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Home » Game industry People quit right away…Explaining initiatives to increase retention rate!! 5/29 (Wednesday) Fr ee seminar “3 team building initiatives in creative organizations Game meets #37~

Game industry People quit right away…Explaining initiatives to increase retention rate!! 5/29 (Wednesday) Fr ee seminar “3 team building initiatives in creative organizations Game meets #37~

[Game industry] People quit right away…Explaining efforts to increase retention rate!!
5/29 (Wednesday) Free Seminar “3 Team Building Initiatives in Creative Organizations [Game meets] #37~

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Press release: May 10, 2024
[Game industry] People quit right away…Explaining efforts to increase retention rate!!
5/29 (Wednesday) Free Seminar “3 Team Building Initiatives in Creative Organizations [Game meets] #37~
* Creative co-creation community “Game” hosted by Creek & River Co., Ltd. (C&R) On May 29th (Wednesday), “meets” will hold a free online seminar for people working in the game industry, “Reinforcement and development will bring you great results! 3 Team Building Initiatives in Creative Organizations.” *

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* *Deadline: Wednesday, May 29, 2024 19:30*

In the game industry, teams often change from project to project, including new employees and mid-career hires. Many people may be worried about staff retention and organizational structure, such as “There are many highly skilled members, but the retention rate is low” and “engagement is low and there is a lot of turnover of members.” Therefore, in this seminar, we have invited Mr. Kenta Mogi, CEO of Co-Creations Co., Ltd., which is involved in corporate training and event business, focusing on organizational development measures such as the team building business “Trainers”, and will talk about creative organizations. We will talk about 3 team building initiatives specific to
Mr. Mogi will talk about measures to improve results by retaining members and building a team, including specific examples from other companies. This seminar will consist of a lecture, a talk discussion, and a question and answer session, so why not take this opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you may have. If you are interested, please feel free to join us.
* [Game meets] #37*
*Results will improve significantly through establishment and construction! 3 Team Building Initiatives for Creative Organizations* * ■Date and time*
May 29, 2024 (Wednesday) 19:30-21:00
Online event (Zoom)
*To watch the seminar, you will need to register for a Zoom account. * ■Speakers*
*Kenta Mogi*
*Co-Creations Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO*
*Training camp creator/organizational development consultant/coach* After working as an IT consultant and management consultant at Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., he joined Ideal, an organization development consulting company.
Co-founded Leaders Co., Ltd. Founded Co-Creations Co., Ltd. in 2018, providing coaching and organizational development consulting for managers and leaders. Since 2020, he has also served as CHRO (Human Resources Officer) of Shippino TēPs Co., Ltd., a SaaS startup for EC. In 2022, he realized that the work he likes the most and can make an impact is the training camps he has been conducting for the past 10 years, and will launch “Trainers” to create momentum and
organizational culture for the future using the best training camps as a starting point. In order to realize the vision of “making a culture of having the best training camps as a team the norm,” we plan and facilitate training camps, mainly management training camps and company-wide training camps, operate training camp communities, and disseminate training camp stories and knowledge. are doing.
▼Co-Creations Co., Ltd.
▼Training camper
* ■Target*
・Managers, executives
・People involved in team management
・Creators and creative occupations in general
* ■Participation fee*
* ■Capacity*
100 people
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*Deadline: Wednesday, May 29, 2024 19:30

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* [Inquiries regarding seminars] *
Creek and River Co., Ltd.
Digital Content Group
Game meets committee
* -What is Game meets-*
In order to develop the game industry, we are a community that creates and co-creates creativity and business by creating optimal learning and meeting opportunities for everyone involved in the industry. Until now, Mr. Sawaen, CEO of Enso Co., Ltd., Mr. Hideaki Ishikura, CRO of Castor Co., Ltd., OKAKICHI
Famous people such as SDN. BHD. Director Yoshioki Okamoto took the stage. Game At Meets, we will contribute to innovation and value creation for the entire industry through co-creation with new “knowledge” and “people.” Game meets:
* -Past Game meets speakers-*
#36 f4samurai Co., Ltd. New Business Department Planner Mr. Akihiro Nakamura #35 Tencent Japan LLC Mr. Yan Zexin and Mr. Li Jaden
#34 Mirai Consult Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takako Kojima #33 Dozle Co., Ltd. Representative Director Mr. Dozle
#32 Dynacomware Co., Ltd. Typeface designer Shinji Shinkai, Rikuto Nakamura #31 KUU Co., Ltd. Representative Director / Kyoto University of Arts Visiting Professor Masafumi Takagi
#30 Media Create Co., Ltd. Tomoyuki Sakauchi
#29 Across Holdings Vma plus Co., Ltd. Representative Director Toru Tsuda #28 Designer/Concept Artist/Illustrator Mr. R.E.C
#27 Mr. Ryo Morita, Representative Director, Mirai Team Institute Co., Ltd. / Mr. Hitoshi Imai, Senior Manager, Art Department, WFS Co., Ltd. #26 Gcrest Co., Ltd. Animator, CyberAgent Co., Ltd. Game Division Mr. Tsutomu Ishikura, concurrently serving in the Interaction Design Department #25 Capcom Co., Ltd. Producer Yasuyuki Makino
#24 Creek & River Co., Ltd. C&R Creative Academy /COYOTE 3DCG STUDIO Background Designer Kenkichi Sato
Game meets conference 2023
REALITY Co., Ltd. XRcloud Division Manager Kazuya Haruyama / Applibot Co., Ltd. Art Director Yukio Nakatani / Fahrenheit 213 Co., Ltd. Representative Director Game Designer/Creative Director Yosuke Shiokawa/BANDAI NAMCO Online Co., Ltd. Producer Sayako Otagaki #23 Mr. Takahiro Ogami, Chief Effect Artist, Applibot Co., Ltd. #22 CyberAgent Co., Ltd. XR Engineer Kenta Iwasaki / Unreal Engine Engineer Hidemaru Koyanagi / CyberHuman Co., Ltd.
Productions 3DCG artist Tsutomu Nakazawa
#21 QualiArts Co., Ltd. UI Designer Yutaka Tsutsui / Gcrest Co., Ltd. Animator Kazutaka Sato
#20 Bandai Namco Online Co., Ltd. Producer Sayako Otagaki
#19 QualiArts Co., Ltd. 3D Director Hiroyuki Ebinuma* /* 3D Designer Takayuki Sugimura/Technical Artist Tomoya Mihara
#18 Design Animation Lab Mr. Hanasakuno/Mr. Takayu
#17 Fahrenheit 213 Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yosuke Shiokawa #16 Historia Co., Ltd. Representative Director/Producer/Director Shun Sasaki #15 Co-Creations Co., Ltd. Representative Kenta Mogi
#14 Yusuke Kuroda, author of “Life Pivot”
#13 Community limited event
#12 NASU Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Maeda Design Office Designer Takashi Maeda
#11 Personal Venture Capital LLC CEO Hideo Chikaike
#10 COPILOT Inc Project Creator Michinobu Takayama / Okayama University of Science, Department of Information Science and Technology Faculty, Game Producer Noriyuki Shimoda
#9 OKAKICHI SDN. BHD. Director, Japan Game Culture Promotion Foundation Representative Director Mr. Yoshiki Okamoto
#8 Recruitment Monsters Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Keiko Tsurumi
#7 Illustrator Yukinobu Saito
#6 NASU Co., Ltd. Representative Director/Maeda Design Office Designer Takashi Maeda
#5 Potage Co., Ltd. Representative Director Azusa Kawahara / Orinoco Peatix Co., Ltd. CMO Yuji Fujita
#4 Castor Co., Ltd. Director COO Hideaki Ishikura
#3 Endo Co., Ltd. Representative Director Mr. Sawaen (Former Microsoft Japan Executive Officer)
#2 Cinnamon Co., Ltd. Executive Officer/Futurist Hajime Hotta (“Double Harvest Win”
Author of “Strategic Design in the AI ​​Era to Create a Mechanism to Continue” #1 ZENTech Co., Ltd. Director Ryosuke Ishii (Author of “How to Create Psychological Safety”)

Since its founding in 1990, C&R has been a pioneer in creator agency, supporting the career and skill development of creators through corporate joint information sessions, career consultations, and seminars. Based on our mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals,” we will continue to aim to create an environment where creators can maximize their abilities through various initiatives. * -Game-related seminars/courses/services-*
▼5/23 (Thu) [Metaverse Night] #6 About the future of AI and creators
▼5/27 (Monday) Case study research with Takashi Shinomiya CASE 3 ~ Copyright infringement in games ~ Violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act ▼6/14 (Friday) Game Meets + Polygon Knight Concept of character design using ZBrush ▼Create outstanding UI for games, apps, websites (e-learning) ▼“Game Career Scout”, a career change scouting service specialized in the game industry
▼C&R Creative Academy, a game creator training program for inexperienced people
▼Creator-only metaverse “C&R Creative Studios Metaverse”

Event information can be found on the information site for creators “CREATIVE” VILLAGE” and is also available as an e-mail newsletter. If you are interested, please register!
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▼Click here for “CREATIVE VILLAGE”, an information site for creators ▼Click here to download the “CREATIVE VILLAGE” app
* [What is Creek & River Company] *
We are a professional agency founded in 1990. With the mission of “increasing the lifetime value of professionals” and “contributing to the creation of value for clients,” we are working in a variety of industries, including video, games, the web, advertising/publishing, writers, architecture, computer science, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, etc. We operate an agency business
(dispatch/introduction), a production business
(development/contracting), and a rights management business (planning, development, and distribution of intellectual property) specializing in professionals in the field. The C&R Group also operates businesses in the medical, IT, accounting, legal, fashion, food, and agriculture fields, and has expanded to a total of 18 fields.
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▼Company introduction video shot with a drone is now available!
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