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Home » unerry will hold a big data conference “SPECTACLEs ~All you need is data ? ~” online for 3 days from June 5th (Wednesday) to June 7th (Friday)

unerry will hold a big data conference “SPECTACLEs ~All you need is data ? ~” online for 3 days from June 5th (Wednesday) to June 7th (Friday)

unerry will hold a three-day big data conference from June 5th (Wednesday) to June 7th (Friday) “SPECTACLEs ~All you need is data [ ? ]~ will be held online

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Press release: May 13, 2024
unerry will hold a three-day big data conference “SPECTACLEs ~All you need is data” from June 5th (Wednesday) to June 7th (Friday). [ ? ]〜” will be held online
*24 sessions approaching the cutting edge of business and technology in a variety of fields will be released. Registration is now open for the first 2,000 people*
unerry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Uchiyama), which operates the real behavioral data platform “Beacon Bank”
Hidetoshi (hereinafter referred to as unerry) will be holding a big data conference “SPECTACLEs” for three days from June 5th (Wednesday) to June 7th (Friday).
All you need is data [ ? ] ~” will be held.
Industry leaders from a variety of fields including retail, media, urban development, marketing, and technology took to the stage one after another. We will be releasing 24 sessions online that approach the cutting edge of business and technology.
Additionally, in preparation for the release in June, we have started pre-registration for the first 2,000 people on the special event page. (
Event overview
* Event name * :SPECTACLEs ~ All you need is data [ ? ] ~
*Date*: June 5th (Wednesday) to June 7th (Friday), 2024
*Venue*: Online distribution (archive distribution until the end of June 2024 after the event)
*Capacity*: First 2,000 people
* Sponsored by: unerry Co., Ltd.
* Sponsored by: LBMA Japan General Incorporated Association
* Sponsor *: Google Cloud Japan LLC, Video Research Co., Ltd., NTT Broadband Platform Co., Ltd.
*Click here for the “SPECTACLEs” special event page*
*Participation is free and advance registration is required. *This year’s “SPECTACLEs” will be held online.
What is “SPECTACLEs ~All you need is data [?]~”?
“SPECTACLEs” is an online big data conference hosted by unerry, which analyzes over 80 billion monthly big data flows and creates the “swells” of the times.
“SPECTACLEs” is a word that means “glasses,” and big data is also like “glasses,” allowing us to see spectacular scenes that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Through this conference, we aim to provide an opportunity for participants to take a peek into the future envisioned by big data and experience the possibilities of data themselves. * -2024 theme: All you need is data [ ? ] -*
The theme for this year’s second event is * “All you need is data [ ? ]” * is. Data now plays an important role in human decision-making and is the starting point for creation. So, “data is everything (?)”. No, now is the time when humanity’s wisdom, courage, and ethics are being tested. AI that lies, invasion of privacy, and data analysis that wanders aimlessly. There are too many issues surrounding data. 2024 is a watershed in whether we can envision a “comfortable future” with new data technology. At this conference, we will explore the true liberation of big data by thinking about actions to make good use of data with front runners who embody our beliefs in a variety of fields. “SPECTACLEs” 3-day theme and list of speakers
On the first and second days of SPECTACLEs, top runners from various industries, including companies, local governments, and ministries who are taking on the challenge of utilizing big data and developing new businesses in fields such as retail, media, urban development, and marketing, will be on stage. .
In a future where the value of data increases even more, we believe that data professionals will play a central role in driving society. On the final day of SPECTACLEs, data professionals from across industries will gather to share the latest technology trends and discuss improving organizational and technical capabilities in order to promote the production and development of human resources who will be the leaders of a data-driven future.

*Please see the “SPECTACLEs” special event page for session details. *
*Speakers and session content are subject to change without notice.

-Day1: Wednesday, June 5, 2024-
* [smart city & infrastructure ~ Big data is the unsung hero ~] * The themes are efforts to realize smart cities, create vibrancy in the region, and EBPM (evidence-based policy making). We will talk about data utilization and collaboration between local governments and private companies.

・Koriaki Tsunoda (Cabinet Secretariat, Planning Officer, Big Data Team, Secretariat of the Council for the Realization of the Digital Garden City Nation Vision)
・Miyuki Ota (Director, Plus One Mall Promotion Department, NTT Broadband Platform Corporation)
・Yuka (NTT Broadband Platform Corporation, Planning and General Affairs Department, Planning Department, Business Planning Section Manager, Plus One Mall Promotion Department)
Editorial Design Section Manager (concurrent post)
・Kento Yoshizawa (Chief, Radio Waves and Quality Control Office, Wireless Department, NTT Broadband Platform Corporation; In charge of new technology, Regional Wireless Promotion Department (concurrent post))
・Takashi Yodoji (Director, Road Economic Research Office, Planning Division, Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
・Tatsuo Watanabe (Manager, Operations Department, Urban Operations Division, Mitsui Fudosan Commercial Management Co., Ltd.)
・Daily Yajima (Hiroshiten Co., Ltd. Chubu/Western Japan Unit Planner) ・Tetsuya Saeki (Chief, Urban Development Promotion Division, Vitality City Creation Department, Toyama City)
・Ryuhei Sadoshima (Representative Director, President and CEO, Safie Co., Ltd.) ・Ryota Kikuchi (Independent Administrative Institution Urban Renaissance Agency (UR Urban Renaissance Agency) East Japan Urban Renaissance Headquarters)
・Keishi Yamashita (Deputy Manager, Smart City Promotion Division, Digital Services Promotion Department, Digital Services Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
・Takahiro Yamagami (Manager, Business Development Department, BRJ Corporation) ・Nick Chan (Partnerships, APAC at YipitData)
・Kenichiro Hirai (unerry media producer)
・Shigejiro Suzuki (Director, Vice President and COO, unerry Co., Ltd.) ・Mitsuki Yasuda (unerry VP of Data Business, Inc.)
・Hidetoshi Uchiyama (President and CEO, unerry Co., Ltd.)
・Hidetomo Kosaka (in charge of smart city business development, unerry Co., Ltd.)
・Ryan Imaizumi (Unerry Co., Ltd. Executive Officer and CSO)

-Day2: Thursday, June 6, 2024-
* [Marketing & communication ~Companies and customers connected by data~]* The theme is stores, products, and media that enrich daily life. We will delve into how connecting human flow data, media data, and purchasing data will change the consumer experience. We will also pay attention to the increasingly popular retail media.

・Naoto Nakamura (Suntory Ltd. Wide Area Sales Headquarters 2nd Branch Manager and Data Strategy Department Manager)
・Masahiro Yoshida (Senior Fellow, Business Design Unit, Video Research Co., Ltd.)
・Kaoru Okuda (President, pHmedia Co., Ltd.)
・Mami Kobayashi (Director, CDO, Marketing Planning and Development Department, pHmedia Co., Ltd., concurrently serving as Kaiba Media Product Development Manager, Kaiba Lab Co., Ltd.)
・Shun Iba (Representative Director, IBA Company Co., Ltd.)
・Takeyuki Shimizu (Google Cloud Japan LLC Partner Business Division Solution Partner Business Development Manager)
・Masato Umekawa (Partner Engineer Data Analytics Specialist, Google Cloud Japan LLC)
・Noboru Hanahira (Manager, MK Planning Office, Marketing Department, Business Strategy Division, Processed Foods Business Division, Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Co., Ltd.)
・Hidetoshi Uchiyama (President and CEO, unerry Co., Ltd.)
・Satoshi Kazueda (VP of retail and media business development, unerry Co., Ltd.) ・Daisuke Nakamoto (VP, Unerry Ad Technology Business Promotion Team)

-Day3: Friday, June 7, 2024-
* [technology & culture ~ The driving force behind creating a comfortable future ~] *
A gathering of key players who support the data society and create the future. Data scientists, analysts, and engineers gather to hold core community talks that will lead to global updates. We will talk about the initiatives we are taking on as a front runner and the latest technologies.

・Haruyuki Seki (Code for Japan General Incorporated Association Representative Director)
・Asei Sugiyama (Citadel AI Software Engineer, Inc.)
・Satoru Nakamura (DINO LLC)
・Takato Honda (Melon Co., Ltd. Co-Representative CTO)
・Kumiko Ogi (SoftBank Corp. / SB Intuitions Corp., Technology Headquarters Business Strategy Department Manager)
・Hiroto Kamoi (Head of Algomatic AX business)
・Shunpei Miyawaki (Machine learning engineer, Algomatic Co., Ltd.) ・Shusaku Nomoto (Principal, Roland Berger Co., Ltd.)
・Takashi Sone (Manager, Corporate Planning Office, Blog Watcher Co., Ltd.) ・Yu Okayasu (Mario) (unerry VP of AI, Chief Data Scientist)
・Shunta Sumikawa (Unerry VP of Data Business, Inc.)
・Koji Nishimura (Unerry Co., Ltd. Data Analysis Project Manager) ・Kiyoka Ito (Executive Officer, CTO, unerry Co., Ltd.)
・Naoko Sakurai (Retail Business Producer, Unerry Co., Ltd.)
・Yuki (Unerry VP of Product Dev)
・Makiko Uchiyama (Director CMO of unerry Co., Ltd.)
*Listed in order of scheduled presentation (unerry scheduled speakers are listed at the end of the day), title omitted.

*Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of our company.
*The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of announcement. It is subject to change without prior notice.

Unerry Co., Ltd. Public Relations Uchiyama, Yanagita

* ■About unerry Co., Ltd.*
Company name: unerry Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and CEO: Hidetoshi Uchiyama Established: August 2015
Head office location: Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23F, 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Real behavioral data platform “Beacon Bank” ( )” is a data company founded in 2015. Utilizing GPS and beacon technology, we use AI to analyze indoor and outdoor human movement big data, which is over 80 billion pieces per month and approximately 390 million IDs (of which approximately 150 million IDs in Japan) obtained from smartphone apps. With the mission of “Creating a pleasant future with data,” we are developing businesses such as OMO marketing support and the realization of smart cities.
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