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Home » Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. Now accepting media interviews Just before Rakuten Super SALE! 120 people from Rakuten Shop gathered in Osaka! Seminar held in Osaka fills up early

Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. Now accepting media interviews Just before Rakuten Super SALE! 120 people from Rakuten Shop gathered in Osaka! Seminar held in Osaka fills up early

Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.
[Now accepting media interviews] Just before Rakuten Super SALE! 120 people from Rakuten Shop gathered in Osaka! Seminar held in Osaka fills up early
-Venue limited-We ask Rakuten shops in Osaka to reveal success stories that can only be told at the venue.
Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shohei Shimizu), which operates the “EC Masters Club” to which approximately 2,500 EC shops from all over Japan belong, is promoting the “Ask Rakuten Shops! Convert with LINE” website. A seminar will be held in Osaka on May 24, 2024 (Friday) with the theme “How to reduce advertising costs and increase sales!” Due to the popularity of this seminar, the 120 seats were filled early, but we are still accepting requests for media coverage.
▼Click here for seminar details
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■About Osaka Seminar
In this seminar, we will explain how Rakuten shops can use LINE to reduce advertising costs and increase sales. This time, we have two special guest speakers who are actually running successful Rakuten shops in Osaka, and will talk about their shop’s commitment and success stories, such as RPP (linked search advertising), LINE distribution, and review countermeasures. I would like to talk to you. In addition, the popular live streaming “Public Consulting” held every week by the membership support service “EC Masters Club” will be held on-site. Shimizu, formerly of Rakuten ECC, will be in charge of this public consulting, and will respond to various concerns regarding shop management, such as advice on improving your company’s product pages, charging for coupons, and countermeasures for increasing store opening fees. It is a popular service with approximately 57% of participants responding to the 2023 usage survey that they “use it often.” We are planning to help Rakuten shop operators increase sales by finding hints and ideas that can be imitated in their own shop operations.
Registration for this seminar began on Friday, April 26, 2024, and the seminar was fully booked just four days later, on Tuesday, April 30. After that, 120 seats, including the emergency increase, were filled, and the seminar was closed until May 7, 2024. Early registration ended on (Tuesday). We are currently accepting on-site media interviews for this seminar.
■Guest speaker
[Image 2:×601.png ]
We put a lot of effort into LINE operations, and as a result of customizing rich menus to suit the target, we have achieved a LINE conversion rate of over 41.2%! Please tell us about the specific measures you are taking. What is “Food Master Morigen Shoten”? We want our customers to be satisfied, so we only sell products that we believe will please our customers. For more than 50 years since our establishment, we have continued to maintain distribution at Osaka’s Central Wholesale Market, and as “Food Masters (Professionals)”, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to delivering the best products. ▼“Food Master Morigen Shoten” store page
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As a result of reviewing the operation of RPP (Paid Search
Advertising) in the “Rakuten Advertising Master Program” being implemented at the EC Masters Club, sales increased in about a month while advertising costs remained almost the same! We will discuss effective points to increase sales, such as review measures and the use of EC master’s tools.
What is “nakota”? Nakota, a select shop in Osaka, is a Native American word that means “friend” or “companion.” We are grateful for all the connections we have, and we aim to create a business that brings happiness to garment factories, manufacturers, staff, customers, and all the people involved, and that is needed by everyone and society, rather than a business that is made possible through sacrifices or force. I’m thinking of coming.
▼“nakota” store page
■Seminar content
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Date and time: Friday, May 24, 2024 15:00-17:30
Location: At Business Center Osaka Honmachi (Osaka Kokusai Building) Room 1705 Osaka Kokusai Building 2-3-13 Azuchi-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 541-0052 2 minutes walk from “Sakaisuji Honmachi” station, 5 minutes walk from “Honmachi” station minutes
Capacity: 120 people (early registration ends due to full capacity) ▼Seminar details here
*The event will be held in Osaka.
■Currently accepting media interviews on the day of the seminar We are currently accepting on-site media interviews on the day of the event. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact the contact person at the bottom of the page.
Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.
Shohei Shimizu
[Image 4:×656.jpg] Born in Osaka in 1975.
After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Kansai University, he served as the head of the support department at Dream Train Internet Co., Ltd. (DTI), where he was ranked No. 1 in support satisfaction by various specialized magazines. Joined Rakuten, Inc. in 2003. He has won many internal awards and is in charge of up to 600 stores. He also served as an EC consultant and in many departments, was involved in all development projects, and was in charge of order APIs and payment APIs. He was involved in the acquisition of DTI at Freebit Co., Ltd., and became independent in 2010. He also serves as an EC advisor for GMO Group, established the online shop membership service “EC Masters,” and has been operating the membership support service “EC Masters Club” since 2014. One in 22 Rakuten Shop companies, more than 2,500 shops across Japan, use the service, and 71% of members have increased their sales. In 2019, he appeared live on AbemaTV and BS Nippon TV three times.
ECX Group Co., Ltd. was established in November 2023, and together with group company Greenwich Co., Ltd., it supports over 5,000 businesses. In Rakuten Shop of the Year 2023, one in three companies uses the service. He also serves as the representative director of the EC Skill Certification Association, a general incorporated
association, and continues to contribute to the growth of Japan’s EC industry.
■About EC Masters Club
This is a membership support service for those who operate online shops on Rakuten Market, Yahoo! Shopping, and Amazon. It is one of the largest subscription-based online salons in Japan, used by more than 2,500 of the 57,000 shops on Rakuten Market (1 in 22). Consulting services that would normally cost over 100,000 yen are available for as little as 15,000 yen per month, and we provide a variety of services centered on the following four services.
Forum (bulletin board) with unlimited questions and answers within 24 hours Support letter (e-mail magazine) that delivers the latest information and know-how every day
Viewer rating of 15% or more, live streaming at least twice a week, weekly summary “EC Masters LIVE”, “Public consulting” where you can ask questions on the spot
More than 30 useful tools to save time and improve efficiency ▼Click here for details on EC Masters Club
▼ Click here for information on seminars where you can consult about online shop management
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. ■About Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.
Founded by former Rakuten EC Consultant CEO Shimizu, EC Masters Club has been running EC Masters Club as a membership support service since 2014 to support troubled online shops across Japan, replacing the services provided by consulting services for 20 companies. I am. Currently, we are certified as Next Engine Platinum Partner and Yahoo JAPAN Commerce Partner.
In November 2023, we established “ECX Group Co., Ltd.” with Greenwich Co., Ltd. and transitioned to the group management structure “ECX”. By transferring Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.’s LINE distribution service business “LSEG” to Greenwich Co., Ltd., and clearly dividing the SaaS business into business areas such as “EC Masters Club” member support business and “Rakura Coupon”. , aiming to maximize synergies.
▼Videos useful for Rakuten shop operators are also available on Youtube!
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