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Child abduction Marital troubles and discord Wife’s feelings are growing apart

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[Child abduction] Marital troubles and discord [Wife’s feelings are growing apart]
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of consultations regarding child abduction, where the relationship between husband and wife is slipping away from the husband’s feelings, and from April 2024, we will be accepting applications for free consultations.
Our center provides relief for marital problems! We provide support to those who are worried about divorce or infidelity.
If you have a legal problem, we will give you advice tailored to your situation. We provide telephone consultations, LINE messages, visits to our offices, and provide support tailored to the individual.
Consultations are free. We will advise you on how to resolve the issue based on the content of your consultation.
This is a story from a consultant about common marital problems. After getting married and having a child, my wife’s behavior changed. During their married life, the wife’s behavior became strange and she began to feel that her husband (the counselor) was becoming a nuisance, and the wife gradually took in the children and brainwashed them, treating the husband (the counselor) as a nuisance. Like… I didn’t even know what was causing it, and I was in a state of confusion.
[Image 1:×427.jpg] The wife makes up false accusations of moral harassment and domestic violence, and gets into a fight with the police, claiming that her husband (the person she consulted) has a problem, and in the end, the wife proposes that they live separately, and if she doesn’t agree to the separation, she will file for divorce.
The husband (consultant), who does not want to divorce, thinks it is for the sake of restoring their relationship, agrees to live separately, but thinks it is for the sake of the child, and as his wife requests, he continues to live separately and pays the wedding expenses every month.
Unlike typical wedding expenses, they demanded a higher amount, and it seems that they continued to pay because they wanted to see their children and avoid getting divorced.
I have continued to live separately with hope, but the circumstances have not changed, and no matter how long the period of separation has passed, I am gradually unable to see my children.I wonder if my children are also taken in by my wife, as I have not been able to contact them at all, and I have not been able to see them. I couldn’t do it. In addition to the high cost of marriage, the relationship has not been able to be repaired and is only getting worse.I thought that after the separation, I would be able to repair the relationship and get back together, but if this situation turns out to be like this, then something will change at an early stage. Many people seem to regret it and wish they had noticed.
[Image 2:×427.jpg] Some of these include people who are thinking of getting divorced, people who have problems with remaining mortgages, people who don’t know how to divide assets in preparation for divorce, custody issues, child support payments after divorce, etc. There are cases where various issues overlap.
There is also an example like this. From the beginning, the wife was having an affair and wanted to separate from her husband, so she started a fabricated scandal of moral harassment and domestic violence, which led to the police report, and they separated, spending time together until the period of separation, which is grounds for divorce, and then working as a professional (lawyer, etc.). A suspicious husband who receives a notice of divorce using the service may be found to have been unfaithful during a cheating investigation.
[Image 3:×427.jpg] If your child is taken away and you are ordered to live separately, there are many possible scenarios.
Please feel free to contact us if you are worried about abduction issues, separation issues, marriage expenses, and divorce issues. NPO Free Consultation Center If you are having trouble with
inheritance, please contact us.
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