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Home » Kobe Rokko Meets Art 2024 Beyond Actor/Artist Non will be exhibiting! New work released at ROKKO Mori Oto Museum

Kobe Rokko Meets Art 2024 Beyond Actor/Artist Non will be exhibiting! New work released at ROKKO Mori Oto Museum

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Kobe Rokko Meets Art 2024 Beyond Actor/Artist Non will be exhibiting! New work released at ROKKO Mori Oto Museum
Rokkosan Kanko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nada-ku, Kobe City, President: Kimihiko Teranishi) will hold a contemporary art festival “Kobe “Rokko Meets Art 2024 Beyond” will be held.
It has been decided that actor/artist “Non” will be exhibiting as an invited artist.
At this art festival, we will be exhibiting the ribbon art that Non has been working on. It is characterized by a style that uses a large amount of ribbon and is a combination of eerie and cute. Works that were unveiled at Sendai PARCO last October, featuring Tohoku’s traditional crafts, “kokeshi lanterns” and “akabeko,” wrapped in ribbons will also be featured.
In addition to the works that have been announced so far, new works are also scheduled to be released. The exhibition location is scheduled to be on the 3rd floor of the Mori Sound Hall of the ROKKO Mori Sound Museum.
*For a detailed overview of this exhibition, please refer to “Kobe Rokko Meets Art 2024 Beyond Event Overview” and later.
[Image 1:×400.jpg]
[Table 2:] 【profile】
Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
Actor/artist. He is active in a wide range of genres including music, film production, and art.
She won the 46th Japan Academy Award for “Outstanding Leading Actress” and the 32nd Japan Film Professional Awards for “Best Actress” for her starring role in the movie “Sakananoko”. Since 2020, he has been continuously presenting ribbon art.
Starting with the “YOKOHAMA ART STATION project 2020” (March 2020), the giant ribbon art “Butterfly and Banyan” will be announced at the “Yanbaru Art Festival” (December 2021).
Produced ribbon art drawn by Itsuka Asakawa, the main character in the movie “Ribbon,” which he wrote, directed, and starred in (February 2022).
“Non Ribbon Exhibition – Creepy and cute things. Ribbon art “Urban Butterflies” will be presented at “GALLERY
At “ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art,” he presented the work “Prototype Red Child’s Room,” which consists of 219 kokeshi dolls wrapped in ribbons (January 2023).
“Non Ribbon Exhibition: Suspicious and cute things. ” (Sendai PARCO), a collaboration work of “Kokeshi lantern”, “Akabeko” and Non’s ribbon art will be announced (October 2023).
In July 2022, he will launch an original brand “Sanke & Karinto” with the motif of his own art.
As for his music activities, he will release his 2nd full album “PURSUE” in June 2023.
■Main exhibition history
・”Non Ribbon Exhibition – Creepy and cute things. ” (GALLERY X BY PARCO, Tokyo Shibuya) March 2022
・“ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art” (Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture) January 2023
・“Non Ribbon Exhibition Suspicious and Cute Things.” ” (Sendai PARCO) October 2023
Official website:
[Representative works]
[Image 2:×201.jpg]
[Image 3:×202.jpg] 《Kobe Rokko Meets Art 2024 Beyond Event Overview》
[Period] August 24th (Sat) – November 24th (Sun), 2024
ROKKO Morinoto Museum, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Trail Area, Church of the Wind Area, Rokko Garden Terrace Area, Rokko Cable (Rokko Cable Shimo Station, Sanjo Station, Observation Deck), Rokko Arima Ropeway Rokko Sancho Station, Hyogo Prefectural Rokkosan Visitor Center (Monument stand), Rokkosan Silence Resort (former Rokkosan Hotel)
*ROKKO Mori no Oto Museum, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, trail area (some venues), and Kaze no Church area are paid venues.
Related event [Hikari no Mori ~Night Art Walk~]
[Period] Nights on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Saturday, September 21, 2024 to Sunday, November 24, 2024
[Venue] ROKKO Morinoto Museum, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden [Price] Adults = junior high school students and above, children = 4 years old to elementary school students, 3 years old and under free
[Image 4:×206.jpg] *In addition to the above, we also sell set tickets that give you discounted admission to the “Shidare Museum” for an additional 800 yen for adults and an additional 400 yen for children.
Sponsor: Rokkosan Kanko Co., Ltd., Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. General Director: Kiyotaka Takamizawa
■Four pillars of initiatives in 2024
Kobe Rokko Meets Art 2024 beyond will continue to focus on the following initiatives from last year.
[Image 5:×351.jpg] Enrichment of exhibiting artists
More than 60 artists are scheduled to participate, including the largest number of invited and open calls ever. We will introduce the works of artists working from a wide range of perspectives from Japan and abroad. In addition, we will improve the conditions for accepting public works and invite and exhibit even more outstanding works. Enhancing the base area that will become a symbol of the art festival In 2023, we will further expand the newly established outdoor art zone at the ROKKO Mori no Oto Museum, providing ample opportunities to appreciate art works throughout the year, even outside of the exhibition period.
Enhancement of trail area
We will further expand the trail area where artworks will be exhibited along walking paths in the mountains, and discover new charms of Mt. Rokko while enjoying art appreciation.
Creating opportunities for children to interact with art
Through workshops and other activities, we will increase opportunities for children to come into contact with contemporary art in nature, and foster the next generation of cultural and artistic leaders and supporters.
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