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Home » General Incorporated Foundation Parks Japan.F “Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa” (5/18-6/2) will be held soon! Tulips are currently in bloom for 3 minutes! (Takino Suzuran Hills National Government Park)

General Incorporated Foundation Parks Japan.F “Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa” (5/18-6/2) will be held soon! Tulips are currently in bloom for 3 minutes! (Takino Suzuran Hills National Government Park)

[General Incorporated Foundation Parks Foundation Parks Japan.F] “Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa” (5/18-6/2) will be held soon! Tulips are currently in bloom for 3 minutes! (Takino Suzuran Hills National Government Park)

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Press release: May 10, 2024
“Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa” (5/18-6/2) will be held soon! Tulips are currently in bloom for 3 minutes! (Takino Suzuran Hills National Government Park)
*Colorful spring has arrived in Hokkaido! At Takino Suzuran Hills National Park (247 Takino, Minami-ku, Sapporo), the “Tulip and Suzuran Festa” will be held from May 18th (Sat) to June 2nd (Sun). * “Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa” will be held soon!
The “*Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa*” is held to coincide with the blooming season of tulips, which boast the largest number of varieties and bulbs near Sapporo, and the lily of the valley, which is the origin of the park’s name.
“It will be held.
You can enjoy tulips decorating the hills of the park, events that let you fully enjoy the spring outdoor season, and even the first ever “Ghost Mar” collaboration event!

■Event period: 5/18 (Sat) – 6/2 (Sun)
■Hours: During park opening hours (9:00-17:00) *Until 18:00 in June ■Venue: Country Garden, etc.
5/10 situation
*R6 tulip information*
■Number of varieties: 156 varieties
■Number of books: Approximately 250,000 balls
■Best time to see: Mid-May to early June
About Tulip and Lily of the Valley Festa

About tulips
Planting methods vary depending on the location within the large park. * ■Country garden*
Enjoy the scenery of approximately 250,000 tulips decorating the vast country garden.
The upper tier of Aya-no-Oka is a flower garden that looks like a mosaic art where colorful colors mix together, and the lower tier is a rainbow flower garden that draws a beautiful arch.
Sai no Oka
rainbow hill
* ■Pallet flower bed*
You can enjoy various varieties of tulips in the pallet flower bed next to the country house.
The “fragrant tulip” corner, which collects subtly fragrant varieties, is back this year! Please enjoy the scent.
Along with tulips, you can also enjoy pansies and violas.
* ■Tulip Collection*
A tulip road lined with about 70 varieties has appeared along the garden path at Hana no Makiba (lower section of the country garden)! A wide variety of unique tulips, including colors, shapes, and sizes, are available♪
Look for your favorite tulips.
*Photo taken: Mid-May 2020
spring green
bell song
This is a small flower garden that connects the east exit and the country garden.
This year we have renewed the planting area! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of flower scenery it will be ♪
*Photo taken: Mid-May 2020
* ■Tulip wooden box*
At the “Let’s Plant Tulips” held in November 2023, we will display wooden boxes of tulips planted by customers.
Please come and see the tulips we planted with your family and friends! [Installation location] Along the garden road near the country house * ■Lily of the Valley*
The lily of the valley is also the name of the park, “Takino Suzuran Hills Park”. The cute appearance of blooming small flowers while looking down is attractive.
In fact, it is a difficult plant to manage, and currently, Takino Park is managing it intensively by limiting the planting area.
You can see *German lily of the valley* and rare *pink lily of the valley* while enjoying a walk in the park.
*Lily of the valley information for 2020*
Location: Harvest Tanakabe Garden Road, near the entrance of Flower Terrace, Heisei Forest, etc.
Number of plants: 7,000 plants (Harvesting Tanigami Garden Road) Best time to see: Late May to early June
*Photo taken: Early June 2020
Event information during the Tulip/Lily of the Valley Festa period First time held! “Takino Suzuran Hills Park x Ghost Marle” collaboration! A new book “*Ghost Maru and the Secret Encounter*” with the theme of parks in Sapporo City, such as Takino Suzuran Hills Park, is scheduled to be released in mid-May 2020!
To commemorate the release of the new book, we will be holding an event in collaboration with “Ghost Marl”.
This spring, let’s go to Takino to meet “Ghost Marle” ♪

* ■Who is the ghost Marl? *
A picture book series born in Sapporo.
This is the 13th work in the story of a small ghost “Marle” who lives in “Maruyama” near the town, and encounters various places and many “friends” through his favorite outings.
Many of the works are set in actual facilities and locations in Sapporo and other areas, and you can actually visit the scenery that Marle saw and the places he went to.
In addition to this work, scenes of Odori Park are depicted in the second work (Yukimatsuri) and Nakajima Park are depicted in the eighth work (Tanoshi Orchestra) in parks in Sapporo city. Takino Suzuran Hillside Park has been around since the third movie, “Ghost Maru and Obento”.
* ■Collaboration photo spot*
“Ghost Maru and Bento” (Published in 2007) Nakanishi Publishing (C)Rei Nakai/NAKANISHI PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.
The scene depicted in the 2007 publication “Ghost Marle and Lunch” will appear at Country Garden this spring as a photo spot!
Let’s take a photo of Marle and her friends eating lunch surrounded by tulips♪ [Installation period] May 18th (Sat) – June 2nd (Sun)
[Installation location] Country garden upper level
* ■Keyword rally “Ghost Marle and Takino Tanken” *
We will hold a keyword rally to visit the spots in Takino Park that were depicted in the 2007 publication “Ghost Maru and Lunch” and the new book “Ghost Marl and the Secret Encounter.”
Let’s go look for marls with the “Tanken Map” distributed in the park! We will give away wonderful prizes by lottery from those who answer the keyword correctly!
[Event period]
1st period: May 18th (Sat) – July 31st (Wed)
2nd period: August 1st (Thursday) – October 31st (Thursday)
Rally paper distribution locations: East exit, central exit, information center, forest exchange center (4 locations)
Rally form drop-off location: East exit, information center, Mori no Koryukan (3 locations)
[Fee] Participation fee is free
For more information
* ■“Ghost Marle and the Secret Koen” Publication Commemoration Event* To commemorate the release of the new book “Ghost Marle and the Secret Encyclopedia”, we will be holding a picture book publication commemoration event!
“Nakai”, who is in charge of the illustrations for the “Ghost Mar” series, There will be a picture book reading and autograph session by Rei, making original can badges, selling new picture books, drawing events, and much more♪
Let’s play with Marle in Takino in spring, where colorful tulips decorate! [Date] May 25th (Sat)
[Time] 10:00-15:00
[Location] Country house side lawn square *In case of rain: Held at the east exit rest area (indoor)
[Fee] Participation fee is free *Some crafts may be charged
[Co-host] SPAC Takino Management Center, Nakanishi Publishing Co., Ltd. [Cooperation] Sapporo City Parks and Greening Association Outdoor Play Team For more information
11th Hokkaido Camping Fair
Ahead of the arrival of Hokkaido’s outdoor season, you can experience a variety of camping and outdoor-related content.
Additionally, this year, for the first time, there will be many pet goods booths! We also offer outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your pet.
[Date and time] May 18th (Sat), May 19th (Sun)
[Time] 10:00-16:30
[Location] Around Tsudoi no Mori
[Fee] Participation is free of charge *Fees may apply for experiences within the event.
Camper exhibition corner
Outdoor goods exhibition and sale
Pet Supplies
Eating and drinking
For more information
Spring limited gourmet
*Limited time only! “Chulip Lunch” will be sold for only 20 meals a day ♪ * This heaping salad inspired by a flower garden is full of fresh vegetables! The main dish, Doria, is a country house specialty♪ The ham topping and salad spinach represent tulips.
The Ishikari River bacon served on the side is also full of flavor, juicy and addictive.
A dish that is very satisfying both in appearance and taste! After enjoying the tulips, why not fill your stomach?
■Sales period: May 18th (Sat) to June 2nd (Sun)
■Sales location: Country House Restaurant
■Business hours: 9:00 to 30 minutes before closing (meal menu available from 10:30 to 1 hour before closing)
■Sales price: 1,600 yen (tax included)
Tulip 2023MOVIE
Contact information
National Takino Suzuran Hills Park (Takino Snow World)
Sapporo City Park Greening Association Community Takino Management Center Public Relations: Asanuma/Takada
Address: 247 Takino, Minami-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
TEL: 011-594-2222

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Park HP:
YouTube: Takinonomori Zone X:
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