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Home » Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Yoando | Japan’s first liposomal NMN-containing serum “NMN 13 Serum for PRO” will be renewed on May 13th (Monday)!

Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Yoando | Japan’s first liposomal NMN-containing serum “NMN 13 Serum for PRO” will be renewed on May 13th (Monday)!

[Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.] Yoando | Japan’s first liposomal NMN-containing serum “NMN 13 Serum for PRO” will be renewed on May 13th (Monday)!

*View in browser* *Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.*
Press release: May 10, 2024
Yoando | Japan’s first liposomal NMN-containing serum “NMN 13 Serum for PRO” will be renewed on May 13th (Monday)!
*~13 chemistry steps to enhance your future skin~*
NMN 13 Serum for PRO
Co., Ltd., a pioneer company that achieved NMN (*1) food certification in Japan. Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical (Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomotaka Abe) is Japan’s first (*2) clinic and salon exclusive beauty serum containing liposomal NMN, human stem cell culture fluid, and functional peptides.
13 Serum for PRO” has been renewed and will be released from Monday, May 13, 2024.
* -This is the point! -*
– *Brand name changed from “INFINIXX” to “YÓANDO”*
– *Renovated to a sophisticated and luxurious design for special salon skin care* *Reviewed ingredients and changed to alcohol-free formula*
– * Some of the active ingredients, including NMN, have been significantly increased compared to the regular version for a richer feel * * 80% medical market share (*8)
Uses NMN raw material “N-Pro”* *In addition to the main component NMN, synergistic ingredients such as 3 types of human stem cell extract are combined into liposomes*
* Product Summary*
Clinic/salon exclusive serum “NMN 13 Serum for PRO”
A high-grade version of “NMN 13 Serum for
PRO”. The rich texture, which is very thick and spreads well, is suitable for use with facial beauty devices, and was created as a “beauty professional model” that leads to moisturized and
transparent skin.

In this renewal, we have significantly increased the amount of some of the active ingredients, including NMN, to support your skin from the foundation even when you are concerned about dryness. In addition, we have previously introduced “parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, talc, silicone, and bergapten. In addition to “free”, we have changed to “alcohol-free formula” and have been reborn as a product that is more gentle on your skin.

In addition to NMN, which is attracting attention as an advanced beauty ingredient, it is luxuriously formulated with 13 types of ingredients, including 3 human stem cell culture extracts and 7 functional peptides, and is a unique “all-effect formula” that pursues beauty science. R)” approaches the skin beauty switch at the same time.
For fresh, fresh skin like a newborn baby.
Give your skin firmness, shine, and softness.
* 【Product name】*
NMN 13 Serum for PRO

* [Renewal release date] *
Monday, May 13, 2024
* 【Selling price】*
Single item price 45,980 yen (tax included)
* 【Internal capacity】*
30mL (approx. 30 days)
*Product features*

* [Boost beauty effects! Liposome technology]*
liposome technology
“99.9% (*7) high purity NMN” and “featured beauty ingredients” are encapsulated in a multi-layered capsule made of phospholipids that have a high affinity with human skin, and are effective in every corner of your skin. Adopts “liposome” technology that ensures reliable delivery to (*6). By making liposomes, some beauty
ingredients that tend to deteriorate can be penetrated into every corner of the skin (*6) in a freshly formulated state, allowing you to experience the beauty of the ingredients even more. It will look like this.

* ▼Liposomized ingredients*
NMN (*1)
Human amniotic fluid cell conditioned culture solution (*3)
Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture medium (*3)
Human fibroblast conditioned culture medium (*3)
Human recombinant polypeptide-66 (*3)
Human recombinant polypeptide-67 (*3)
Nicotinoyl hexapeptide-44 (prospin/*4)
Synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-64 (aquaporin/*3)
Human recombinant oligopeptide-1 (EGF/*3)
Synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-16 (PGF/*4)
Synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-31 (IGF-2/*3)

* [“All-effect prescription (R)” with a multifunctional approach]* All effect prescription (R)︎
Developed based on YÓANDO’s unique theory to fully bring out the charm of NMN. 3 types of human stem cell culture fluid (*5), 7 types of peptides (*5)
), contains two types of support ingredients.
NMN is an exquisitely balanced blend of 13 main ingredients, including NMN based on the latest research.
The 13 series’ unique “All Effect Prescription (R)” approaches radiant, glossy skin and supports the step toward a youthful-looking skin.

*All Effect Prescription (R) is a registered trademark of Abe Yoando Pharmaceutical. (Multi-functional approach that conditions the skin, tightens the skin, replenishes and maintains skin moisture and oil, maintains skin flexibility, gives skin firmness, etc.)

* “NMN 13 Serum for PRO” renewal overview *

* [New design commitment]*
We value the feeling of exhilaration when using skin care items, and have incorporated a gradation based on an elegant matte white color so that you can see the amount remaining at a glance. The simple bottle design with a straight and angular feel expresses the desire for skin care items containing NMN ingredients to be used by people regardless of gender.

* [Alcohol-free formula makes it even more gentle] *
Even with the current product, we are particular about formulas that are less harsh on the skin, and do not use parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, talc, silicone, or bergapten, but by changing to alcohol-free formulas, we have made them even more gentle on the skin. It is designed to be easy to use.

[* Specify the ingredients that make up the scent] *
From this renewal, we have clearly specified the fragrance ingredient “bergamot peel oil”, and the refreshing and fresh bergamot oil will lead you to a relaxed mood. Please be assured that it does not contain bergapten, which is associated with phototoxicity.

* [About brand name change] *
Brand name change and new logo
* 1. Background of the brand name change *
Up until now, supplements were sold as “Yoando” and skin care items as “INFINIXX”, which were sold as separate brands, but since they feature the same NMN ingredient and are our flagship products, We will change the brand name to “YÓANDO” (pronunciation: YOANDO).

* 2. Commitment to the brand logo [YÓANDO] *
Brand logo *YÓANDO*’s* “Ó”*
The name contains the desire to enjoy it as a daily accent, and the hope that by using the item, your mood and skin condition will improve.

*What is NMN*
NMN is a substance similar to vitamins that was discovered through research on yeast and enzymes.
After NMN is absorbed into the body, it is converted into coenzymes that play a role in maintaining the body’s bodily functions and maintaining youthful energy. Unfortunately, however, as the body ages, the amount of coenzymes decreases, resulting in a decrease in energy levels and the decline of living organisms.
In recent years,
It has been reported that it is related to longevity genes (sirtuin genes) and helps maintain youthful and healthy body conditions, and is attracting attention as a key to anti-aging and anti-aging care.

*Contact information for inquiries from customers regarding this matter* ────────────────────
Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Phone number: Customer support 0120-542-434
(Weekdays 10:00-17:00/excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)

Abeyoando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Tomotaka Abe
Address: YAK Kitasenju Building, 1-5-4 Yanagihara, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0022 Founded: 1731
Established: December 1984
Business details: Wholesale, retail and contract manufacturing of health foods, processing of supplements, import of health foods and raw materials, wholesale, retail and contract manufacturing of cosmetics, processing of cosmetics, in-house research of raw materials URL:

*1 Nicotinamide mononucleotide
*2 ・Survey name: “Survey on NMN cosmetics” (researched by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd.) ・Survey target: 1. NMN-containing cosmetics listed on “@cosme”
2. NMN-containing cosmetics sold on Rakuten Market, Amazon, and Yahoo! Shopping 3. Other NMN-containing cosmetics sold on MLM channels – Survey period: April 1st to 20th, 2022
*3 TPC Marketing research
*3 Skin conditioning agent
*4 Skin protectant
Human bone marrow stem cell conditioned culture solution (skin conditioning agent), human fibroblast conditioned culture solution (skin conditioning agent), human amniotic fluid cell conditioned culture solution (skin conditioning agent)**
Nicotinoyl hexapeptide-44 (skin protective agent), synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-31 (skin conditioning agent), human
recombinant polypeptide-67 (skin conditioning agent), human
recombinant polypeptide-66 (skin conditioning agent) ), human recombinant oligopeptide-1 (skin conditioning agent), synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-64 (skin conditioning agent), synthetic human recombinant polypeptide-16 (skin protective agent)
*6 Up to the stratum corneum
*7 Highest value determined by third-party inspection. Inspection agency: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare registered inspection agency Japan Food Inspection Inspection date: May 10, 2023
*8 TPC Marketing research

*About details about this release*

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