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Home » Flowers delivered by Kohei Matsushita – Touching Flower Cupid Mother’s Day Special Campaign for Winners’ Parents and Children

Flowers delivered by Kohei Matsushita – Touching Flower Cupid Mother’s Day Special Campaign for Winners’ Parents and Children

Flowers delivered by Kohei Matsushita – Touching Flower Cupid Mother’s Day Special Campaign for Winners’ Parents and Children
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Press release: May 12, 2024
Flowers delivered by Kohei Matsushita – Touching Flower Cupid Mother’s Day Special Campaign for Winners’ Parents and Children
*Kohei Matsushita “I also gave my mother flowers from Hana Cupid”* JFTD Hana Cupid General Incorporated Association (Location:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Masanobu Sawada) and Hana Cupid Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshikawa)
Noboru) has recently launched the “Hana Cupid” campaign for Mother’s Day 2024. We carried out “Flowers from Kohei Matsushita” to the winners of “Mother’s Day Special Campaign”.
In this campaign, one person who purchases Mother’s Day flowers from Hana Cupid and applies will receive flowers from Kohei Matsushita, as well as a Mother’s Day gift from Hana Cupid signed by Kohei
Matsushita. We are planning to give away posters and original postcards.
* “Hana Cupid Mother’s Day Special Campaign” *
“Hana Cupid” is a delivery network of flower shops consisting of approximately 4,000 shops across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. When we receive your order, we will contact the participating store near the delivery destination, who will make and deliver your flower gift. Because products are delivered directly from near the destination instead of having to be delivered over long distances, we also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by the distance not delivered. People who have used the service have said, “I thought there was a delivery company called Hana Cupid, but it turned out that the delivery system is made by a flower shop near the recipient.” “Instead of delivering it in a box, it is delivered by hand.” We have received many comments from people who were surprised to learn about how Hana Cupid works, such as “It gives us a lot of money” and “It’s kind to the earth.”
“Flowers delivered by Kohei Matsushita” in the “Hana Cupid Mother’s Day Special Campaign” is a Hana Cupid service in which Kohei Matsushita directly hands the flowers to the winners, delivering their feelings one by one. We planned this event with the hope of conveying the charm of sending flowers.
Campaign details:
*Kohei Matsushita presents the winners with flowers and says, “It’s like a dream”*
Mr. Kohei Matsushita presented flowers to Mr. A’s mother, who was selected from a large number of applications. Mr. A’s motivation for applying was, “My mother is a big fan of Kohei Matsushita, and as a result of that, I go to concerts and performances with her.Kohei-kun gave my mother flowers for Mother’s Day. “I think both mother and daughter could not be happier.”

On the day of the event, when Kohei Matsushita appeared at the delivery venue, Mr. A and his mother couldn’t help but exclaim with delight, “Wow, this is real!”
Afterwards, Kohei Matsushita said, “Actually, I wanted to go and hand it over to you, but thank you for coming like this today,” and then, “These are Mother’s Day flowers from my daughter.” “I hope that you will continue to be healthy and go to many places together,” he said as he handed the bouquet of flowers to his mother. Mr. Matsushita then spoke kindly to her mother, saying things like, “I heard that you came to our live show. Thank you!” and the two had a peaceful conversation for a while. Although Mr. A and his child were nervous at first, their expressions gradually softened and they were happy to meet Mr. Matsushita.
The delivery was also broadcast on TBS TV’s “Leave it to Akko” on May 12th. *Comment from Kohei Matsushita: “Every year on Mother’s Day, I give my mother what she wants, and this year I also give her flowers.”* We asked Kohei Matsushita about his thoughts on this campaign and how he is spending Mother’s Day.
Question 1: Please tell us your impressions of this campaign where you met the winners and their children face-to-face and handed out flowers.
“I was happy to meet the winners.Actually, I wanted to go and meet them, but they came and I was able to meet them.They also said that they would come to see the next performance. Hearing this directly makes me feel like I have to work even harder.”

Question 2: How do you spend Mother’s Day yourself?
“Although I live far away from my mother, we are close, so I go to see her when I can.When I can’t, I try to ask my mother what she wants in advance and give her a gift. My mother is always slow to tell me what she wants, and I often get requests for things like cages and clothes for her dogs and cats.I won’t be able to visit her this year, so I’ll send her flowers at Hana Cupid. I ordered it the other day.If I can’t pick it up myself, it’s convenient to have it delivered by Hana Cupid, and I will continue to use it.
*Comments from the winning parent and child*
We asked the winners and their mothers how they felt after receiving flowers from Kohei Matsushita.
Winner’s mother: “I’ve been a big fan for a long time, and I’ve seen all the productions he’s performed in, and I’ve been allowed to go to his performances and concerts.At the concert the other day, I was seated near the front, but today I was even closer. I was able to meet Kohei up close and he was so beautiful. He was even more kind and nice than I had imagined, and I will continue to support him.”
Winner: “I didn’t expect to win, so I was really surprised. It was like a dream. My mother is a big fan of Kohei Matsushita, and we always go to his performances and concerts together. This time was the best. It’s Mother’s Day, and I couldn’t have been more filial to my parents.”
*Kohei Matsushita profile*
Born March 6, 1987 in Tokyo. In 2008, he debuted as a
singer-songwriter under the name Kohei. He started acting as an actor the following year and gained popularity for his role as Hachiro, the heroine’s husband, in the NHK morning TV drama series “Scarlet” (2019). Her main appearances include the dramas “Saiai” and “Ichiban Sukina Hana”, the movie “Don’t Call It a Mystery”, and the stage play “A Flower Blooming in the Dark”.
In addition to his activities as an actor, he will make his re-debut in 2021 with the single “Tsuyogari”. The album “R&ME” will be released in December 2023. Starting January 2024, he will hold his largest national live tour, including a 2-day tour at Tokyo Garden Theater. Appointed as artist navigator for Nippon Television’s “with MUSIC.” TBS’s Friday drama “9 Borders” has been airing since April.
* ■Future outlook*
Hana Cupid Group will continue to promote a new culture of
flower-giving through various campaigns, based on the brand concept of “Giving flowers to the heart and creating excitement.”

* ■JFTD Hana Cupid General Incorporated Association*
Representative: Chairman Masanobu Sawada
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revitalization of the flower industry / Flower cupid trading related (Fresh flower delivery business) / Issuance of flower and green gift certificates / Joint business for members (joint ordering business, joint purchasing business, joint advertising business)
Official website:

* ■Hana Cupid Co., Ltd.*
Representative: Representative Director Noboru Yoshikawa
Address: 2nd floor, Japan Flower Hall, 4-11-9 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Main business: Accepting orders for mail order delivery of fresh flowers under the Hana Cupid brand/Flower materials supply
business/Retail support business
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