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“Manga mitai” = Just like a manga Liverpool FC and Kodansha tell the story of the emotional moments at Anf ield!

[“Manga mitai” = Just like a manga] Liverpool FC and Kodansha tell the story of the emotional moments at Anfield!

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Press release: May 10, 2024
[“Manga mitai” = Just like a manga] Liverpool FC and Kodansha tell the story of the emotional moments at Anfield!
Matchday program cover specially drawn by manga artist Tsuyoshi Yasuda Kodansha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Masanobu Noma, hereinafter referred to as “Kodansha”) is a member of the English Premier League, Liverpool. Football Club” (Headquarters: Merseyside, UK, CEO: Billy
We have entered into an “Official Global Partnership” agreement with Liverpool FC (hereinafter referred to as “Liverpool FC”). (

In May 2024, Liverpool FC and Kodansha released three projects at their home stadium, Anfield. In these projects, Kodansha aims to leverage its editing skills to convey unforgettable moments created together by fans and teams as captivating stories.
* Overview of new project *
* 1. Renewal of the Kodansha corner at Anfield Stadium *
The Kodansha Corner, which is becoming an iconic spot at Anfield, has been unveiled in a new look. new mural
It was created by manga artist Tsuyoshi Yasuda. Five players appear in the work: Virgil Van Dyke, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Missy Beau Kearns, Wataru Endo, and Fuka Nagano. With the theme of “growth and dreams” of Liverpool FC players, the story skillfully interweaves the past and present.
* 2. Kodansha LED display updated at Anfield Stadium *
The Kodansha LED display that plays during the match is * “Manga mitai” (= just like a manga) *
The game has been completely redesigned with a new theme, and depicts the players moving just like cartoon characters, giving a dramatic look to the exciting moments that occur during the match.
Kodansha’s LED display that plays during the match. The words “Manga mitai” = Just like a manga, reflected in Anfield stadium.
* 3. Special edition of match day program *
Liverpool FC’s “Red”
As part of the “Together Together” project (*), in partnership with Kodansha, Tsuyoshi Yasuda will be hosting a special event for Liverpool FC in 5/5 Premium League Round 36.
I created the cover for the matchday program for vs. Tottenham Hotspur. The cover depicts Liverpool FC’s multinational players as if they were straight out of a story, and is a visual symbol of the bond between the club, its fans and its local community. The players pictured are Virgil Van Dyke, Dalwin Nunez, Grace Fisk (LFCW), Wataru Endo, Joe Gomez, Ibrahima Konate, Fuka Nagano (LFCW), and Missy Beau Kearns (LFCW).
*What is Liverpool FC’s “Red Together” project? Liverpool FC’s code of conduct for equality, diversity and social inclusion. Detail is See here ” debuted as a manga artist. After that, he created his representative soccer manga “DAYS

” won the Kodansha Manga Award in the boys category. Currently published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Ao no Mibro is a story of determination and growth set against the background of history.
” is currently being serialized. It is supported by many readers for its characters and stories that resonate with each other.

* ■About Kodansha Co., Ltd. *
Since its founding in 1909, Kodansha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masanobu Noma) has maintained the company’s policy of being “interesting and instructive,” and has produced magazines, comics, book series, and other genres of all genres. We have developed publications. Furthermore, “Inspire” to people all over the world.
Our purpose is to provide new discoveries and creativity to both creators and readers/users (=Inspire), and to create stories that are impossible and never seen before (=Impossible). By continuing, we are disseminating a variety of content.
For more information, please visit

* ■What is Liverpool Football Club? *
Founded in 1892, Liverpool FC is one of the most historic and famous football clubs in the world, having won 19 league titles including the Premier League, eight FA Cups, nine League Cups and six They have won the European Cup, three UEFA Cups, four European Super Cups, 16 Charity Shields, two Women’s Super League titles and one Women’s Championship.
As a socially responsible club, Liverpool FC is committed to ‘The Red Way’ – a movement that creates a better future for our staff, the environment and our communities. This award-winning initiative aims to improve sustainability across the club and strengthen equality, diversity and inclusion in all areas. It also includes a commitment to provide life-changing opportunities to children and young people in Merseyside and the surrounding area through our official charity, the LFC Foundation.
* 【Official site】*

* ■inspiRED *
“inspiRED” is a coined word of “Inspire” + “Reds”. The brand purpose “Inspire” was established last year to spread Kodansha’s philosophy of “interesting and informative” to the world since its founding. Impossible Stories” and Liverpool FC’s nickname “the
Reds” are combined. The project aims to realize the core values ​​of both parties worldwide, and is currently disseminating various messages and content.
YouTube channel
* ■* * About the activities of Liverpool FC and Kodansha *
Liverpool FC and Kodansha share a common philosophy in that they have both been dedicated to the development of culture for over 100 years. Liverpool FC, which places emphasis on activities off the pitch, has established a foundation (hereinafter referred to as the LFC Foundation) and has a history of actively supporting local residents in Liverpool, including educational activities and employment support. As a symbolic CSR activity, Kodansha carries out the “Let’s Play with Books” program, in which it carries over 500 picture books from various publishers in caravan cars and reads them aloud throughout the country.
For more than 20 years, we have conducted the National Visiting Storytelling Team, and have also presided over various awards related to literary arts as well as international contributions, and have focused our efforts on discovering new talent and creating
opportunities for their activities. .
After concluding the “Official Global Partnership” in 2021, Kodansha will work with the LFC Foundation to provide opportunities for young people, mainly high school students, who live in difficult
environments, to learn about the creative industry and to help them find employment. “Creative” provides skills acquisition and internship opportunities.
We have launched the “Works” program. We also provide local support to help children learn to read and write from an early age, and provide creative publications and materials to help bring out their creative talents. On World Book Day, we held an event at Anfield that included a surprise opportunity to interact with players. Please see the partnership site for details.
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