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Home » Yamaguchi Corporation Co., Ltd. Shizuka Will i-Founda3 crystal case now available for Google’s new model “Pixel8a”!

Yamaguchi Corporation Co., Ltd. Shizuka Will i-Founda3 crystal case now available for Google’s new model “Pixel8a”!

[ Corporation Co., Ltd.] [Shizuka Will] Google’s new model “Pixel 8a” with i-Founda3 Crystal (i-Founda3
crystal) case now available!

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Press release: May 12, 2024
[Shizuka Will] i-Founda3 crystal case now available for Google’s new model “Pixel8a”!
*A new high-performance case that combines flexibility and toughness with high transparency and resistance to discoloration*
i-Founda3 crystal
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The brand “shizukawill” of Corporation Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Mine City, Prefecture, President and CEO: Takashi ) is available on Google.
We have released an i-Founda3 crystal case compatible with Pixel8a. A next-generation high-performance hybrid case that pursues ultimate transparency and achieves overwhelming protection.
Impact dispersion structure
[Impact dispersion structure]
* Air pocket cushions * in the four corners
Distributes damage to the device.
[Beauty unique to glass]
* Highly transparent and does not yellow * Glass
Highlight the original beauty of your device.
Beauty unique to glass
High edge design to protect the camera
[High edge design to protect the camera]
Because the area around the camera is *designed* high,
The lens is less likely to be damaged.
[Music is also comfortable]
The speaker part is designed to produce sound in three dimensions. You can hear the sound clearly even if you hold the device horizontally. Enjoy music comfortably
dirt can be removed easily
[Easy to remove dirt]
Since it is made of glass, *just wipe it*
You can easily remove dirt.
[Also compatible with wireless charging]
Even with the case attached,
* Wireless charging (Qi charging) * can be used.
*Compatible with wireless charger,
 Magnet is not included, so
It will not be adsorbed with the charger.
Also compatible with wireless charging
The product is manufactured specifically for the model, so
The side buttons and rear camera fit perfectly!
《About Corporation》
Company name: Corporation Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 10667-1 Nishibu, Omine-cho, Mine City, Prefecture 759-2213
Representative: Takashi , President and Representative Director Business details: Smartphone accessory mail order (import/export sales business), website production, advertising/printed matter production shizukawill Trademark registration number: No. 5883712
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