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Home » The first event of “IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES vol.1” was a great success! Official report released

The first event of “IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES vol.1” was a great success! Official report released

Interactive Media Mix Co., Ltd. (IMX)
The first event of “IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES vol.1” was a great success! Official report released
Two super rookie groups, H1-KEY and AMPERS&ONE, appear!
IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES, a new K-POP project by IMX, the pioneer of the Korean wave in Japan, and Korean broadcasting station MBC Radio has finally started.
“You can meet the best new K-POP idols sooner and closer than anywhere else.” This event, which focuses on “super rookie” K-POP idols who are making a leap to the world, will be held on Saturday, May 4th. Two performances were held at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO). At this first event, “Small and Medium Enterprise Miracle” H1-KEY and FNC Entertainment’s large new boy group AMPERS&ONE appeared, enlivening the live performance. (*This report is about the 7pm performance)
[Image 1:×2601.jpg] H1-KEY (C)IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES
H1-KEY was the first to appear, receiving loud cheers. Along with her debut song “ATHLETIC GIRL,” she appeared in gorgeous red and white costumes. Each member introduced themselves in Japanese, and the venue was filled with a warm atmosphere with HWISEO’s charming comment in Japanese, “I love you the most, my fans!”
After that, H1-KEY performed the refreshing song “SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City),” which took first place for the first time, and “Heart Light,” which is a must-have at any event. In the talk corner, the girls not only showed off their charm as super rookies but also showed off their close friendship through dance challenges and gesture games.
[Image 2:×2601.jpg] H1-KEY (C)IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES
H1-KEY’s latest digital single “Deeper” is a medium tempo song with a modern rock atmosphere, and H1-KEY’s soft and powerful vocals stand out. “I’ve been waiting to come to Japan for a long time, and I’m happy to be able to come here. Thank you for giving me your precious time. Please let me invite you again.” RIINA said. I greeted them in fluent Japanese. They performed the moving “Time to Shine” with the encouraging lyrics of “It’s okay” and H1-KEY’s big hit “Rose Blossom”, which resonated with many people. Along with the shouts of M1-KEY (Mikey: H1-KEY fan name), the excitement in the venue increased even more.
[Image 3:×2601.jpg] H1-KEY (C)IDOL RADIO SUPER ROOKIES
A VCR message from THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo, who is the personality of IDOL RADIO Season 4, to SUPER ROOKIEs was inserted, followed by AMPERS&ONE. ANDEAR (AMPERS&ONE fan name) opened with their latest song “Broken Heart”, which is impressive with a powerful performance, and the excitement is already at its peak!
During the MC, the members introduced themselves in fluent Japanese and expressed their enthusiasm to become super idols. MACKIAH’s question, “Everyone shout!” was met with an overflowing cheer. Next, they performed the song “Someday” from their latest album, with a lively and refreshing performance that is typical of a new idol. When performing a cover of the popular song “Good Guy” by SF9, who are senior members of the agency, she showed off her sexy charm with a sharp performance, completely changing the atmosphere of the venue. At the talk corner, the youngest member SEUNGMO drew a portrait of leader JIHO and showed off his aegyo, showing off the friendly relations between the members, which brought smiles from the audience. In “Sweet & Sour”, which was filled with the sweet charm of
AMPERS&ONE, the members performed a charming stage while playing with each other.
KYRELL and BRIAN delighted the audience with their humorous comments mixed with Japanese, such as “I love you so much” and “I love you”. Their debut song, the pop number “On And On,” showed off their energetic charm and brought the excitement to a climax. “Crazy Stupid Fun”, which was performed for the first time at this event, brought the venue together to the EDM sound, exciting the live performance until the end.
Date: Saturday, May 4, 2024 Part 1 starts at 14:00 / Part 2 starts at 19:00 Venue: Zepp Diver City (TOKYO)
◎Set list (2 parts)
・SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City)
・Heart Light
・Time to Shine
・Rose Blossom
・Broken Heart
・Good Guy (SF9)
・Sweet & Sour
・On And On
・Crazy Stupid Fun
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