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Home » JR East Hotels Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection Now accepting reservations for two bistronomy courses with the theme of summer sunshine

JR East Hotels Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection Now accepting reservations for two bistronomy courses with the theme of summer sunshine

JR East Hotels
Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection Now accepting reservations for two bistronomy courses with the theme of summer sunshine
“Color Palettes – Gift of the Sun” is a lunch program where you can enjoy colorful summer vegetables, and “Summer Breeze – Memories of the Wind” is a dinner program where you can enjoy the scent of refreshing herbs.
Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection, a modern luxury hotel that resonates with the dynamism and wavelength of Tokyo’s “now” and delivers creative experiences in a high-quality space to customers (1-10-30 Kaigan, Minato-ku/General Manager) Chef’s Theater, a restaurant on the 16th floor of Iku Numa Hisashi, offers a lunch program called “Color Palettes – Gift of the Sun”, which is based on the concept of “summer sunlight” shining down on a farm, and a dinner program called “Summer Breeze”. (Summer Breeze) -Memories of the Wind-” will be available for a limited time from Saturday, June 1, 2024 to Saturday, August 31, 2024.
[Image 1:×480.jpg] A lunch and dinner program that will be enjoyed by all five senses and is perfect for the summer season will begin, featuring summer vegetables and herbs grown in the sunlight and blessed by nature. The lunch program “Color Palettes – Gift of the Sun” is themed around summer vegetables that grow brightly colored in the sunlight, and offers a gourmet experience that stimulates the visual and taste buds, blending the beautiful colors of vegetables with French bistronomy. The dinner program “Summer Breeze – Memories of the Wind” is based on the theme of the refreshing herbal scent carried by a pleasant breeze in the sunlight, and uses the sense of smell and taste to enjoy the harmony of the characteristic scents of various herbs and French bistronomy. Enjoy.
Mesm Tokyo’s Culinary Meister (Executive Chef) Chef Koki Kumamoto, who has won several world-class French cooking competitions, presents a five-sensory experience at the restaurant “Chef’s Theater.” Enjoy the food you enjoy.
“Chef’s Theater” 2024 Summer Lunch Program ~”Color Palettes-Gift of the Sun-“~ The lunch program is themed around brightly colored summer vegetables grown on the farm, allowing you to visually and tastefully enjoy a gourmet experience that blends the beautiful colors of vegetables with French bistronomy.
[Image 2:×480.jpg] “Color Palettes-Gift of the Sun-”
[Image 3:×1489.png ]
≪Amuse: Tomato tartlet & tomato mojito≫
An amuse with the theme of red and green tomatoes grown full of energy on a farm where the summer sunlight shines brightly.
A croissant roll with anchovies topped with colorful tomatoes and Boursin Aille to make a tart. Accented with cardamom oil and almond coulis. Add lime and mint carbonated water to the green tomato base to create a mojito-style soup.
≪Appetizer: Marinated grilled eggplant and conger eel frit≫
An appetizer themed around eggplants, whose green leaves are spread out in a corner of the farm and are gently stretched out while swaying in the gentle breeze.
A dish that uses every bit of eggplant, including grilled marinated eggplant, eggplant mousse, layers of conger eel frit, and thin rice crackers made from eggplant skin, drizzled with a light plum and herb vinaigrette.
≪Fish dishes: Kintoki grass cannelloni and fresh fish poire≫ A fish dish themed on Kintoki grass, which blooms in bright colors and colors summer farms.
A dish made with cannelloni-style pasta made by encasing red gold and mushrooms in pasta dough that has been kneaded with Kaga vegetable red and white fish, sautéed with fresh white fish, and finished with a light cream sauce.
≪Meat dish: Grilled corn polenta and lamb≫
A corn-themed meat dish that stands boldly in a corner of the farm with its glossy green leaves and golden ears.
A dish of lamb back roasted with the aroma of marjoram, shoulder meat made into Navarin, and garnished with zucchini, grilled corn, and polenta.
≪Dessert: Rhubarb cake≫
A rhubarb-themed dessert with distinctive red stems that grow quickly while taking root underground and absorbing nutrients from the warm soil.
A dessert made with raspberry and calpis mousse as a base, layered with chocolate sables, covered in cream with perilla and rhubarb sauce, and decorated with framboise chocolate.
“Chef’s Theater” 2024 Summer Dinner Program ~ “Summer Breeze-Memories of the Wind-” ~
With the arrival of summer, the herb-themed dinner program attracts people with its gorgeous aroma.Enjoy the harmony of the characteristic aromas of various herbs and French bistronomy with your sense of smell and taste.
[Image 4:×533.jpg] “Summer Breeze-Memories of the Wind-”
[Image 5:×1450.png ]
≪Amuse: Three kinds of herb amuse bush (lavender, oseille, mint)≫ Amuse themed with the rich scent of lavender, the sweet and sour scent of oseille, and the refreshing and cool scent of mint.
Three types of amuseur: seasonal fruit and white fish carpaccio with mint scent, bouche of escargot and oseille, and crispy sandwich with fromage blanc parfait sandwiched between lavender-flavored bread. ≪Appetizer: Estragon and abalone pie wrap≫
An appetizer themed around estragon, a classic herb essential to French cooking, with a unique sweet aroma and bittersweet taste. Estragon and abalone pâté served with citrus-flavored sabayon sauce, and green onion presse with mushroom sauce as garnishes.
≪Fish dish: Sauteed fennel and sea bass≫
A fennel-themed fish dish with small yellow flowers resembling mimosa and a warm, spicy aroma.
Sauteed sea bass with romaine lettuce farci and whelk garnish, covered with a sheet made of fennel root, and added fennel and champagne sauce to the bouillon base.
≪Meat dish: Acacia honey and roasted duck meat≫
Meat dishes themed with the honey of acacia flowers, which grow in early summer and have a distinctive sweet aroma.
Roasted duck breast caramelized with acacia honey, saffron-boiled quinoa, fried and served with a broccoli and butternut squash tart shaped like an acacia flower.
≪Dessert: Lemongrass exotic cake≫
A lemongrass-themed dessert with a refreshing lemon scent that reminds you of summer.
On top of the dill and self-serve sauce, cacao shortbread, banana parfait, lemongrass mousse with passion fruit and mango confiture are served, and the top is decorated with cacao cigarettes.
Lunch program “Color Palettes-Gift of the Sun-” & Dinner program “Summer Breeze-Memories of the wind-”
[Table 2: ]
Lunch & Dinner Program Creator Introduction
[Image 6:×518.jpg] Culinary Meister Koki Kumamoto Spent her childhood surrounded by nature and in an environment with an abundance of ingredients, and because she loved food, she aspired to become a chef. Started his career as a chef at a French restaurant in Tokyo. Joined Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (currently Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.) in 1993. Under the tutelage of Honorary Executive Chef Katsuhiro Nakamura, the first Japanese to receive a Michelin star, he gained experience in the banquet Western cuisine department, French restaurants, and three-star restaurants in France. In January 2014, he became the second Japanese person residing in Japan to win the 64th Prosper Montagnat
International Culinary Competition, an prestigious competition in the French culinary world, chaired by master of the French culinary world Joël Robuchon. He became the first Japanese to win the championship. In January 2019, he became the Culinary Meister (Head Chef) of Autograph Collection at Mesm Tokyo. [Main awards] ・2004 “11th Maître Cuisinier de France “Jean Schillinger Trophy”
(Sponsored by the French Culinary Culture Center)” Winner 2004 “Trophée International de Cuisine et Patisserie”
(Sponsored by Académie Culinaire de France)” (World French Culinary Competition) Winner 2014 “64th Prosper Montagnat International Culinary Competition”
(Sponsored by Club Gastronomic Prosper Montagne / Chairman of the Jury: Mr. Joel Robuchon)” Winner (second Japanese in history)
[Image 7:×518.jpg] Culinary artist adoptive father Naoto Yabu started his career as a pastry chef at the All Nippon Airways Hotel in Tokyo. After that, he worked at a restaurant in Tokyo, Oriental Land Ambassador Hotel, and then joined ANA InterContinental Tokyo in 2001, where he worked as a pastry chef. After working in product development and manufacturing at a sweets store in Tokyo since 2010, he joined Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. in November 2017 and became the pastry chef at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont. In October 2019, he became a Master Culinary Artist at Mesm Tokyo.
[Main awards]
・1993 Taste of Canada Hot Division (Team) Gold Prize / Cold Division (Individual) Silver Prize
・1999 TV Champion Chocolate Craftsman Championship 2nd place ・2001 Japan Cake Show Chocolate Craft Confectionery Gold Prize
[Image 8:×518.jpg] Creative Director Kentaro Koizumi
Started working as a graphic designer while attending Kwansei Gakuin University. She has mainly been involved in branding, promotion, and PR activities for foreign companies in the beauty and fashion industries. In 2017, he was selected as a project producer for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s outbound project “1st Brandland Japan”. In February 2019, he was appointed creative director of Mesm Tokyo. Currently working as the creative director of Mesm Tokyo. Since before the hotel opened, he has been designing and supervising the hotel’s BI (brand identity), VI (visual identity), amenity goods, artwork, various collaterals, and food and beverages. About Chef’s Theater
[Image 9:×546.jpg] A restaurant that serves bistronomy-style French cuisine with the live feel of an open kitchen. Taking advantage of the chef’s delicate skills and the seasonal ingredients that can only be found in Tokyo, as the name suggests, “Chef’s Theater”, you can enjoy French cuisine that is woven together with a story as if you were watching a play on stage. Surrounded by the refreshing greenery of Hamarikyu Gardens during the day and the sparkling night view of the city center at night, enjoy a gastronomic experience that will delight all your senses in an eye-catching space with gorgeous and dynamic art. ■Number of seats: 92 seats (including 24 seats in private rooms) / 24 seats in 3 private rooms
■Business hours (*):
Breakfast: 06:30-11:00 (L.O. 10:00)
Lunch: 11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:00)
Dinner: 17:00 – 23:00 (L.O. 22:00)
*Please check the official website for business hours.
[About Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection]
Based on the concept of “TOKYO WAVES,” this 265-room luxury hotel offers guests new discoveries by offering services and content rooted in the ever-changing “now” of Tokyo. On April 27, 2020, we opened at WATERS takeshiba, a complex facility in Takeshiba, Minato Ward, run by the JR East Group. Tokyo is a place where urban energy and creativity meet, taking advantage of the unity of rich local resources and art, such as the spectacular Tokyo Bay Area and the historic Hamarikyu Gardens, as well as art and music that pleasantly stimulate the five senses. aims to become a lifestyle icon. As an “Exactly like nothing else” hotel, we are a member of Marriott International’s Autograph Collection Hotels.
[About Autograph Collection Hotel]
Autograph Collection Hotels champions originality, celebrating the individuality of each of our more than 200 independent hotels in prime locations in more than 30 countries and territories. Each one is infused with the founders’ passion and embodies their vision, making each hotel unique and special, “Exactly like nothing else.” Autograph Collection hotels are selected for their unique architecture and strong commitment to design and hospitality, providing a colorful experience that leaves a lasting impression. For more information, please visit
We’re also sharing the news on our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so be sure to check out #ExactlyLikeNothingElse to see some of our best moments. Autograph Collection hotels participate in Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott’s new travel program, replacing the previous Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). Marriott Bonvoy offers members an extraordinary portfolio of global brands, experiences with Marriott Bonvoy Moments, and unparalleled benefits, including points toward free hotel nights and nights toward elite status. For free membership registration and program details, please visit
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