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BUZZ GROUP WONDER∞WANDER new member audition held!

Tsumugi Holdings Co., Ltd.
WONDER∞WANDER new member audition held!
WONDER∞WANDER is a girl group that operates in the Vocapop worldview, incorporating elements of Japanese culture such as Vocaloid and anime. ……
Also welcome inexperienced! Self-recommendation or other
recommendations are not required!
[Image:×1963.jpg] We are recruiting members for the girl group “WONDER∞WANDER”, which is active in the Vocapop worldview, incorporating elements of Japanese culture such as Vocaloid and anime.
Also welcome inexperienced! Self-recommendation or other
recommendations are not required!
*Please refrain from entering if you are affiliated with an agency. ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈
-Application Requirements-
▷No experience required (experienced preferred)
▷Those who are aware of being a professional artist/idol and are able to engage in activities seriously
▷Those who are physically and mentally healthy and have no history of mental illness
-Flow of joining-
1. Document screening (LINE)
Application deadline: Friday, May 31st
2.Performance Judgment
*Held in Tokyo on 6/9 (Sun)
3.Final interview
4.Decision to join
Audition date
○6/9 14:00-17:00
Venue: BUZZ BAYSIDE 1st (Hamamatsucho)
2-7-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
▼New member audition official LINE entry URL▼
If you would like to enter, please send the following 5 items! ·name
·You live prefectures
・Bust close-up photo (upper body)
・Full body photo
*Photos with excessive processing are not allowed.
We will wait for the application of everybody!
A girl group that operates with a Vocapop worldview that incorporates elements of Japanese culture such as Vocaloid and anime.
Debuted in September 2021 with the release of the 1st EP “Wonder Tale”. The debut LIVE was held in October. In 2022, they released the singles “Midnight Sentimental”, “Tsumara Nai”, and the song “WON∞ WAN” produced by cosplay live actor Shirayuki.
They regularly hold live concerts at SHIBUYA REX and other venues, and in May they also performed at CLUB QUATTRO, much to the excitement of the venue. In addition, he has released many sung and dance covers of Vocaloid songs and other songs on his YouTube channel, showing off high-quality dances.
It was a year in which she took on a variety of challenges, including regularly appearing at the anime club event “CANIME!” and appearing not only live but also as a DJ (Mirei, Yuuna).
The single “brilliant blue” released in January 2023 was featured on Nippon TV’s “Buzz Rhythm 02”, BS Nippon TV’s “Hayami Mi-chan”, TBS TV’s “Kaiun Ongakudo”, BS Nippon TV’s “BS Kayo Premium”, etc. It became a hot topic, with the song being used as the theme song. In February, they appeared at JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2023 in Thailand, and are expanding their activities overseas.
It has been announced that they will be releasing songs for 12 consecutive months starting in April. The first one, “Limelight,” was produced by Chocho P.
The girls’ singing voices perfectly match the beautiful melody and light track that are typical of Chocho P, making it a work that you can enjoy making yourself. In addition, the jackets for “brilliant blue” and “limelight” were created by member Mirei, and the group is involved in multiple activities. In May, the second album “Dendebi Ribiri” produced by Vocaloid P Danki was released.
This song was used as the ending theme for TV Asahi’s “Weekly Dow Tsushin” in May, and it became a hot topic when it was used in a choreography video by Local Campione, a trend maker in the TikTok world.
In June, “Sorairo Innocence” was released. With this song, new member Sakurada, who has great singing ability, joined the group.
In July, he released “Dada Boys’ School”, which depicts the daily life of a boys’ school. In August, “Kiteretsu Sakuretsu”, which expresses the world view of Boka Pop, was released as the 5th part of a 12-month series of releases.
Every month, they release vocal pop songs in quick succession, including “Maji Imagination Girl,” “Mikaiketsu Note,” and “Bouken no Mono.”
In December, Sakurada’s solo ballad “Tegami” was released, having won first place in a campaign to compete for the number of video posts on TikTok and successfully winning the right to release a solo song. The total number of views on TikTok has exceeded 80 million, and the one-man live held at Shibuya Club Asia in February 2024 ended with a full house and a great success.
Sponsored by ABC Mart [VANS LITE] Their song “Kiteretsu Sakuretsu” was selected as the song for the second screening of the new CM audition, and they are a rapidly growing group that is active in various fields.
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