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Home » Watch brand “Spinika” releases “Picard Skeleton Automatic”, a super dome-shaped 550M waterproof diver’s watch with a submersible concept.

Watch brand “Spinika” releases “Picard Skeleton Automatic”, a super dome-shaped 550M waterproof diver’s watch with a submersible concept.

Ueni Trading Co., Ltd.
Watch brand “Spinika” releases “Picard Skeleton Automatic”, a super dome-shaped 550M waterproof diver’s watch with a submersible concept.
Must see twice! A skeleton automatic with a bubble lens that will surprise everyone.
Ueni Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuki Miyakami) will release the “PICCARD SKELETON AUTOMATIC” from the “SPINNAKER” wristwatch on May 17th.
Released on May 17, 2024 / Pre-order starts on May 10, 2024
[Image 1:×1586.jpg] SPINNAKER is a brand that produces vintage-designed diver’s watches based on the concept of “watches that go beyond the sea and live with the sea.”
The new product is based on the Picard, which is equipped with a super dome-shaped sapphire crystal lens and looks like a submersible diving into the deepest parts of the ocean. This is a popular series that was born in 2022 and is repeatedly out of stock as soon as it arrives.
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
The collection’s first skeleton dial model, the Picard Skeleton Automatic, is introduced, further deepening the level of precision technology and outstanding craftsmanship.
[Video 2:] Newly adopted movement suitable for skeleton
The skeleton dial that reveals everything is also a sign of
confidence. In other words, it is the fact that it was assembled from parts of reliable quality, and the pride of the craftsman in finishing it without compromising down to the smallest detail. At the tip of the dial, which is largely exposed through a super dome-shaped sapphire crystal lens, is a new, aesthetically pleasing automatic movement, the NH70. A ruby ​​bearing that shines like an ore buried in the deep sea, a golden balance wheel, and a powerful main plate open a new door for the Picard collection.
[Image 3:×1600.jpg] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
New face design
With the skeleton specification, the face design has also been completely redesigned. The indexes are dot-shaped and surrounded by a mirror-finished ring to enhance the industrial taste that is reminiscent of the submarine motif. In addition, while the highly legible lollipop second hand continues to be used, the hour hand is wider and the minute hand has a hollowed-out rear end, giving it a more powerful impression.
[Image 4:×3900.jpg] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
The engraving of “300 fathoms” invites you to the world of depth. The newly engraved words “300 fathoms”. A fathom is a unit that represents the width of an adult man’s arms, approximately 1.83m, and has been used since ancient times to measure the depth of water. Diver’s watches that appeared in the history of watches in the mid-20th century were proof of their advanced technology, being able to dive to a depth of 50 fathoms (approximately 91 meters), but now, more than half a century later, the “Picard” has a depth of 300 fathoms. Achieved waterproofness that can withstand depths of approximately 550m. The collection is the result of respect for Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard, who explored the deep sea, and Captain Don Walsh of the U.S. Navy.
[Image 5:×1600.jpg] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
The seemingly unconventional shape was born out of necessity. The deep sea world is exposed to intense water pressure. To withstand such harsh conditions, submersibles have thick portholes. The super dome-shaped sapphire crystal lens, reminiscent of that figure, is the symbol of the Picard collection. Paired with a robust stainless steel case and bracelet, it exudes an innovative and timeless appeal.
[Image 6: E8F92386FA7298DFE4FA45 885D8ED2-1600×1600.jpg]
Proof of seriousness “Helium release valve”
This is a practical tool watch for professionals, as evidenced by the inclusion of a helium release valve. To dive to a depth of more than 100 meters, you must use special equipment to acclimate your body to saturation diving, but if helium gas gets into the watch during this process, there is a risk that it will be damaged by the pressure difference. The “Picard” collection is equipped with a valve that safely discharges helium that has entered inside, supporting activities at deep depths.
[Image 7:×1600.jpg ]
Fulfilling our responsibilities even in the deep sea
It uses Super Luminova, which emits powerful light, so that
information can be accurately grasped even in dark places such as the deep sea. It is also applied to the marker on the unidirectional rotating bezel made of ceramic material, allowing you to accurately read the time elapsed after diving.
[Image 8: &s3=25284-1409-67F6f6f6f6f6f6f33181A94020E30E ACC3663-1600X1600.jpg] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
Legendary submarine engraved on the camera back
The case back is engraved with a limited edition design inspired by the submarine Ben Franklin [PX15] that Jacques Piccard was on board. Research into the effects on the body in closed spaces has also been useful for NASA’s manned space exploration, and has left a great mark on human history.
[Image 9:×1600.jpg] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
A special limited box with a premium feel is also included.
A special limited edition box designed exclusively for the “Picard” collection is also included. Not only is it useful for long-term storage, but it can also be used as an ornamental display.
[Image 10: &s3=25284-1409-3EACB203A0EB9CA58203C0ED4 2996085-1600×1600.png] SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
【Product Summary】
77,000 yen (tax included) (base price ¥70,000 + consumption tax ¥7,000)
[Image 11:×1600. jpg ]
SP-5135-22 77,000 yen
SP-5135-11 TiCTAC series limited
77,000 yen (tax included) (base price ¥70,000 + consumption tax ¥7,000)
[Image 12: &s3=25284-1409-35ABA69FC3E7B291976E3593 9b0D64BC-1600X1600.jpg] SP-5135-11 TiCTAC series limited 77,000 yen
■Movement: Japanese automatic movement
■Water Resistant: 55 ATM water resistant with helium escape valve ■Case: 45mmLens Super Dome Scratch Resistant Shape Sapphire Lens (Anti-Reflective Coating)
■Band: Stainless steel
[What is a spinniker]
“Spinika” is designed with the concept of “a watch that transcends the sea and lives with the sea” as a wristwatch for people involved in sea sports such as yachting and free diving.
The brand name “Spinniker” comes from the large hemispherical sail that hangs in front of a yacht’s mast and is used when there is a tailwind. The brand name was chosen to represent the “adventure spirit” that drives humans to the sea. This symbolizes that a person is at the helm and sailing. The illustration of a spinniker is also expressed in the logo, and its elegant image is firmly engraved on the rotor of the drive unit.
“Spinika” released its vintage collection in 2016, and in 2018 it began selling at Galeries Lafayette, considered the most famous department store in Paris. It gained a lot of fame. Furthermore, the name has spread further due to the “vintage design boom” and “diver’s design boom” that spread in 2019, and it is now available in Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and Hong Kong. It has grown into a popular brand that sells over 40,000 bottles a year.
[Image 13:×1600.jpg] [About the Ueni trade]
A fashion trading company that sells brands such as watches and fashion goods. Based on the track record and know-how we have cultivated as an import trading company, we are expanding our business as an authorized Japanese distributor and original brand. “TIMEX” from America, “FURLA (watch)”, “VERSACE (watch)”, “SPINNAKER”, “HYDROGEN (watch)”, “HUMBLE RICH” from Italy (Humble Rich),” Germany’s “ZEPPELIN,” “adodas Originals (watches),” “DUFA,” and the British brands “HENRY LONDON” and “TED BAKER ( While acting as the general agent in Japan for brands such as Ted Baker (watches), we also plan and develop “Angel Heart”, “ANGEL CLOVER”, and “PELLE MORBIDA” as a manufacturer. We operate a large number of brands with a wide range of business models.
[Image 14:×1600. jpg]

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