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Home » Shingen Co., Ltd. The second most delicious type of bread is white bread! What bread is number 1? We surveyed 200 people about how often they eat and where they buy their food.

Shingen Co., Ltd. The second most delicious type of bread is white bread! What bread is number 1? We surveyed 200 people about how often they eat and where they buy their food.

[Shingen Co., Ltd.] The second most delicious type of bread is white bread! What bread is number 1? We surveyed 200 people about how often they eat and where they buy their food.

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Press release: May 11, 2024
The second most delicious type of bread is white bread! What bread is number 1? We surveyed 200 people about how often they eat and where they buy their food.
SHUFUFU, an information media for housewives operated by Shingen Co., Ltd., conducted a survey regarding bread. We will publish the results. Survey overview
Survey method: Internet survey
Research institution: In-house research
Number of people surveyed: 200 men and women
Target audience: People who have purchased and eaten bread in the past year Survey gender: 79 men, 121 women
Survey period: May 2024
Research report:
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the “SHUFUFU” URL (
When is the best time to eat bread?
When is the best time to eat bread? The most common response to this question was “Weekdays – Morning (51.5%)”.
This was followed by “weekdays – noon (19%)” and “weekends – morning (12.5%).” Bread seems to be commonly eaten for breakfast and lunch, both on weekdays and weekends.
What type of bread do you think is the most delicious?
Regarding the type of bread that they think is the most delicious, 1st place was “sandwich (19%)” and 2nd place was “white bread (17%).” I had the impression that white bread was eaten on a regular basis, but sandwiches seem to be preferred in terms of taste.
Why do you think the bread you selected above is delicious, and which shops do you recommend?
1st place: Sandwich
I like bacon lettuce sandwiches from convenience stores. (woman)

I like the tuna sandwich the most, and I think it’s the best combination. (woman)

With sandwiches, you can choose the toppings and bread type depending on your mood that day, so I think there is a wide range of choices, from hearty sandwiches to fruity ones. However, this is my favorite type of bread. (woman)

This is because you can choose your favorite toppings, choose pandomi or whole wheat bread, and enjoy the deliciousness of bread that you will never get tired of. (woman)

You can enjoy various ingredients together and it has a good balance (female)

The good thing about “sandwiches” is that you can enjoy variations by using various ingredients. It is also attractive that many types are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores and can be eaten easily. *

2nd place: Bread
It’s simple and timeless, and you can arrange it in various ways to expand your possibilities. We recommend natural yeast bread from commercial supermarkets. (woman)

Every morning, toasting a slice of bread and eating it with coffee gives me a sense of the start of the day. (male)

I mostly only eat it for breakfast, so I prefer plain bread to sweet bread. (male)

Because I love toasting a slice of bread and spreading it with butter. (woman)

I like that I can eat it without getting bored and can enjoy it with various toppings. I often purchase Fujipan Honjikomi Yanogabi (female)

* “Shokupan” seems to be a popular type of bread to eat every day. It seems to be popular because it is hard to get tired of, and you can enjoy a variety of flavors such as jam and butter. *

3rd place: Croissant
Because I feel that the crispy texture and butter are very delicious (female)

The beauty of the cross-sectional view of many thin layers, the crunchy texture, and the aroma of butter that spreads in your mouth are all delicious and enjoyable to the eye, texture, and taste. (woman)

We recommend R Baker’s “Nobiru Croissant.” (woman)

Because the texture is good and you can eat as much as you want (male)

It goes well with both salty and sweet foods, so it has a wide range of uses. (woman)

* Croissants seem to be popular for their combination of buttery flavor and crispy texture. *

4th place: Curry bread
I like basic curry. From home-cooked dishes to authentic Indian curry. Even if each restaurant or manufacturer has its own characteristics, you can still enjoy delicious food. (male)

I have always liked curry, and the combination of curry and bread goes well together. (male)

The crunchy flavors of the curry and fried bread go together very well and are delicious. There are many expensive restaurants, but I think the one at Torandoll located at the JR station is delicious. (woman)

The sweetness of the dough and the spiciness of the curry are exquisite (female)

* “Curry bread” was also very popular among men. The percentage of people who liked curry itself seemed to like curry bread. *

5th place: Melon bread
It has just the right amount of sweetness and the crunchy outside and fluffy inside make it very delicious. (woman)

Melon bread with chocolate chips is sweet and fluffy (female)

I especially like the cookie dough on the crust of melon bread. (woman)

6th place: Anpan
Best eaten with milk (men)

I like red bean paste, so I like red bean paste. I like Mon Atashi’s Anpan (male)

There’s a lot of red bean paste inside the bread and it’s sweet and delicious (female)

7th place: French bread
Baguettes are delicious to eat as is, and they are versatile and can be arranged in various ways. I like the difference in texture between the outside and the inside, which makes it very satisfying to eat. (woman)

I think the more you bite into it, the more the wheat taste comes out and it’s delicious. (male)

“Koppe Tajima” fried soybean bread has a large amount of soybean and is delicious. (woman)

Salt bread can be used to judge whether or not the bread at a particular store is delicious. (woman)

I like walnut bread. This is because the flavor of walnuts permeates through the fluffy bread and is delicious. (woman)

How often do you eat bread?
When asked how often they eat bread, the first answer was “almost every day (32%),” and the second place was “two to three times a week (31.5%).” There may be many people who eat bread every morning. Where have you bought bread in the past year? (Multiple possible) When asked where they bought bread in the past year, the first place was a supermarket (82%), and the second place was a bakery (67.5%). Many people may also buy bread when they go shopping. I get the impression that bakeries are often more expensive than supermarkets, but it’s nice to be able to eat freshly baked, hand-crafted bread. Summary of survey results
After conducting a questionnaire survey on “bread” among 200 men and women, When asked about the time of day when they often eat bread, the most common answer was “weekdays – in the morning.” I think there are quite a lot of people who prefer bread in the morning.
When asked about the type of bread that they think is the most delicious, “sandwiches” came in first place. In addition to side dishes such as tuna sandwiches and egg sandwiches, fruit sandwiches are also popular these days because they can be enjoyed with various toppings.
Regarding the frequency of eating bread, the most common answer was “almost every day.” Nowadays, it may be safe to say that bread is a staple food for Japanese people.
The majority of places where people bought bread in the past year were supermarkets. It’s great to be able to buy bread in so many varieties and at such low prices.
What kind of bread do you like?
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In addition to this, we also develop business management tools, operate owned media, and conduct site analysis surveys.
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