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Beads International Co., Ltd. B-boy TSUKKI and B-boy RA1ON won the “Highest 2024” competition with B-boy Shigekix

Beads International Co., Ltd.
B-boy TSUKKI and B-boy RA1ON won the “Highest 2024” with B-boy Shigekix ……
B-boy TSUKKI (Gekko Iinuma) is sponsored by B’s International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusaku Nishikata), which develops street apparel brands XLARGE, X-girl, MILKFED., SILAS, etc. B-boy RA1ON (Raion Kubota) won the 3-on-3 battle format tournament “Highest 2024” in which he competed with B-boy Shigekix (Shigeyuki Hani).
[Image:×1477.jpg] (From left: B-boy TSUKKI, B-boy RA1ON, B-boy Shigekix)
Highest 2024
The first breaking battle in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, will be held 3on3 to determine the strongest three.
Date and time: May 6, 2024 (Monday holiday)
Venue: Takatsuki Castle Park Arts and Culture Theater South Building Sanyu Rec Hall
Sponsored by: Takatsuki Breakin Crew
B-boy TSUKKI Comment
We were able to win the 3on3 tournament held in Osaka this time. I was very happy that the members of my team, Team XLARGE RA1ON, also participated in the battle and won. In addition to individual competitions, I would also like to participate in competitions with the members of Team XLARGE in the future. Thank you for your continued support.
B-boy RA1ON Comment
I’m very happy to win at Highest. In this battle, I challenged Shige-san (B-boy Shigekix, Shigeyuki Hani) and Tsuki (B-boy TSUKKI, Gekko Iinuma) to a 3on3. It was my first time competing with these members, but I was glad that it wasn’t the first time for me to compete and it was a very exciting battle. I was physically tired from fighting every day, but I think I was able to get through it thanks to the two of us. I want to be able to lead the team even more. Beads International has a corporate philosophy of “editing and disseminating street culture and becoming a company that continues to evolve beyond fashion boundaries and generations,” and we disseminate street culture not only in apparel but also in various fields, including sports. We aim to do so. We will further promote urban sports, which is expanding along with street culture such as music and fashion.
Gekko Iinuma Profile
Born September 11, 2006 from Osaka Prefecture
He specializes in “power moves,” one of the breaking elements, and performs highly difficult techniques.
In 2020, he won the JDSF 2nd All Japan Breaking Championship and earned the title of YOUTH Japan’s No. 1. Won the Dance Alive Hero’s Kids category for the second consecutive year in 2021 and 2022. He is growing with the momentum of winning the 2022 Battle of The Year Japan and dropping the flying bird. He has also been selected as a designated Olympic athlete from 2021. The next generation Bboy who will lead the future of breaking.
2020 JDSF 2nd All Japan Breaking Championship Youth Division Winner 2021/2022 Mynavi Dance Alive Hero’s kids 2nd consecutive victory 2022 Red Bull BC One Japan Final Top4
2022DPC JAM 2022 Winner
2022 Battle Of The Year 2022 Japan Winner
2022 Red Bull BC One World Final Break The Game Winner
2023 Mynavi DANCEALIVE 2024 CHARISMAXI Winner
2023 Freestyle Session Korean Qualifying Winner
Kubota Raion Profile
Bboy RA1ON
Born April 3, 2008 from Osaka Prefecture
Started breaking at the age of 5. He has received strong support from many dancers due to his looks and dancing, which do not look like a junior high school student, and his humanity. At the 2022 World Championships, he placed 13th despite being the youngest participant. She is one of the few dancers who not only wins, but also looks fashionable and cool. One of the dancers whose future success is most anticipated.
2020 Breakdance Kids Japan Championship 2020 Winner
2020 Next Generations Games U15 Bboy 2020 sponsored by Shibuya Mirai Design Winner
2021 Next Generations Games U15 Bboy 2021 sponsored by Shibuya Mirai Design Winner
2021 THE JAM U 15 Hokkaido Winner
2021 JDSF Youth West Block Qualifier Winner
2022 JDFS All Japan Youth Best 4
2022 THE JAM NARUTO Winner
2022 DREAM CUP Japan Championship Junior High School Division 2022 Winner 2022 THE JAM FAINAL U15 Junior High School Division Winner
【Company Profile】
Company name: Beads International Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Yusaku Nishikata
Head office location: Higashiyama Building 7F, 1-1-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Brand/store information:
Year of establishment: December 1990
Number of employees: 360 (as of April 2024)
Capital: 45 million yen
Business content: Planning and sales of clothing and miscellaneous goods, sales promotion, EC business
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