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Birkenstock Japan Co., Ltd. BIRKENSTOCK announces a Japan-Korea joint brand campaign focusing on the community

Birkenstock Japan Co., Ltd.
BIRKENSTOCK announces joint Japan-Korea brand campaign focusing on community To commemorate the 250th anniversary, we will run a campaign throughout 2024 that captures the diverse user community that embodies the brand.
On Friday, May 10, 2024, BIRKENSTOCK will announce a joint Japan-Korea brand campaign to celebrate the brand’s 250 years of tradition. This campaign focuses on the Birkenstock user community and conveys the message of a brand that has pursued a natural walking experience by capturing 25 loyal users as they are.
In 1774, Johannes Birkenstock was recorded as a shoemaker in official documents left in Germany. Birkenstock has a 250-year tradition of making shoes, and has continued to meet the ever-changing needs of the times, with an unwavering aspiration to protect the health of people’s feet, and has brought footwear and other products to the world. I did. At the heart of Birkenstock is the brand’s strong commitment to “Walking as Nature Intended”. With the footbed that supports this as the core of the product, we have revolutionized shoe making itself. Today, the uniqueness of the Birkenstock brand lies in the diversity of the people who wear it, that is, the community that wears Birkenstock footwear. Not only in age, gender, occupation and nationality, but also in everyday life, as part of fashion, after sports, and on the red carpet. We incorporate Birkenstocks into our lifestyles in a variety of situations so that each person can live their life in their natural state.
In celebration of Birkenstock’s 250th anniversary, this campaign once again conveys Birkenstock’s intention of “Walking as Nature Intended – walking with your own feet,” and aims to encourage the diverse people who love Birkenstock. Draw a picture of.
The brand campaign consists of two parts: brand content that captures people walking naturally, and community content that captures 25 users living in Japan or South Korea.
Performer profile
Aoi Yamada Dancer / Actor
[Image 1:×467.png ]
He performed solo at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, appeared in Wim Wenders’ work “PERFECT DAYS”, and choreographed the music video for Hikaru Utada’s “Nashiiro na Hana”. Also active as the lifestyle performance group “Tokyo QQQ”.
Nozomi Iijima K-BALLET TOKYO Principal
[Image 2:×472.png ]
Born in Osaka. Started ballet at the age of 6. In 2008, she became the youngest member of the Houston Ballet. Promoted to principal in 2019. Returned to Japan in 2021 and guest-starred in K-BALLET COMPANY (currently K-BALLET TOKYO) “Don Quijote” in May. In August of the same year, he joined the company as principal soloist. Promoted to principal in March of the following year. In 2019, she became a Chanel beauty ambassador.
Aya Kaneko Stylist
[Image 3:×469.png ]
A stylist who is active on the front lines in a wide range of areas, including magazines, advertising, collaboration with brands, and direction. While adding modern accents to a simple style, the style is easy to incorporate into everyday life, and is gaining support from a wide range of people.
Keiji Kuroda Director, Sugiyama Obstetrics and Gynecology Marunouchi
[Image 4:×464.png ]
An obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in treating infertility and infertility. From 2010 to 2012, she conducted research on infertility and miscarriage in the UK, and since 2023, she has been conducting daily medical treatment as the director of Sugiyama Obstetrics and Gynecology Marunouchi.
Houbun Kojima Atmos Creative Director & Men’s Senior Director
[Image 5:×470.png ]
Born in 1981. After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, he started his career at CHAPTER, the predecessor of atmos, in 2001 and held positions such as buyer and director before assuming his current position. They have also created many blockbuster sneakers through collaborations.
Mayumi Sada Model / Actor / Designer
[Image 6:×468.png ]
She started modeling at the age of 3, and gained charismatic popularity in her teens when she appeared in the magazine “vivi”. After that, she appeared in movies and dramas as an actress and also worked as a singer. After giving birth to her second child, she returned to modeling and currently works mainly for fashion magazines, while also working as the director of the jewelry brand “Enasoluna”, where she handles everything related to the brand. Received the 10th Best Mother Award in the cultural category in 2017. ”
Masayuki Shibuya Sondecone Chef
[Image 7:×463.png ]
After working as a sous chef at a famous restaurant in Paris, he became independent. After spending 10 years studying in Paris, he returned to Japan in 2018 and opened a restaurant in Shoto, Shibuya. It is popular for its free-thinking cuisine and natural wine. ZiNEZ a.k.a Kamikaze Freestyle Basketball Player
[Image 8:×466.png ]
Half Japanese and Canadian. In 2005, he moved to Canada with the aim of becoming a basketball player. He started playing freestyle basketball in Canada, and in 2008 and 2009, he became the youngest player in history to win the Japan Freestyle Basketball Tournament and the first to win consecutive championships. Won an international tournament in 2008. He has won numerous tournaments up to the present in 2024. In addition to overseas basketball shows, he is a freestyle basketball player who is active internationally as a talent, model, and radio DJ in Japan.
Minori Suzuki Author
[Image 9:×466.png ]
Her recent publications include “Though I Say I Don’t Watch TV” (co-authored, Seikyusha), and co-edited the special feature “Idols, Labor, and Lips” for the feminist magazine “Etcetra Vol. 8” (Etcetra Books) with Ayaka Wada. Contributed novels to “Waseda Bungaku Special Edition Kazoku” (Chikuma Shobo) and “Subaru” August 2023 issue (Shueisha).
Ayumi Hamamoto Stylist
[Image 10:×465.png ]
She moved to Tokyo with the aim of becoming a fashion stylist, and became independent in 2018, working extensively in various mode magazines and fashion media, including Elle Japon.
haru. Editor/Creative Director
[Image 11:×469.png ]
While attending university, he launched an independent magazine, “HIGH(er)magazine.” In June 2019, he established HUG Co., Ltd., and as CEO, he works on the mission of delivering new value while developing content production and direction business. Launched the innerwear brand “HEAP” in April 2024 as creative director.
Wakaba Keiichi Furuta Comedian
[Image 12:×466.png ]
33rd generation of NSC (Yoshimoto General Performing Arts Academy) Osaka school, affiliated with Yoshimoto Kogyo. After working in the manzai duo “Cordovan”, “Keynes”, “Hummingmon”, and “Kimidori”, he is currently working with his partner Kota Sakai as Tsukkomi of “Wakaba no Koro”, which was formed in 2022. My hobby is “clothes”. Her special skills are fashion checking and styling. He posts a look at the comedian’s personal clothing fashion on his own Instagram.
Nochi Matsuno Ballet dancer/model
[Image 13:×465.png ]
After studying abroad in the UK, he joined the Tokyo Ballet in 2011. In her first year with the group, she was selected to play the lead role in “Sleeping Beauty” and continued to play the leading role in domestic and international performances, before leaving the group in 2017. After leaving the company, she has been active in many genres, including the stage play “Night’s Tale”, not just ballet.
Morgan Maara Model / Photographer / Actress
[Image 14:×471.png ]
I’m a mix of British and Japanese, and I’m from Tokyo. In addition to appearing in magazines as a model, she is not only active in the acting industry, but also as a photographer, expanding the range of her activities such as collaborating with apparel, the 2021 Suzu Hirose Calendar, and “Monthly Ishibashi Shizukawa Photo Morgan Maara”. ing.
Noriaki Moriguchi Editor
[Image 15:×467.png ]
After graduating from university, she began her career as an editor and writer for fashion and lifestyle media. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of the Japanese edition of Global Media. 20 years as an editor, 25 years with Birkenstocks.
Yamanaka Professional rugby player
[Image 16:×463.png ]
Born in Osaka. He became the best player in Japan at Waseda University and made his debut on the Japanese national team in his fourth year of university. In 2013, he joined the Kobelco Steelers (currently Kobelco Kobe Steelers). Participated in Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan and Rugby World Cup 2023 in France as a representative of Japan. At the Japan tournament, he contributed to the Japanese national team advancing to the top eight for the first time. 188cm, 98kg. His position is fullback.
Toshifumi Yamane Designer/Musician
[Image 17:×462.png ]
Worked as a fashion designer for a major apparel manufacturer and became independent in 2009. While involved in the design and management of his own brand F/CE., he is also active in various fields such as directing other brands. He is also known as the bassist for the instrumental band TOE.
Performer profile
South Korea
HYUN-HEE KIM Kim Hyun Hee Furniture Artist
Designer and furniture maker based in Seoul. Focusing on women’s living spaces and furniture in women’s rooms during the Joseon Dynasty, we redefine classical beauty as modern value. Her works use transparent and translucent materials to eliminate existing walls, and she attempts to engage in dialogue with the world by erasing the boundaries between inside and outside and eliminating the boundaries between women and men. There is.
YOUNGSHIN KIM Kim Young Shin Flower Artist
A flower artist based in Seoul. I am actively working on flower arrangements for various events and photo shoots. Her unique flower bouquets have received many requests from various brands and celebrities, and are attracting a lot of attention.
After working as a fashion editor for global magazines such as Marie Claire and W, she became a stylist. With her sharp sense of style, she is also in charge of styling celebrities such as Nayoung Kim and Kim Da-mi.
SAEHO CHO Jo Seho Comedian
Comedian representing Korea. He gained popularity as the host of the variety talk show You Quiz on the Block, and is active in various broadcast programs. Not only is he active as an actor, he also has a deep knowledge of fashion.
HANYOUNG SEO Seo Hanyoung Visual Director
Active as a stylist for K-Pop artists such as 2NE1 and BoA. He has demonstrated an outstanding sense of fashion and lifestyle, including founding the cafe Our Bakery, and currently works as a freelance visual director.
JONGKYU CHOI Choi Jong Kyu Founder of thisisneverthat
Founder and director of thisisneverthat, a leading Korean street culture brand. With a strong interest in footwear, he launched TUNE, a local sneaker select shop and concept store, last year.
JANGHYUN HONG Hong Janghyun Photographer
Hong Jang-hyun is a famous fashion photographer based in South Korea. He has photographed numerous fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, W, Dazed, Vogue, Elle, and Esquire, as well as luxury brands and movie posters, and his outstanding skills have earned him the trust of top celebrities.
It is known for its spatial production that expresses Korean traditional beauty in a modern way. His outstanding interior design has been highly praised around the world, including being the first Korean to be included in such prestigious lists as “2022 Top 100 Designers” by art publisher Phaidon Press and “2022 Top 100 Designers” by architecture magazine AD. has been done.
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