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Home » Vap Co., Ltd. Blu-ray & DVD of the drama “Perfect Proposal” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV (Kanto lo cal) will be released on July 3rd (Wednesday)!

Vap Co., Ltd. Blu-ray & DVD of the drama “Perfect Proposal” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV (Kanto lo cal) will be released on July 3rd (Wednesday)!

VAP Co., Ltd.
The Blu-ray & DVD of the drama “Perfect Proposal” currently being broadcast on Fuji TV (Kanto local) will be released on July 3rd (Wednesday)!
The soothing BL manga by Mayo Tsurukame, which has a cumulative circulation of 210,000 copies, has been adapted into a live-action drama!
Since distribution started on FOD in February of this year, it has been in the top 10 of weekly viewing rankings for 5 consecutive weeks! Ranked #1 in the BL category weekly viewership ranking!
Ranked first in the overall rankings in all regions on the overseas distribution platform “GagaOOLala”!
The much-talked-about work, whose final episode will be broadcast tonight on Fuji TV (Kanto local), has finally been made into a long-awaited software! !
Includes many bonus videos exclusive to Blu-ray & DVD, such as an epilogue depicting the “after” of the main story, unreleased cuts & bloopers, and a cooking project with lead actors Shunya Kaneko and Kota Nomura!
[Image 1:×1525.jpg] A cool boy with excellent housework skills x an office worker who is tired of life
A “pure spice love story” that begins with the reunion of two people who promised to get married when they were children.
Drama “Perfect Proposal” Blu-ray & DVD will be released on Wednesday, July 3rd! Special videos including bonus videos released for the first time are also released!
He made his acting debut in “Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA” (2021-22 TX) and played the main character Hirokuni Watari, who is under pressure from his boss at work and spends his days sleepless. He made his acting debut in “Movie My Home Hero” ( 2024) Shunya Kaneko is an up-and-coming star who has been in the spotlight after appearing in the drama “Haru Nitara” (Kantere, 2024). The role of Kai Fukaya, a cool young man with outstanding housework skills who soothes Hirokuni’s heart with delicious food, is played by an exclusive model for Men’s Nonno. Kota Nomura is a rising star who has appeared in popular works such as 2024). The two fresh-faced actors, who both played lead roles in this drama for the first time, became a hot topic as they expressed the delicate movements of their hearts.
The Blu-ray & DVD includes an epilogue that depicts exactly what happened to the two of them based on the newly written “After” included at the end of the original comic, #Apron Anniversary, unreleased cuts & bloopers, visual commentary, as well as Shunya Kaneko and Nomura. Contains many bonus videos exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD that cannot be seen anywhere else, such as the “Kaihiro” cooking project, which was realized in response to a request from a fan of the work, to have Kota challenge himself to make omelet rice, which also appeared in the drama!
This is a must-have for fans of the drama, as it includes the making-of of the drama, which allows you to enjoy the drama even more deeply, and the preview screening of the finished product, where OCTPATH, who was in charge of the theme song and insert song, also appeared on stage!
Hirokuni is an office worker who is tired of life and is full of work, and Kai, who is cheeky but surrounds him with love and home cooking. All you need to live is sleep, delicious food, and…
Please enjoy the story of two people who color their ordinary daily life as many times as you like along with the bonus footage! [Product information]
[Image 3:×1525.jpg] Perfect Proposal Blu-ray
Product number: VPXX-72083
Price: ¥13,530 including tax
Recording time: Main story 149 minutes + bonus 118 minutes 2-disc set (1 main story + 1 bonus)
Main story DISC single-sided 2-layer/Bonus DISC single-sided 1-layer/COLOR/16:9 1080i/Japanese linear PCM2.0ch stereo/MPEG-4/AVC
[Image 3:×1525.jpg] Perfect Proposal DVD
Product number: VPBX-14233
Price: ¥9,900 including tax
Recording time: Main story 149 minutes + bonus 118 minutes 2-disc set (1 main story + 1 bonus)
Main disc single-sided 2-layer/Bonus DISC single-sided
1-layer/COLOR/16:9LB/MPEG-2/NTSC/Japanese Dolby Audio 2.0ch stereo ■Enclosed bonus
Booklet (24P)
■Video benefits
・Epilogue #Apron Anniversary
・Unreleased cuts & NG collection
・“Kaihiro” cooking
・“Kaihiro” visual commentary
・Completion preview screening
・Making Long Ver.
■First-come-first-served purchaser benefits
Postcard set (set of 3)
■Store-specific benefits exclusive: Sleeve case
Animate limited: L size bromide set (3 discs)
Rakuten Books Limited: Acrylic Block
*Some stores may not carry this item.
*Please check with each corporation, EC site or store for products eligible for benefits.
*Please note that the benefits will end as soon as they run out. Publisher/distributor: VAP
*Product contents are subject to change without notice. Please note. *DVD rental starts at the same time
[Work information]
Hirokuni Watari (Shunya Kaneko) is an office worker who is under pressure from his power-harassed boss and spends his days sleepless. One day, he was suddenly approached by a mysterious and beautiful young man.
“Even though we even promised to get married…”
That person is Kai Fukaya (Kota Nomura), an elementary school student who was Hirokuni’s best friend when they were in middle school. About 10 years have passed since then, and Kai, who has grown into an adult, appears in front of Hirokuni.
Having no place to live, he moves into Hirokuni’s house, and the two start living together on the condition that he cooks meals every day. Kai is a bit cocky, but he has excellent housework skills and knows everything Hirokuni likes. Hirokuni, who is exhausted after not doing well at work, is healed by the delicious food and the cozy atmosphere. Even though he teases the older Hirokuni every day, Kai directly conveys his love to him. On the other hand, Hirokuni is unable to accept his love even though he realizes that he is important to him. The time limit for the two of them living together is approaching…
[Image 4:×1080.png ]
[Image 5:×1080.jpg]
[Image 6:×1080.png ]
Shunya Kaneko, Kota Nomura
Jingi Irie, Ayane Kinoshita, Rio Takahashi, Yuta Hayashi/Kotaro Tanaka, Ryo Iwase/Toshiyuki Kitami
【original work】
Mayo Tsurukame “Perfect Proposal” (published by Kaiohsha “GUSH COMICS”) [Theme song]
【Insert song】
Director: Tadaaki Horai
Script: Takeshi Miyamoto
Takeshi Katayama (Culture Entertainment), Hiromi Nemoto (VAP), Ue Kanouchi (Fuji Television),
Shinji Omori (BS Fuji)
[Production production]
“Perfect Proposal” Production Committee
*Copyright notation: (C) Mayo Tsurukame/Kaiosha/“Perfect Proposal” Production Committee
(Please be sure to indicate when using images.)
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