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Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd. Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd. and Tonosho Town, Shodoshima launch “Goma Mirai Shodoshima Project ”

Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd.
Kadoya Oil Refinery x Tonosho Town, Shodoshima Launches “Goma Mirai Shodoshima Project”
A regional revitalization project aiming to create a “sustainable island connected to sesame seeds”
Founded in Shodoshima in 1858, Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Atsushi Kume) has been delivering health and smiles to customers through sesame for over 165 years. In order to contribute to the regional revitalization of Shodoshima in Kagawa Prefecture, we have launched the “Goma Mirai Shodoshima Project”, a regional revitalization project that aims to create a “sustainable island connected to sesame” together with Tonosho Town on Shodoshima.
This project aims to further revitalize the region by collaborating in a wide range of fields such as “industry”, “tourism”, “education”, and “SDGs” through sesame, promoting local industry and utilizing idle land. Our policy is to help solve issues such as utilization, employment, and revitalization of depopulating regions.
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[Image 2:×2925.jpg] To commemorate the launch of the project, Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd. and Tonosho Town, Shodoshima held a media event on Friday, May 10th, where they unveiled for the first time the process of sowing sesame seeds in Tonosho Town, Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture.
In the future, we will promote cultivation in collaboration with Shodoshima Yoto no Sato Ikisue, a sesame cultivation contractor that promotes agriculture in Shodoshima’s Ikisue district, and use the harvested sesame to provide food to local children. We plan to carry out educational activities, etc.
2024 cultivation/harvest schedule (planned)
May Sowing seeds
July flowering
September Reaping
November: Provision of food education “Gomanzoku school lunch” to local elementary and junior high school students, development of regional limited menus, etc.
Sesame Mirai Shodoshima Project Overview
Kadoya Oil Refinery, Shodoshima Tonosho Town, and producers
(Shodoshima Yoto no Sato Ikisue) collaborate to address important regional issues on Shodoshima.
The aim is to utilize the fallow land for sesame cultivation, which will lead to the future development of the island.
Scheduled location for sesame cultivation in 2024: 847-1 Ikisue, Tonosho-cho (cultivation area: 1,013 m²)
Sesame Mirai Shodoshima Project Logo
[Image 3:×1540.png ]
design concept
The three meanings of “Shodoshima,” “Goma,” and “Together, we look in the same direction and create a future” are summarized in our logo. Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd.’s corporate color red, sesame oil’s symbol yellow, and other colors that evoke the ocean, wind, scent, and trees of Shodoshima in Tonosho Town, and the project is inspired by sesame seeds, pointing toward the future with an arrow pointing upwards to the right. is expressed.
The silhouette of the sesame seeds used in the arrows is hidden inside the warm and friendly design of the font. In addition, the letters “Shodoshima” represent the people who will smile through the project.
About sesame cultivation contractors
[Image 4:×1045.png ]
・Official name: “Shodoshima Hito no Sato Igisue”

・Purpose of the council
Aiming to promote agriculture and create a bright and vibrant rural village in the Ikisue district, we will protect the rural landscape and agricultural facilities, as well as prevent abandoned farmland through planting for landscape preservation and effective use of idle farmland, and revitalize community farming. It aims to.
・Number of people: 21 people (as of September 2023)
・Activities: Cultivation of beer barley, bare barley, chili peppers, sesame, etc. We also make koji and miso.
[Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd.]
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~Since our founding in 1858, we have been delivering health and smiles to our customers through “sesame”~
Founded in 1858 on Shodoshima, the company began producing and selling sesame oil. Since then, for 165 years, we have developed our business with a focus on sesame, providing safe, secure, and valuable sesame products as a leading sesame company. Our representative product, “Kadoya’s Genuine Sesame Oil,” is made with 100% sesame oil, valuing the natural taste of sesame, and producing high-quality products with a rich aroma and richness. In 2022, we will formulate a new brand concept, “Goma, making the world happy.” In May of the same year, we will launch the fan community site “Goma Lab” as a place to interact with fans through sesame, and in June, we will launch the “Goma Labo” fan community site. Opened the cafe “Goma TO” (Meguro-ku, Tokyo) where you can experience the new charm of the world. We are promoting sustainable businesses that make everyone connected to Goma happy and enrich society.
Company name: Kadoya Oil Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Twin Building East Building 4F, 5-1-18 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and President Atsushi Kume Founding: Ansei 5 (1858)
Capital: 2.16 billion yen
Number of employees: 418 (as of March 31, 2023)
Business details: Manufacture and sale of sesame oil, food sesame, etc. Annual sales: 33,690 million yen (consolidated) (March 2023) Offices: 8 domestic offices, 2 domestic factories
\\We are sending out campaign information and recipes using sesame oil every day! ///
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