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Housewell Co., Ltd. Increased use of Mail2Link, which automatically forwards emails to chat tools, in factories and manufacturing industries

[Housewell Co., Ltd.] Increased use of Mail2Link, which automatically forwards emails to chat tools, in factories and manufacturing industries

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Press release: May 11, 2024
The use of Mail2Link, which automatically forwards emails to chat tools, is increasing in factories and manufacturing industries. *Regular email notifications such as system errors and normal operation are forwarded to chat to improve efficiency*
Demand for “Mail2Link”, which is sold by Housewell Co., Ltd. (Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, CEO: Kenji Amaike) and automatically forwards emails to a chat tool, is increasing in factories and manufacturing industries. .
By forwarding emails to a chat tool with Mail2Link, you can visualize the factory operating status and strengthen collaboration between the office and factory.

We will introduce how to utilize Mail2Link based on an example of its implementation in a factory.
* ▼Example of use in factory*
– *Share error notification email*
By sending notifications when errors occur to the chat tool, You can start responding immediately.
Additionally, Mail2Link has a “compatible button”.
You can set it up so you can see at a glance who will be handling it.

By pressing the “Response button” before taking action.
You can feel safe because you can prevent omissions or duplicate responses. Smoothly check progress both inside and outside the company with system notifications

– *Smooth communication between the office and the field*
Mail2Link is useful in a variety of situations.
By using Mail2Link, you can forward input completion emails such as reports and management sheets for each work process to a chat tool. You can check the progress of the factory in real time, so there is no need to worry even if the factory and office are far apart.
It also allows for smooth coordination between each work process. In this way, Mail2Link promotes work efficiency in various situations such as checking progress and inventory status.

*Mail2Link implementation example*
* [Akitsu Kozai Co., Ltd.’s Mail2Link usage example]*
Akitsu Kozai Co., Ltd., a steel company, has introduced Mail2Link from June 2022.
Among the manufacturing industries, the steel industry is still in its old-fashioned state, and has been overwhelmingly slow to adopt IT and promote DX.
At that time, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and employees suddenly had to take leave of absence.
“I have to work tomorrow, so I’ll leave this work to later.” “I haven’t received a response to my confirmation request yet, but is it okay to do it after tomorrow?”
It is no longer possible for employees to manage work at their own convenience. Therefore, we decided to use kintone and LINE, which we had previously introduced.
By using Mail2Link in addition to WORKS, we have been able to enhance the speed of collaboration between employees, simplify existing operations, and speed up workflows.
After introducing Mail2Link
・Daily business negotiation report
・Processing witnessing/equipment construction witnessing report in manufacturing ・Processing instructions
・Minutes of internal meetings
・Personnel evaluation sheet and goal management sheet
・Accounting application documents
・Treasury book for in-house safe
Forms and document creation notifications, which were previously entered in kintone and shared internally on paper, can now be automatically transferred to LINE WORKS and shared internally. By being able to confirm and reply within LINE WORKS*, workflow speed has been significantly increased*, and by going paperless*
We succeeded in reducing paper usage by 40%*.
Also, previously, communication was done via paper, so even if I was out of the office, I had to return to the office to confirm. However, by using Mail2Link, the email content is automatically forwarded to LINE WORKS, so there is no need to go back to the office, which has led to business improvements.
Housewell Co., Ltd. will continue to strive to operate services that are easy for users to use.
Thank you for your continued support of “Mail2Link”.

*What is Mail2Link*
This is a system that automatically forwards any email to a chat group. Many emails arrive every day in my representative email and personal email. Any email, such as important emails that should not be overlooked or important inquiries from customers, will be automatically forwarded to your chat tool to automate information sharing and improve work efficiency.
By forwarding an email to a talk group, you can share information with multiple people instantly, which prevents emails from being overlooked or left unresponsive.

* ■Company profile*
Company name: Akitsu Steel Co., Ltd.
Address: 127-5 Nishimachi, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture Established: September 1948
Representative: Masahisa Kita
Capital: 84 million yen
Business details: Slitting, leveling, processing and sales of cold-rolled steel plates, hot-rolled steel plates, surface-treated steel plates, colored steel plates, stainless steel plates, and other steel plates.
Company name: Housewell Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 3-414 Taisei-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Established: August 21, 2004
Representative: Kenji Amaike, Representative Director
Capital: 227 million yen (group total)
nanairo+ Business Department exclusive website: Mail2LinkLP:
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