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Home » Seiha Network Newly opened in June 2024! “Abacus Class 88-kun for young children” will open in Aeon Mall Funabashi.

Seiha Network Newly opened in June 2024! “Abacus Class 88-kun for young children” will open in Aeon Mall Funabashi.

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Newly opened in June 2024! “Abacus Class 88-kun for young children” will open in Aeon Mall Funabashi.
Why not expand your child’s potential in our newly opened shiny classroom? You don’t have to worry because everyone starts at the same time ♪ We also accept free trials.
“Abacus Classroom 88-kun Aeon Mall Funabashi Classroom” will be held. Would you like to start new lessons in the shiny classroom that will open in June? Right now, for a limited time, we are running a new membership campaign where the joining fee is ¥0 instead of the usual ¥11,000. Now is your chance to start from scratch! We also offer “free trial” lessons. Please take this course.
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This is a shiny new classroom that has just been completed!
▼Click here to apply for a free trial▼Soroban Classroom 88-kun Homepage▼Soroban Classroom 88-kun Toll-free number 0120-815 -718▼Official
・Classroom information
Classroom name: Abacus Classroom 88-kun, Aeon Mall Funabashi Classroom 2nd floor Location: 1-1-8 Yamate, Funabashi, Chiba 273-0045 Opening date: June 2024 New opening Class opening days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Class opening hours : Weekdays (15:00-19:00) Saturdays and Sundays (10:00-18:30)
Enrollment reception: May 3, 2024 to May 31, 2024 Reception hours: 10:00 to 18:00 New school opening benefits: Enrollment fee 0 yen (normally 11,000 yen)
Please see here for the detail.
[About 3 minutes walk from Aeon Mall Funabashi]
▼Why do we use an abacus now? You will acquire “mental arithmetic ability”, “concentration power”, “memory power”, and “processing ability”! In recent years, the abacus has been attracting attention as an ability development tool that can improve children’s various abilities and basic academic abilities. In educational settings, soroban learning has become mandatory for 3rd and 4th graders. Abacus learning, in which students work on a set number of problems within a time limit and set their own goals, is useful for subjects other than the abacus and in daily life. Continuous learning will steadily improve your basic academic abilities. However, in recent years, the number of soroban classes has been decreasing year by year, and some students say, “I want my child to attend, but there is no classroom nearby,” or “There is a classroom near my home, but since it seems like I am teaching at home, I can’t go anywhere and anytime.” We hear a variety of comments, such as “I don’t know if I should contact you.” The classroom is located inside a shopping center, so you can feel safe in terms of security. 88-kun has many mechanisms to keep children having fun.
▼What is Soroban Classroom 88-kun? “Abacus Classroom 88-kun” is a small-group abacus class that can be attended by children of all ages. 88-kun differs from a typical abacus class in that the class size is small and the instructor rotates around the desk, giving detailed instruction to each student. In addition, children from different grades learn in the same class, providing good stimulation for each other. Siblings can also take the same class.
We also distribute app IDs for your home so you can practice at home. There are regular exams held three times a year, which will help you understand your child’s ability and increase their motivation and confidence. In addition to our reliable monthly tuition system, we also offer free make-up classes and transfers. We have a small class size, which is unusual for an abacus class, so even children who are learning the abacus for the first time can start with confidence. We also offer double enrollment discounts with our other branded classes (English conversation, dance, programming).
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▼What is Seiha Network?
Founded in 1985 (Showa 60), headquartered in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, operates Seiha Network Co., Ltd. and Seiha Dance Academy Co., Ltd., which mainly operate English classes. The company operates 1,300 classrooms in shopping centers, kindergartens, and nursery schools across the country, with approximately 85,000 students attending. In addition to operating classes such as “Seiha English School”, “Hill Top”, “Abacus Classroom 88-kun”, “Seiha Dance Academy”, “Papaya Style Kids Dance Academy”, “Programming Class Robo-dan”, we also run online English conversation “UP Talk” and study abroad. We will expand our business and open the experiential English learning facility “KITAKYUSHU GLOBAL GATEWAY (Kitakyushu English Village)” in 2022. From December 2023, Tesco Co., Ltd. will be made a subsidiary and Tesco English Conversation School will be run, and from April 2024, Kanda Gaigo Bunko Co., Ltd. will be made a subsidiary and the company will be running the “Kanda Gaigo Kids Club.”
■Head office location: 4F, ​​Hakata Mitsui Building 2, 1-35
Tenayamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
■Representative: Masami Sakaguchi, Representative Director
■Established: March 1985
■Business details: General education service business, English conversation class business, childcare business, dance class business, abacus class business, culture class business, programming class business, online English conversation business, study abroad business, planning and production of original English class materials, school corporation Management of international kindergarten at Nihon Kyoiku Gakuen, “KITAKYU SHU GLOBAL GATEWAY (Kitakyushu English Village)”, Tesco Co., Ltd. (Tesco English Conversation School), and Kanda Gaigo Bunko Co., Ltd. (Kanda Gaigo Kids Club).
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