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Easy schedule adjustment tool now offers a function that allows you to evenly distribute business negotiations and interviews to your own representatives

E4 Co., Ltd.
Easy schedule adjustment tool now offers a function that allows you to evenly distribute business negotiations and interviews to your own representatives
Patented, “unique” features that only eeasy can provide
E4 Co., Ltd. (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Taichiro Sugimoto) uses the schedule adjustment tool “eeasy” to adjust schedules for business negotiations, interviews, etc. We have started providing a function that automatically distributes business negotiations and interviews so that the number of business
negotiations and interviews handled is closer to “even.”
This feature utilizes patented technology that we have acquired, so it is a “unique” feature that only eeasy can provide among schedule adjustment tools. (*Our patent used in this function:
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Existing issues
In actual work, business negotiations and interviews may be divided among multiple people, so some schedule adjustment tools, including eeasy, allow you to adjust the schedule and at the same time, assign the person in charge of your company who has a free schedule. There is a function that automatically assigns business negotiations and interviews to “one person” (*Note). In response to customer requests for more even distribution of workload to each person in charge, up until now it has been common to use a “random (function using random numbers)” distribution method. However, due to the nature of the “random” method, there will inevitably be a “bias” in the number of business meetings and interviews for each person in charge over a short period of time such as one week or one month. The problem was that the workload (=number of business negotiations/interviews) was concentrated. This function is a function that can solve the above problem, and can automatically allocate business negotiations and interviews to each person in charge so that the number of business deals and interviews that each person in charge of your company handles is approximately equal. Masu.
In this document, we give priority to easy-to-understand explanations and state that the content will be automatically assigned to “one person” among the company’s personnel. ~ It has been patented to allow multiple people (teams) to freely design it, and it is already available as a function of eeasy. In other words, eeasy is the only schedule adjustment tool that automatically allocates business negotiations/interviews not only to “one person” but also to “any one team (target for allocation consisting of multiple people)” I would like to add that this is possible. (Technical patent that allows for free distribution design including multiple people:
Functional overview
By specifying the “unit period” and “equalization schedule”, you can adjust the schedule within the free time of each person in charge, and at the same time automatically determine the person in charge as shown in the example below. Example)・1 Allocate new business negotiations to the sales person who has the least number of meetings in a week. – Allocate new interviews to the sales person who has the least number of meetings in a week. – To the person in charge who has the least number of meetings in a month. Assign new meetings
[Note] – You can specify days, weeks, or months as the “unit period” for making equalization decisions. – You can specify one of the following as “Scheduled to equalize”.・ Appointments booked from the same reservation reception page ・ Appointments whose subject contains the specified character string Example: Appointments on Google Calendar whose subject contains the character string “Interview” – (Note) above As mentioned above, it is possible to not only assign to “one person” but also to “any one team made up of multiple people” based on more advanced rules, and when assigning to a team. This function can also be applied to – This content is the functionality as of May 2024 and may be expanded in the future.
About the schedule adjustment tool “eeasy”
eeasy is a service that automatically determines free schedules and automates business schedule adjustments by linking with Google Calendar and Outlook calendar. ( It has a schedule adjustment function that can handle “almost every situation” in business, and is the only company in the industry with a large number of patents, making it an overwhelming leader in the industry. We are proud of our functional superiority. Furthermore, the advanced security measures implemented by eeasy have been highly evaluated by many listed companies and large companies, and have already been implemented by over 50,000 companies, including many companies listed on TSE Prime. . ◆ Overview of schedule adjustment ・ To adjust the schedule, just send the URL to the other party… In as little as 10 seconds ・ No double bookings ・ Automatically adjust according to available schedules ・ Appointments are automatically registered in the company’s calendar ・ … No hassle or omissions ◆ Schedule adjustment situations that can be accommodated (Partial excerpt)・Adjustment for individual users・Adjustment including internal attendees・Adjustment on behalf of internal members・Adjustment for 3 or more
companies・Interview adjustment between companies and candidates (for recruitment)・Adjustment of web conference ( Automatic issuance of web conference URL) Simultaneous adjustment of meeting locations (for visits/visitors, etc.) Reception of reservations for briefing sessions and seminars Automatic assignment of persons in charge/responsible teams Upper limit control on number of business negotiations, number of interviews, etc.
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E4 Co., Ltd. Company Profile
We are a company that aims to “change the norm,” “create new concepts,” “make things more convenient,” and “increase smiles on the faces of those we interact with,” and we create and develop businesses while having fun. In the 10 months since its launch, the schedule adjustment tool “eeasy” has achieved a business partnership with NEC Netsi Corporation (TSE Prime), which boasts a track record of using Zoom in over 10,000 companies, and has also selected a number of famous venture companies. It has been selected by Fujitsu Accelerator for Work Life Shift, received high praise from many famous large companies, and is attracting attention as a top runner in the industry. [Company Profile] Company Name: E4 Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: efour) Address: 9-3 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: President and Representative Director Taichiro Sugimoto Establishment: July 2018 URL: https://www.efour .jp/
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