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Cambly, Inc. Up to 45% off! CAMBLY English conversation debut support sale held

Cambly, Inc.
Up to 45% off! CAMBLY English conversation debut support sale held Experience the fun of speaking and communicating English
CAMBLY, an online English conversation service with native speakers provided by Cambly Inc. (Headquarters: San Francisco, USA, Japan representative: Akiko Sato), is offering up to 45% off tuition fees starting today, May 13th (Monday). We will be holding an “English Conversation Debut Support Sale”.
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Now is your chance to make your English conversation debut! “CAMBLY” will be holding a great sale starting today to encourage those who want to start learning English conversation. Up to 45% off on English conversation lessons with native instructors! Applies to all lesson plans. Why not take this opportunity to experience the fun of speaking and communicating English?
Even if it’s your first time taking English conversation lessons, you can rest assured with Cambly!
friendly instructors
Cambly has over 10,000 native speaker instructors! If you select “Complete Beginner” or “Beginner” as the recommended level in the instructor search filter, you will find many instructors who are good at teaching English conversation beginners. At first, we recommend taking lessons with an instructor who can speak Japanese. Search for “Japanese” on the instructor search screen.
Original teaching materials
We offer over 80 curriculum courses with various English levels and themes. By using teaching materials, you don’t have to worry about what to say and can concentrate on the lesson. Have fun learning English through daily conversation, business English conversation, and even solving riddles!
Chat with translation function
During text chat during lessons, if you send a message in Japanese, the instructor will be able to translate it into English and confirm it. Similarly, messages from instructors can be translated into Japanese at your fingertips. This is a safe feature to know as a talisman when you are in trouble.
“English conversation debut support” sale overview
Period: May 13th (Monday) to May 25th (Saturday)
Sale details:
Apply promo code [p24may] to get 15% off all lesson plans.
If you choose the 1-year course, you can get a maximum discount of 45% along with the long-term discount!
Click here for sale details –
Lesson plans to choose from
Hybrid plan
This plan allows you to take private lessons with a native instructor. You can also take group lessons if you wish. By flexibly combining your English skills, such as working one-on-one with an instructor to improve your English skills and putting them into practice in group lessons, you can acquire English conversation skills that you can use in real life.
group lesson plan
This plan allows you to take group lessons only. Recommended for those who want to enjoy practicing English conversation in a realistic environment while keeping costs down. By being exposed to different people, cultures, perspectives, and accents from around the world, making mistakes and growing together, you will learn to speak English with confidence.
< CAMBLY KIDS for children aged 4 to 15 is also on sale >
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Cambly Kids is an online English conversation service for children that allows them to take lessons with native speakers. Just like native children learn English, you can learn English by “seeing with your eyes,” “hearing with your ears,” and “actually saying the words” through illustrations, songs, and stories, without using Japanese.
Many of our instructors have extensive experience in child education, and they teach in fun ways during 30-minute lessons. Like Cambly, all lessons are automatically recorded, so parents can review the recordings with their children and monitor their child’s learning progress.
Click here for Cambly Kids sale details – [About CAMBLY]
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“CAMBLY” ( is an online English conversation service that allows you to take lessons with native speakers at any time. You can take lessons 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with over 10,000 native English speaking instructors. Compatible with all devices: PC, smartphone, and tablet, and available via app or website. We offer a wide range of learning support, including an automatic lesson recording function and a text chat system with translation. [About Cambly Inc.]
Cambly Inc. is an edtech startup based in San Francisco that provides online English conversation services with native speakers, CAMBLY and CAMBLY KIDS.
Founded in 2012 by former Google engineers Kevin Lowe and Sameer Sharif, it supports English learning in over 150 countries around the world. In 2014, we received support from Y Combinator, one of the world’s leading accelerators, and are one of the world’s
fastest-growing companies in the English education field.
◎Company name: Cambly Inc. ◎Japan representative: Akiko Sato ◎HP:
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