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Fracton Ventures Co., Ltd. Public goods conference “Funding the Commons” held for the first time in Tokyo

Fracton Ventures Co., Ltd.
Public goods conference “Funding the Commons” held for the first time in Tokyo Fracton Ventures Inc. will participate in the operation of “Funding the Commons,” which aims to create a new financing mechanism for public goods, and aims to collaborate with Web3 and the public sector. ……
Fracton Ventures Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representatives: Yudai Suzuki, Satohiko Kamei, Naoki Akazawa; hereinafter referred to as the Company) will hold an event at the United Nations University in Shibuya on July 24th and 25th, 2024. We will be participating as a partner in the international conference “Funding the Commons,” which aims to create a new funding mechanism for public goods using open source technology.
[Image 1:×609.jpg] Funding the Commons will be launched in 2021 by Protocol Labs and will be held in various countries around the world in order to have a global discussion on new possibilities for circulating funds for public goods and commons that have been opened up by technological developments spanning Web2 and Web3. Funding the Commons Tokyo has been held in various parts of the world, including Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Taipei, and San Francisco, but this time, Funding the Commons Tokyo will be held in Tokyo for the 10th time. It will be held.
We are focusing on mechanisms for the sustainable supply and maintenance of public goods centered on OSS (open source software), and in October last year we announced the creation of a positive-sum state through comprehensive coordination design. We have launched a portal site related to R&D under the concept of “Aiming to My research focuses on mechanisms for funding public goods using blockchain and measuring the outcomes of funded projects. Our company has previously presented research results at Funding the Commons when it was held in Berlin and Taipei, so it is a great opportunity for us to be involved in the management of this conference as it will be held in Tokyo for the first time. It’s an honor. Through this conference, we hope to promote chemical reactions by promoting exchanges with people from other industries, including economists, other than blockchain operators.
[Image 2:×1152.jpg] ・Presentation at the panel discussion at Funding the Commons Berlin ■Key points of Funding the Commons Tokyo
In addition to worsening environmental problems, Japan is facing world-leading challenges related to shrinking regions and communities due to population decline. A new form is needed. Against this backdrop, players are tackling these challenges from a variety of contexts, including regional revitalization, civic tech, open source communities, economics, decentralized science, and AI, and supporting and building systems that promote the regeneration of a rich natural environment and society. are appearing. Around the world, players are working to address public goods and commons issues based on various technologies and ideas. This event, which welcomes Funding the Commons, which has stimulated such discussions, to Japan is a great opportunity to share and interact with domestic and international contexts.
Additionally, Funding the Commons Tokyo will be held jointly with the DeSci Tokyo Conference. DeSci Tokyo is an organization that aims to build a democratic science system supported by decentralized governance in Tokyo, as well as to practice and disseminate science through this, and at the DeSci Tokyo Conference, we will introduce a “new research and development ecosystem.” We aim to broadly discuss the theme by inviting decentralized science players and support organizations that support research both domestically and
The day after Funding the Commons Tokyo, the Ethereum developer conference EDCON 2024 begins in Tokyo, allowing for the intersection of ideas within the larger international blockchain discussion and featuring influential speakers and sponsors. , the important context for guests to participate is in place.
■About Funding the Commons
“Funding the Commons” is an independent project hatched by Protocol Labs (Network Goods), which aims to establish new funding mechanisms for public goods using open source technology, as a bridge between builders and researchers. I am.
The purpose is individuals and organizations building new models for sustainable public goods financing and value collaboration in open source networks. We aim to connect the public goods community across Web2, Web3, research, philanthropy, and industry. We do this by bringing together builders and practitioners, researchers and academics, funders and philanthropists to foster innovation in public goods. In the future, we will expand our impact by facilitating the creation of a public goods fund associated with impact assessors and funding projects conceived and incubated by the Funding the Commons community. That’s what I’m aiming for.
Our vision is a world in which the incentives for human cooperation at scale drive the development of economies that prioritize public goods. In this world, top global talent innovating for public goods is supported by a well-developed impact measurement system linked to a continuous flow of project capital.
■Event overview
Date and time: July 24th to July 25th
Venue: United Nations University
Co-hosted by: DeSci Tokyo
Partners: UNICEF, Code for Japan, Plurality Tokyo, Fracton Ventures, Honeybees Sponsors: Protocol Labs, Optimism, Octant, Filecoin Foundation, Drips, AI alignment network, Road to Devcon, De-Silo, Astrofiters
Assumed theme:
・Innovation to support public goods in Japan
・Public goods design mechanism
・AI alignment
・Learning from population decline & the urgency of reconsidering public goods ・Global reproducibility of regional development cases
・Open source culture
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