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Home » A cute amulet made of power stones ♪ “Jewel Fortune Charm” is now available from “Marulani Hawaii” from Hawaii !

A cute amulet made of power stones ♪ “Jewel Fortune Charm” is now available from “Marulani Hawaii” from Hawaii !

H1GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
A cute amulet made of power stones ♪ “Jewel Fortune Charm” is now available from “Marulani Hawaii” from Hawaii!
The “Jewel Fortune” series has joined the popular stone charm items from “Marulani Hawaii,” a natural stone accessory brand that originated in Hawaii.
The newly created series includes four types that entrust wishes such as love, financial luck, health, and warding off evil spirits. Natural stones with various expressions are arranged in a
well-balanced manner to create a fashionable look.
Weighing approximately 3-4g, it can be easily put on and taken off using the pull ring, so you can attach it to your key chain, pouch, bag, or wherever you like.
How about using it as a daily amulet for yourself or your loved ones?
[Image 1:×501.jpg] ・Jewel Fortune Charm
[Image 2:×600.jpg] Sales price: 3,000 yen (3,300 yen including tax)
Material: Natural stone, brass plated parts
Available stores: Official online shop, domestic stores, etc. ・Love & charm
[Image 3:×601.jpg] Stone charms made of gentle and proud goddess stones that bring out the beauty and charm of the wearer.
A talisman for eternal love, mental and physical stability, healing, intuition, and happiness.
・Warding off evil spirits & traffic safety
[Image 4:×601.jpg] Stone charms made of strong and beautiful sacred stones that protect the wearer. A talisman for love, health, happiness, communication, success, and good luck. ・Money luck & health
[Image 5:×601.jpg] A stone charm that carries stones of light that symbolize the sun and nature to a bright future.
A talisman for financial luck, health, warding off evil spirits, good relationships, happiness, and protection.
・Purification & good luck
[Image 6:×601.jpg] A stone charm with healthy and clear vibrational stones that promotes awakening and leads to the optimal future.
A charm for love, purification, improvement, warding off evil spirits, wish fulfillment, and happiness.
・Engraved Malulani, God bless you.
[Image 7:×600.jpg] The original charm is engraved with “Malulani,” which means “protected by God” in Hawaiian.
It is a prayer for the person holding it, saying, “May God bless you.”
[Image 8:×1000.jpg] The charms are available in 6 different motifs, each with a wonderful legend. Please select your favorite charm from the dropdown.
・Stylish packaging makes a great gift
[Image 9:×600.jpg] We will deliver it in a stylish package that is recommended as a gift. Please enjoy the meaning of each stone.
*This product will be delivered in its original plastic bag. If you would like to package it in a box, please order the sales amount separately (¥330).
[Image 10:×800.jpg] Sparkling power stone charms are widely used as items that bring happiness. How about using the stylish “Jewel Fortune Charm”, which takes advantage of the beauty and individuality of natural stones, as a happy daily charm?
[Image 11:×1080.jpg] ◆Click here to purchase
◆Click here for the charm list

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◆Marulani Hawaii
[Image 12:×750.jpg] A natural stone jewelry brand with its main store in Hawaii. Based on the concept of “power stones = supplements for the soul,” we manufacture and sell original accessories using natural stones purified at power spots on Oahu, Hawaii.
The origin of the store’s name, “MALULANI,” is a Hawaiian word meaning “protected by the gods.” Incorporating items with the words “MALULANI” engraved on them, we entrust the prayer “May God bless you.”
◆Inquiries regarding this matter PR: Shoko/Yokoi TEL: 03-6433-5723 MAIL:
[Marulani Hawaii official account]
◆Company overview
Company name: H1GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
Founded: April 2005
Representative: Representative Director Sho Terusaki
Head Office: Azabu Hiroo Mansion 901, 5-1-29 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
TEL: 03-6419-7755
Business content: Design, production, product development, and wholesale/retail of natural stone accessories. Planning and operation of restaurants, development of healthcare business, etc.
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