrates its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Rebranding women’s workwear can be expected to contribute to the company’s future growth and development.
[Image 3:×951.png ]
[Image 4:×1051.png ]
We also introduce the activities of the agricultural women’s group, which wears our workwear, on Instagram. We hope that the fruits and vegetables they produce, such as pesticide-free cultivation and local specialties, will be able to help reach all over Japan.
■Cooperating agricultural women’s group:
Noutano, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture Instagram:
Fukuroi Agricultural Girls, Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture Instagram:
■Contact us
For inquiries regarding CAT avenir, requests for materials, and corporate uniform estimates, please feel free to contact Imagawa, Kurehi Fuku Co., Ltd. We also provide product explanations online. TEL: 084-958-2525 / WEB: / Instagram:
■Exhibition schedule
July 3rd (Wednesday) to 5th (Friday), 2024 Autumn/Winter New Works Exhibition will be held at Tokyo Bungu Kyokaikan, 1-2-10 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
July 9th (Tuesday) to 12th (Friday), 2024 Autumn/Winter New Works Exhibition will be held at Asahi Warehouse Building 5, 372 Nakasu-cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Wednesday, October 9th to Friday, October 11th, 2024 Garden & Outdoor EXPO exhibition at Makuhari Messe, Mihama Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
Garden & Outdoor EXPO URL:
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